Salads with mushrooms recipes for Easter

Salad "Express"
275 3 40м 4
Very tasty salad. The recipe is very long (5 years ago) found on the Internet. In fact, supplanted the "Olivier" holiday table.
Warm salad of "landlord"
261 4 15м -
This salad is very interesting and unusual taste.
Salad "the year of the Ox"
235 4 40м 6
This salad will be most welcome for the Christmas table. On new year's table should be a lot of plant foods: lettuce, greens, vegetables, fruits, because the bull herbivore, you will very much enjoy these salad and all year you will be successful.
Salad "Matilda"
226 - 30м 8
Very tasty and beautiful salad. Perfect as a holiday table (this is important), and a family dinner. If you fill the vegetable mayonnaise, the recipe will be lean. Tried it the first time my girlfriend Ira, after her name. Highly recommend, our family settled down with a Bang!!!
Salad "Rex"
153 - - -
The salad was delicious and quite filling, we cook it for a long time, we and the guests like it. Initially, the salad recipe came to us in the distant 90's, called "Royal"... But I decided to rename and file in the face of a dog, the symbol of the coming year. At the end of the recipe you show for making such a salad in Lenten table.
Salad "Girak"
134 - 150м 6
Very tasty, hearty salad with a pronounced meat flavor and aroma of mushrooms!
Salad a La "Olivier"
127 - 30м -
I wanted a salad with some mayonnaise. But all the standard options fed up. Decided to improvise. Home appreciated.
Salad with beets, mushrooms and roasted potatoes
120 - 30м 2
A delicious and hearty salad. Easily replace the main dish. In the Post diversifies your menu.
Pickled oyster mushrooms in Korean
119 - 15м 4
A very simple recipe wonderful salad for the preparation of which we spend 15 minutes. Marinated one night. Will arrive much faster :).
Salad ", Belovezhskaya Pushcha"
119 - 60м -
This salad were treated to the Leonid Brezhnev during his visit to Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Hence the name. I do the classic recipe of this wonderful salad, but my mom puts the pickles and browned carrots. The salad is very satisfying. Men will love!
Salad "Naughty husband"
118 - 15м 4
This salad is one of my favorite from my husband. The recipe was born through trial and error ))) that's why the name.))) Try.
Salad "taiga"
117 - 40м 12
Prepare the salad for many years of the magazine "Lisa", slightly changed quantities of ingredients. Was surprised when have not found it on the website. Maybe there is, but under a different name, then - sorry!!! Salad with cranberries and mushrooms!! Simple and insanely delicious!!!
Salad-appetizer egg with mushrooms
107 - - -
Offer to cook a delicious, original and very easy to make egg salad appetizer with mushrooms. Such a supply of salad consisting of two dishes will decorate your festive table.
Salad with pickled beets and vegetables
106 - - 4
Love beets in any form. Want to offer You a salad along with this beauty, and even pickled.
Salad "Fussy"
105 - - -
Hello! The site has a salad with the same name, but on the preparation and composition changes. Salad turns out very tender, juicy. Help yourself!
Salad "Mushroom horseshoe"
103 - 40м 6
The salad, which will attract everyone's attention on the festive table, is quite hearty, serve as a decoration for any table.
Salad "Pyramid"
100 - 60м 2
Very tasty salad for Lent and beyond. Perfect on the holiday table. Due to products available to make it possible always. If you make beautiful, will decorate any table. The salad is hearty and can easily replace dinner.
Salad "Sunflower"
85 - 60м 8
Friends, we hasten to share with you a recipe very tasty and beautiful salad will decorate any holiday table! Salad "Sunflower" has long been a favorite in our family. If you have never tried this salad, be sure to correct this misunderstanding!
Warm potato salad with mushrooms
85 - 40м 6
Potato salad with mushrooms can be not only warm, it can be eaten chilled, the taste he will not lose. Just the taste will be slightly different. But consistently good and even exquisite! Mushrooms also can be arbitrary, but it is better if it will be white, aspen or birch. They are perhaps the most fragrant of the mushrooms. But if not, the fit and chanterelles, and field mushrooms.
Salad with mushrooms, croutons and chicken
84 5 20м -
A delicious combination of mushrooms with chicken.
Salad "Mushroom"
82 - - 8
This delicious and hearty salad for those who love mushrooms and cheese! Cook it for family events. This time the salad, about getting (finally)son of a diploma of higher education (state exams, thesis defense was held in the spring and only 11 received diplomas).