Stuffed with meat recipes

Meatballs with cream sauce IKEA
0.7k 4.8 - 4
Signature recipe for meatballs IKEA See also how to cook cream sauce for meatballs
425 - 20м 4
A very hearty dish, which has an unusual name. Why it is called, unfortunately, failed to learn. But to cook and taste this delicious dish is worth it!
Palette of love
362 - 90м 2
For my sweet, beloved the one and only... I love you. And today I want to Express all their feelings with a palette of different flavors. In this dish, cooked for you and with your help (because you were there and smiled at me), has it all: the freshness, richness and elegant acidity of vegetables, zesty spice and sweet flavor of the sauce, and even some dryness and stiffness of the envelope. But you know – your smile and your kindness can do wonders. And now, from beneath the fragile shell shows a gentle, impregnated with the juice pulp. It mixed sweetness, poignancy, tenderness and juiciness... And in the middle of the sun, the power of heat which always keep you warm and will give you eternal spring – "Spring in the heart."
Miracle leg "Crisis"
335 4.5 - -
A couple of days ago I saw on TV an interesting idea with the pig. But the cunning television chef silent about the many nuances that I'll describe honestly!
302 3.5 - -
Very tasty, try it.
Homemade cordon Bleu
300 3 - -
Turkey cutlets with ham and cheese.
299 3 - -
The dish is delicious, beautiful and simple in execution. You can prepare a big "stump", as I have in the recipe, but you can portions, i.e. each guest malagola "hemp". Try.
Hot "Cossack mustache"
271 4 80м -
This is the dish I brought from Western Ukraine, slightly modified. Will definitely appeal to fans of pasta and sauces... as well As our babies-poweredcom... the Dish is simple in ingredients, simple to prepare, although a little bit troublesome. The dish has a very interesting bouquet of flavors...
Cue "Duplet"
187 4 80м 6
Two taste in one with gourmet toppings
Veal mousse of chicken with spicy sauce
181 5 - -
The recipe I read in a cooking magazine. The process is a bit laborious, but the result is worth it. Juicy meat in a very delicate soufflé. Try it and You, dear cooks
Pork t-bone steaks stuffed
180 - - -
Recipe borrowed from the famous in Greece Argyro Barbarigo. Here steaks are one piece the same time and stuffed with all sorts of Goodies. A recipe for holiday and worthy of your attention.
Rolls with omelet and mushrooms
170 - 60м 6
Rolls - Ukrainian national dish, the meat is wrapped stuffing, roasted and stewed. The filling can be quite different, I decided to cook scrambled eggs and mushrooms. Despite the fact that the meat was veal, the taste of ingredients was very tender, juicy with a very spicy stuffing.
"Sacks of Poleshuki"
170 - 60м 6
These meat pouches stuffed with mushroom Julien, tried once in a small cafe Belarusian cuisine at ENEA. Since this dish is firmly entrenched in the home menu, and in the cafe, to be honest, used to go just for him))) Meat is prepared quickly, it turns out very tender and tasty. I suggest to try
Barbecue-meatloaf on the grill
164 - 160м 4
There's nothing like a meal prepared over an open fire. Seductive smell, incredible taste of grilled meat combined with salty cheese and greens.. While watching that mouthwatering.
Roast pork with chicken fillet
163 - - 4
A couple of days ago Vic posted a recipe for beef roulade with marinated chicken, and I remembered that I have the recipe, though with pork. And I have marinated pork and chicken there. But also came out very tasty
Dolma Turkey
162 5 50м -
Dolma Turkey
162 5 - -
This dish is my fantasy, my very much, is bright, tasty and juicy!
Chicken rolls with pumpkin and apples
160 - - -
Interesting, bright and tasty recipe! For lovers of chicken! Come, treat!!
Tsypkina hoof
160 3 60м -
Inspired by the TV series "Bratские feet" series (about China) :)))
Meat loaf Bolognese "Polpettone"
159 - 60м 8
Polpettone in Italian means "big chicken". Delicious meatloaf recipe which was born in Bologna. It is good that the ingredients for it can be found virtually in any fridge.
Stuffed vegetables from Provence
157 - 70м 10
Impregnated with aromatic herbs cabbage rolls from Provence very flavorful and pretty light, since they contain very little fat. I suggest you to try these tender stuffed cabbage rolls... Very tasty and so homely dish!