Broths recipes

0.9k - 30м 5
The court-bouillon is used for boiling clams, shrimp, and fish. Well, very flavorful!
Of artal
388 - 180м -
The artal - the so - called Georgian sirloin, shank, and also a meal out of it. In fact, the broth is very concentrated, fragrant, and most importantly, very useful, especially for a growing body!
Chicken broth with croutons
373 3 - 9
Easy chicken soup. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
306 4 5м 10
Perfect for hasha and his. Adds bright flavor and a spicy flavor.
Triple "Royal" soup and cold cuts
279 - - -
Best for snacks! If you phoned a friend and said that I would come to sit in the evening with a bottle of hot drink, You can feel free to cook this dish (which does not require a lot of work). Rich, cool, delicious broth, meat, vegetables - a perfect dish for a good meal. It is known that under rich and fatty snack you can drink (the mood, of course) a large number of alcoholic drinks - especially if you do not hurry, and if you have a good company. ))) Under this light vodka is the perfect food Supplement.
Broth "Modern"
273 - - -
Delicious broth, try it! Guests will be delighted, I promise!
Vegetable broth from Gordon Ramsay
263 - 40м -
I again to You with the soup ))) this time — vegetable, which will then be used to prepare other meals.
Cheese soup with mushrooms
257 - 20м 6
Very tasty, rich, creamy, fragrant soup. Made it yesterday. Everyone really liked. If the recipe was already on the Boy, then...
246 3.7 40м 4
Often make my Moscow friends bright and early... for evening and night was well very good.... ))
Soup with beef tails
245 - 200м 4
For lovers of offal:)
Chicken broth with some matzo ball
245 5 - 6
Today we will prepare a traditional Easter dish (Passover-Pesach).
Broth with mushroom ears
242 5 90м 6
The mushroom lovers dedicated...
Chicken broth
240 5 - -
Love this broth... a little with my change...
Chikhirtma chicken
238 - 20м -
Very tasty! Unusual, easy to prepare.
Chicken broth with egg and rice
235 - 120м -
Sometimes you want to cook something simple and delicious. This dish, in my opinion, is chicken broth with various toppings. Today we will make chicken broth homemade chicken with egg and rice.
Chicken broth with dumplings
234 4 - -
Saw this recipe on TV the transfer of Martha. I liked it. You can also try this.
Spicy broth with poached egg and croutons
228 - 30м 4
No, no, no! This is not a Cup of coffee with the desserts.! It nukusskaya, spicy, strong broth with tender poached egg and crunchy croutons! Simple, tasty, juicy... Quickly warms the cold winter evenings and saturates easily in the summer heat.
Cooksey home
228 - 70м 4
On the website there are already 2 recipes Cooksey. But although the concept of a unified, everyone prepares a little differently. Before we ate this dish only in the cafe, but two years cook it at home myself.. to Cook this dish was taught to me by a friend who works as a cook in a Korean café. It turns out very tasty. Especially good in the summer when it's hot do not want, and the hash already rather tired. Try to prepare. Unusually, and most importantly - beautiful. It seems that cook long and hard, but after the first time you realize that no.
Chicken soup with dumplings from drying
225 - 60м 10
A bit of history. I had two grandmothers. One very tasty cooked, and the second one was cooked rare, BUT the fact that she cooked was very tasty and original during my childhood. So, favorite soup from my childhood from my grandmother...
Broth with dumplings
225 5 60м -
A light and tasty soup.
Chicken soup with cottage cheese cubes
223 - - -
Diet soup, easy to prepare and with an unusual sweet taste.