Stuffed poultry recipes

Stuffed chicken
325 4.5 - -
Duck breast stuffed with liver
313 - 40м 2
Tender breast of duck liver is set off by a slightly tart and juiciness of bacon. Pumpkin baked in olive oil with spices perfectly complements the already divine taste of duck. When it is cooked simply and quickly.
Baked chicken with tangerines and rosemary
285 5 60м 2
Sometimes you want to surprise your loved ones with something tasty. This dish is a good option that combines two dishes: juicy chicken, and ready to garnish it with extraordinary sweet and sour taste. The dish is quite easy to prepare, does not require additional time for preparation.
Chicken kukorica
242 5 80м 4
I had in the fridge chicken. I thought I will bake. But... how? And I turned for help to their native proven by many cooks website "cook". Leafed, leafed through... and I was born your own recipe.
Stuffed chicken "Sweet thing"
229 5 - -
Of course, each family and each family has their favorite version of stuffed chicken. And we are no exception, BUT I love to find and try new options. This option loved it and has firmly taken its rightful place on our table. The thing is that the stuffing in the chicken sweet... Surprised and do not believe that it is delicious?? Come and you will understand why!!!
Chicken "Tenderness" stuffed dumplings
222 3 50м 4
Very tender and tasty chicken, surprises with its richness and uniqueness.
Duck Barbara
206 4 90м 6
Delicious duck, for fans of sweet.
Chicken stuffed
205 5 - -
In my opinion, a nice cold snack. Chicken stuffed with mushrooms.
180 - - -
On the territory of Azerbaijan is home to many nationalities and every nation has its own original dishes. In the South of the country in the Lenkoran Talysh live, the most popular dish of these people have Lavangi (stuffed fish or chicken).
Chicken baked with chestnuts and rice
176 - 120м 4
Very juicy and tasty chicken, with a ruddy crust and tender filling of chestnuts, rice and almonds. A win-win for holiday or family celebration. Chicken in salted soledade and when cooked does not dry out, even if you cook it in the sleeve. I recently discovered this method and love it.
Stuffed chicken
166 4 60м 4
I think this is the most easy to prepare dish. Took the chicken stuffed than like. Get introduced to oven - and coming from work husband, not even think, that you are once again hung out in the Internet!
Torikatu, with a side dish of rice
150 - 30м 4
And a bonus sauce "Taco". Torikatu - breaded chicken fillet in Japanese. A great, hearty dish, perfect for lovers of Japanese and European cuisine. Tender chicken breast combined with crisp breadcrumbs and coconut gives this dish a juicy, tender and a wonderful taste. Also offer You the recipe of teriyaki sauce without the starch.
"Orange" chicken
148 3 - -
Tender, juicy and flavorful chicken with a side dish.
Chicken "Lavinge"
146 4 60м 4
Amazingly delicious chicken. With this stuffing you can cook and fish, and vegetables (eggplants, tomatoes, peppers).
Chicken "Autumn whim"
143 - 25м 6
... or chicken in autumn. Every year early September we gather the last harvest from our garden. One evening, resting after the harvest, was sitting in the social. and I saw a familiar photo of the dinner, which inspired me to cook this dish. Juicy, tender, delicious and really autumnal. Very tasty combined with the sauce.
Chicken, stuffed with buckwheat "Secrets"
143 - 120м 8
I love this dish and often prepared. But my friends often ask why my chicken turns out so juicy, especially the white meat, and buckwheat are such crumbly, but not dry. So I decided to post the recipe here, writing a few tips-secrets that, perhaps someone knows. Although all elementary simple! Do not judge strictly.
Roast goose with apples
142 3 40м 6
Stuffed quail with a sauce of lentils and mushrooms
141 - 60м 3
Suggest you to come and enjoy an amazing dish of stuffed quail with black lentils and an incredible sauce.
Roll "Full fly away"
140 4 180м 8
Potatoes with mushrooms in a crispy chicken skin.
Chicken royally
139 - - -
Bird under this name had a chance to try us one time in one cozy little restaurant. However, in the original version it was a quail. Undoubtedly, delicious, but not enough. As I said to my husband:"What are these sparrows?" And I thought, why not cook up so chicken? Over time, through trial brought a good cooking "Chicks royally". Welcome to the table! It's delicious.
Stuffed chicken
138 3.5 - -
Hard work, but it turns out very tender.