Seafood salads recipes for Christmas

Salad of the sea "Svetlana"
4.1k 3 15м 1
A wonderful salad recipe I suggested to my colleague, her name I called a salad. Very tasty, light, refreshing. Great dilutes the heavy main dishes, perfect for meat. Became one of my favorite salads.
Salad "Dance of lilies"
1.9k 3.9 - -
"Blooming water Lily in Russia! In the pond, where carp asleep, Bathed you. And suddenly she Surfaced as if from the bottom. And you asked her in the darkness: -"a Flower! In my mind, do you! And if I frustrate you?" "Rip. Don't be afraid. Will come to life!" The Lily hard to the top. The Lily like in the jar, Though very small, But with a human soul. "I wish that all the female half of the Scullion was a comfortable vessel in which you will be happy!!! Very tender, juicy and delicious salad. Specially for the contest "Scarlett March 8".
Salad "Hummingbird"
0.8k 5 - -
Delicious, bright salad of canned squid
Salad Royal
0.5k - 60м 10
A delicious salad, incredibly beautiful on the holiday table. An extraordinary play of tastes: kiwi gives the salad a pleasant acidity, shrimp, caviar, make it exquisite. Guests will be delighted! Bon appetit! A recipe from a magazine "woman."
Salad "royally"
439 3 - -
This salad will decorate any holiday table.
Salad "Amazon"
376 - 10м 2
Bright, tasty salad. The combination of shrimp and pineapple will be pleasantly surprised. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user lenochka77 called the Salad "Tenderness" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Salad "Maureen"
367 - 20м 3
A salad alternative to your favorite salad with crab sticks, at the festive table and in the family circle is popular for its playful and bright image.
Salad "Tale of Neptune"
339 5 - -
A tasty layered salad with seafood.
The sun
307 3 40м 5
"Scarlett March 8"Salad for a small company and festive revelry. Crab, corn voices Herald the spring
Salad "Madrid"
301 - 40м 20
Recently, my daughter and son-in-law tried in a cafe this salad, we liked it, decided to cook to your Dr
Salad "Geisha"
202 3.7 60м -
Actually there is a whole code of rules and secrets of seduction, which adhered and continue to adhere to the Japanese geisha. We reveal only the most basic of these secrets and rules. Sharp as a sword, as beautiful as Sakura..... For the contest "Scarlett March 8"
Salad "little mermaid"
178 - 60м 4
A delicious salad similar to "Olivier", but very different.
Salad "Monte Cristo"
174 - 15м 5
A great appetizer for champagne and wine, and by itself. Minimum ingredients, maximum pleasure! Very easy to prepare and assimilation salad. Watched all of these salads, there are similar, but this is not. Very surprised, because this salad appeared in our family 20 years ago (has it been that long...). Made mom and I were skeptical of combination products. But in vain :) He became my favorite salad. It came without a name, but at a nearby café salad went by the name of Monte Cristo. Decided this and leave. PS I apologize for the modest photo, something that did not have time to eat. The recipe I decided to post spontaneously, not prepared.
Salad "the Lord of the seas"
159 4 40м 4
Very interesting salad of seafood. Did the arrival of guests. Everyone liked it.
Salad "Bullfight"
158 5 - -
Hello, friends! I offer you a recipe of delicious salad "Bullfight".
Salad "Sea idyll"
154 - - -
And I make it a salad! Experimented on guests, they loved it! Decided to share with You... He drops without no odor, soft and bright.
Salad "port"
152 - 40м 4
Soon the autumn holidays! I offer you to cook here's a delicious and refined salad!
Light salad "Romantic"
149 - 10м 2
Very simple products and prepare the salad done in minutes. Not burdened with calories. Looks beautiful on the holiday table. Perfect for Valentine's Day and romantic dinner.
Seafood salad
149 4 30м -
Very original salad will decorate any holiday table
Salad with shrimps and pomelo Bliss
147 - 30м 2
Delicious salad with a unique taste.
Salad "touched by an angel"
146 - 30м 6
This is one of the most delicious salads I have tasted. The same verdict rendered my family and guests at the holiday table. This salad guests constantly put on a plate, forgetting that on the table is a dozen dishes. On my birthday I set out to create a salad with an amazing taste to hit was invited to the feast. I picked up a combination of ingredients, carefully weighed quantity, carefully thought through the sequence of layers. After completing the process of developing the recipe, I knew that the salad are delicious, but that is so Tender and juicy, the air is light, but at the same time very satisfying - nothing more. Try necessary. The only thing you will regret is what made it too small))