Salads with mushrooms recipes

Salad with corn and mushrooms "Orpheus"
0.9k - - -
Interesting salad with canned corn and mushrooms. Juicy, hearty, delicious. And cooked very quickly. Can completely replace a full dinner and holiday table will look very decent. Help yourself.
Salad "2 minutes"
0.5k - 5м 2
Why two? Yes, so many need to be cut. Fresh, basic and extremely healthy salad for your dinner's ready!
Salad "SHA" - mushrooms and avocado
495 - - -
Read the website, like a salad with such ingredients is not found. The salad is soft and tender.
Salad "personally"
422 - 30м -
Unexpected guests.
Salad "Express"
383 3 40м 4
Very tasty salad. The recipe is very long (5 years ago) found on the Internet. In fact, supplanted the "Olivier" holiday table.
Salad "Pinocchio"
377 4 30м -
Now it is difficult to force children to eat vegetables, but this salad they ate with pleasure.
Salad "clearing"
356 3 40м 5
... from mom
Salad "Nicky"
336 4 30м 5
Fragrant salad.
Salad "Hedgehog"
330 4 30м 1
A delicious salad on the table for children.
Salad oil with carrots in Korean
321 4 - 6
The salad is a bit spicy.
Salad "the year of the Ox"
310 4 40м 6
This salad will be most welcome for the Christmas table. On new year's table should be a lot of plant foods: lettuce, greens, vegetables, fruits, because the bull herbivore, you will very much enjoy these salad and all year you will be successful.
Warm salad of "landlord"
309 4 15м -
This salad is very interesting and unusual taste.
Salad "Matilda"
295 - 30м 8
Very tasty and beautiful salad. Perfect as a holiday table (this is important), and a family dinner. If you fill the vegetable mayonnaise, the recipe will be lean. Tried it the first time my girlfriend Ira, after her name. Highly recommend, our family settled down with a Bang!!!
Salad "Delicious"
285 3 20м 4
Very tasty salad!!!
Salad with beans, mushrooms on vegetables
284 5 60м 5
Very tasty salad! And very hearty!
Salad "Dance" from Natalucci
223 - 30м 3
"There were three of them ... they came together ... each gave the other a piece of themselves ... their circling, and they, without knowing it, have formed a fanciful group ... they understood why they were there ... it was a dance ... they dance ... they were happy." ... Just 3 ingredients, no filling and a delicate "dance" is ready!
Salad Russula
221 - 60м 4
Came mushroom season, I congratulate them! Many have a favorite mushroom dishes, as, for example, I have this salad several. I used these mushrooms took the high "volume" add to grilled mushrooms, if not avoided and not taken. But sometimes come across such "fleshy" and good is a sin not to take. And here's the mother-in-law learned to make this mushroom salad appetizer is out of the NHL season (for which many thanks to her!). The salad can be made quite quickly and if in the morning you went for mushrooms, the lunch and dinner already prepared such a delicious snack to potato. In General, all lovers of salty mushrooms dedicated!
Salad Surprise
191 - 60м -
Surprisingly juicy, refreshing salad with mushrooms and plums. Crisp bell peppers and pickled onions give the salad a summer freshness, tomato juiciness, and plum with spices make this wonderful appetizer a unique sophistication!
Cellophane with chicken, mushrooms and vegetables
188 - 30м 4
Thanks to this dish, I finally tried out funcheza, it was a very pleasant acquaintance. This dish (like a salad) cooked very quickly and of the most affordable products.
Salad "on the road"
188 3 15м 3
Why this name? Yes, simply because I tried it in the train :) loved it! Changed a few things and try to offer you. The unusual combination of mushrooms and green peas
Salad "the Minds of the boom"
187 - 20м 2
Umami (jap. 旨 619; umami, "pleasant taste") — flavor high-protein substances produced in the independent, the fifth taste. This is a simple recipe for a hearty salad which is suitable for every day and festive table. The recipe has no mayonnaise, butter or other harmful dietary products, so for those who follow the figure - fit. Salad with poached egg perfect for lunch or end the day. Quite juicy and tasty by itself, without any dressing or sauce.