Salads with cheese recipes

Salad "Alice"
0.8k 3.5 - -
Very tasty and pretty simple salad, somewhere once found in the bowels of the Internet. Prepared quickly, looks very elegant! Suggest!
Salad "Niagara"
0.7k - 20м 4
Very light but tasty!
Salad "Threeness"
0.5k - 15м 2
Good day dear cooks!! I cook simple and delicious meals with the cook!!! She did not dare to expose their recipes. This is my first experience, so do not judge strictly... Actually it's a salad my husband... our Whole family loves it for the delicate flavor and quick cooking!!! Perfect for unexpected guests. Why this name? My husband says they were prepared in the hostel during the study, and called exactly, so the name decided not to change. Help yourself!! It is necessary to try!
Salad "the Last kiss"
494 5 10м 2
It is often called a "Squirrel", but in my opinion, the above title much better reflects the essence of the dish :) For lovers of garlic. You can also use as a spread for sandwiches. The calorie content of one serving is about 300 calories
Carrot-cheese salad
482 4 20м -
Carrot, cheese and garlic = WOW! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Salad "malachite bracelet"
456 5 - -
Beautiful, elegant salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Christmas salad "White mouse"
430 - 30м 2
Salad with goat cheese, olives, sausages with spicy dressing. Very tasty and satisfying. Relevant for this New year, because I will form a non-muzzle mouse is white.
Arugula salad with raspberry dressing
427 - 20м 4
Easy to prepare and a gourmet salad with arugula, raspberries, goat cheese and pistachios is full of vitamins and minerals. It is light, but quite rich due to the cheese and nuts. In addition, this salad looks very nice on the table.
Cheese salad with croutons
405 - - -
Enjoy delicious and very filling salad. Prepared quickly and very simple ingredients. Salad from the category of "whip up". It is quite possible to feed a small company. Serve immediately while the croutons are not soaked in mayonnaise.
Pineapple fruit salad with cheese
393 - 15м -
Pineapple fruit salad with garlic and cheese.
Cheese plate
373 5 10м 1
364 5 20м 5
Mexican doughnuts choux pastry. Traditionally served with hot chocolate.
Salad "Blizzard"
364 - - -
A simple, tasty salad with chicken and cheese. Delicate flavor and simplicity of execution will amaze you. Help yourself!
Salad "Jewish"
345 4 - -
Tasty, fast, inexpensive. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Salad with pears and blue cheese
320 3 20м 2
To be honest, this salad not everyone likes. My men treat him with coolness. But all the familiar female from the salad without nuts.
Salad with blue cheese and pear
316 - 15м 3
Favorite salad with blue cheese and pear! Perfect combination and perfect taste!!
Salad "winter"
306 - - -
Delicious and interesting salad with cheese, vegetables and grilled chicken. Hearty, moderately spicy, not heavy. Looks beautiful on the holiday table and guests will appreciate the works of the hostess. Help yourself!
Salad "sister-in-law"
304 - 10м 4
My husband's sister, respectively, my sister-in-law. Quite often she comes to visit us. And all anything, but there is one "but" she's a vegetarian, though not strict, but still. So every time for her to prepare something for her, but also so that everyone liked it, too. This time it is expected that such a salad.
Light salad with cracker
296 3 20м -
The salad is just a delight. Very tasty and satisfying. Fresh and fragrant. The most favorite of my wife and our guests. The salad is very long been found on the site of good-cook.
Salad "Egyptian nights"
295 4 30м 6
Sultry evening and the breeze...
Salad with persimmon, avocado and blue cheese
249 - 5м 2
Salad with persimmon, avocado and blue cheese "Between us girls". Very interesting appetizer salad for a meeting with friends. All the ingredients are well combined to taste. Avocados are the perfect complement to cheese, pomegranate and blue cheese. Persimmon is very delicious with pomegranate, Parmesan and mozzarella and vinaigrette perfectly complements the entire salad.