Gefilte fish and seafood recipes

1.2k 5 40м 2
Bought fish and wanted to just fry, but the fish is called Cupid, a sin not to figure out something special for her beloved husband, but nothing special was not, had to sculpt from what it was. It turned out very very tasty.
Pike "Princess"
0.8k 3 90м 4
My dream was to learn how to cook stuffed pike. After several attempts (successful, too) – the result is before you. Laborious dish to prepare, but worth it. DEAR COOKS! This pike is the Princess for YOU! Come...
Cod stuffed with rice
0.8k - 30м 4
Rolls of cod is the dish for those who love fish and rolls.
Karp Russian
0.7k - 100м -
When the family fisherman, often fishing days. So today cook carp in Russian, with potatoes and pickled cucumbers, but under sour cream. Oh, and tasty, help yourself.
Ring stuffed fish on vegetable cushion
0.7k - 60м 5
I propose to try, dear cooks, delicious fish, baked with vegetables. Prepared from easily available products. The result will very much enjoy!
Stuffed pike perch
0.6k - - -
I want to offer You, pike-perch stuffed with caviar and couscous, with a delicious sour cream and soy glaze, wrapped in grilled zucchini. Thing is, the family a delicious dinner!
Emelina pike
0.6k - 60м -
Stuffed pike will be a good addition to the festive table, moreover, it is possible to prepare in advance-the dish can be served not only hot but cold. What kind of fish is better and stuff? There is no need to invent something extraordinary and to run to the store in search of rare varieties. Suitable perch, and pike, and carp. Gefilte fish can be as original a snack or a full meal. Depending on how and what to submit it. Gefilte fish with almost any side dish would be out of place: boiled potatoes, rice, vegetables, baked apples. I changed the recipe a little added pork meat.
Fish in Vietnamese
0.5k 5 60м 6
Lived for some time in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh city. Still in love with Vietnamese cuisine. Well, not entirely, of course... But the fish! Fish - just a fairy tale, especially when she caught your eyes and then cooked. Try to prepare. It's not complicated. However, make it with pork, but I cooked with chicken.
Fish "the king and the lady-in-waiting"
0.5k - 25м 2
I admit at once that the name I thought up, just once saw in the store preserved foods where this type of cooked salted salmon and squid. I could not resist and bought a jar, the taste was just as lovely as in appearance, and I decided to cook a hot meal on the idea of the snacks. Honestly, I never understood who this couple is the king and who is the maid of honor, but the dish we really liked. So: the king and the maid of honor, and simply squid + salmon with rice Kuban on the side.
Gefilte fish
493 - 60м -
Many of you probably know of Baikal omul. Well, who knows, I can only say that Cisco is a very delicate and tasty fish. Present the method of its preparation. It is possible in a similar way to prepare any fish. But I live in Irkutsk and my favorite fish is the omul, - no, not CISCO. ;)
Fish roulade
482 4 90м -
Unusual, delicious, original. The fish with the stuffing and no bones.
IDE stuffed
467 - 120м 9
Don't know what to cook from fresh IDE? Bony? Come, I'll teach You how to cook a wonderful dish from the IDE.
Gefilte fish "the crown Prince, Sudakevich"
459 - 70м 2
This is my favorite method of stuffing the fish. The lack of backbone and rib bones, vivid and effective presentation, a dish for the holiday feast. Fish any small, though, so I carp of a decent size stuff. Perch, trout, sea bass, Dorado... Almost every celebration, different toppings accordingly! So, the Fire Monkey invites the crown Prince, Sudakevich! Welcome!!!
Pelengas with apples
457 - 40м 6
It's an incredibly tasty dish. Fish turns out very juicy, tasty and eaten in a matter of minutes. As a major constituent can be used as pelengas, also mullet and mirror carp.
Baked mullet
449 4 - -
Fish baked in the oven, turns out tender and not "heavy". Such fish are not ashamed to serve to guests. And my husband and I love to pamper a fish.
Stuffed carp "Rook"
426 - 80м 6
Really like is so stuffed carp, it's like he's floating. Hence the name. The filling can be different, but I have today - sauerkraut with egg. Help yourself.
Squid "Eighties"
425 - 40м 4
The recipe for stuffed squid from my childhood-adolescence. Then this product appeared on our table even in the far East. A versatile dish for the Christmas table, can be served as hot or cold as a snack.
Stuffed carp
420 4 90м 4
Delicate carp stuffed with onions and markovacki with garlic.
Mackerel "Creamy pussy"
411 5 - 2
I have another feast of fish day )) Tender, juicy and flavorful mackerel, baked in cream, stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms, under extremely tasty, browned cheese crust. No frills, extra ingredients, just in moderation and very tasty. The fish just melts in your mouth, the vegetables complement the whole range of tastes and good wine perfectly complement the picture of a quiet family dinner.
Mackerel baked with rice and mozzarella, "Submarine"
411 - 110м 6
I offer you the recipe of baked fish with a gorgeous mozzarella. The dish turns out very tasty and juicy! Be sure to try to cook.
Stuffed pike
408 4 90м 6
I know these recipes are a great many, but maybe someone and my recipe will come in handy.