Gefilte fish and seafood recipes

441 5 40м 2
Bought fish and wanted to just fry, but the fish is called Cupid, a sin not to figure out something special for her beloved husband, but nothing special was not, had to sculpt from what it was. It turned out very very tasty.
Pike "Princess"
286 3 90м 4
My dream was to learn how to cook stuffed pike. After several attempts (successful, too) – the result is before you. Laborious dish to prepare, but worth it. DEAR COOKS! This pike is the Princess for YOU! Come...
Karp Russian
270 - 100м -
When the family fisherman, often fishing days. So today cook carp in Russian, with potatoes and pickled cucumbers, but under sour cream. Oh, and tasty, help yourself.
Cod stuffed with rice
259 - 30м 4
Rolls of cod is the dish for those who love fish and rolls.
Ring stuffed fish on vegetable cushion
243 - 60м 5
I propose to try, dear cooks, delicious fish, baked with vegetables. Prepared from easily available products. The result will very much enjoy!
Emelina pike
187 - 60м -
Stuffed pike will be a good addition to the festive table, moreover, it is possible to prepare in advance-the dish can be served not only hot but cold. What kind of fish is better and stuff? There is no need to invent something extraordinary and to run to the store in search of rare varieties. Suitable perch, and pike, and carp. Gefilte fish can be as original a snack or a full meal. Depending on how and what to submit it. Gefilte fish with almost any side dish would be out of place: boiled potatoes, rice, vegetables, baked apples. I changed the recipe a little added pork meat.
Fish roulade
171 4 90м -
Unusual, delicious, original. The fish with the stuffing and no bones.
Stuffed squid
164 3.3 10м 4
Carcasses squid stuffed with ham and cheese.
Lavangi of Kutum
163 3 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Fish stuffed with walnuts. I've put the recipe lavangi chicken. And it's the same thing, but from fish.
Stuffed pike
162 4 90м 6
I know these recipes are a great many, but maybe someone and my recipe will come in handy.
Fish in Vietnamese
162 5 60м 6
Lived for some time in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh city. Still in love with Vietnamese cuisine. Well, not entirely, of course... But the fish! Fish - just a fairy tale, especially when she caught your eyes and then cooked. Try to prepare. It's not complicated. However, make it with pork, but I cooked with chicken.
IDE stuffed
151 - 120м 9
Don't know what to cook from fresh IDE? Bony? Come, I'll teach You how to cook a wonderful dish from the IDE.
Stuffed pike
147 - - -
Requires a lot of patience, but the result will exceed all expectations, will decorate the holiday table.
Stuffed carp
145 - 120м -
A classic dish of Jewish cuisine. As such, I prepared for many years. Not very complicated.
Dorada baked
140 3 - -
Very tasty fish.
Stuffed pike
138 - 90м 6
Very tasty, juicy pike! We like it hot.
Fish stuffed with Cossack
137 4 120м 6
Very simple, delicious, beautiful - ideal for the festive table.
Stuffed pike "Holiday"
135 4 120м -
Who ate the stuffed pike knows that this dish always looks festive. I had a reason, and I made my version of the festive pike. Turned out unusual and flavorful dish! Join my holiday!!!
Carp baked in foil
134 5 40м -
A diet dish, but very filling. All who are on a diet, you can eat without fearing for the figure.
Gefilte fish "the crown Prince, Sudakevich"
134 - 70м 2
This is my favorite method of stuffing the fish. The lack of backbone and rib bones, vivid and effective presentation, a dish for the holiday feast. Fish any small, though, so I carp of a decent size stuff. Perch, trout, sea bass, Dorado... Almost every celebration, different toppings accordingly! So, the Fire Monkey invites the crown Prince, Sudakevich! Welcome!!!
Bream paper cooking "the don"
133 - - -
Long as I can remember, my grandmother, and then mom baked bream. Many people are scared of that combination, but believe me, it's delicious!!!