Marinades recipes

Green tomatoes Italian
65k 3 - -
The end of the season. Every gardener always remain green tomatoes that did not have time to ripen. I found this recipe. One of the ingredients of this recipe is patience, but then you will "awarded " for it! The cooking process lasts 4 to 5 days.
Crunchy pickled vegetables "Torchia"
2.9k - - -
Tursia - a dish popular in Bulgaria, the literal translation means pickles, although the vegetables are marinated. No holiday or feast is not complete without this tasty, crunchy snacks. You can take any vegetable, but most often it is done with cauliflower, carrots, bell pepper, green tomatoes. It is prepared as a quick option, when you can eat the next day, and as a billet for the winter. Once you try, you will always cook this yummy!
Tomatoes "snow"
2.1k 3.5 - -
A very simple recipe, because nothing but garlic.
Pickles "Heather"
1.7k - - -
Delicious crispy pickles! All who have tried, always asked for the recipe. Try it and You will not regret it!!!
Two pepper seasoning on one basis
1.6k - 40м -
What could be better than hot pepper seasoning? That's right - two of seasoning. I come to you with another practical recipe of almost identical components to prepare two perfect condiment based on hot pepper. One type adjika, which can be added anywhere, and the second - self of delicious additive to any meal, especially indispensable meat. Interested? Then - please! Let's make it a strategic reserve!
Pickled pearl onions
1.6k - - -
Of a bow, of course, you can buy in the supermarket. But much nicer things to cook for myself! And budget, of course.
Salad "Hunters at rest"
1.6k - - -
This salad literally knocked my husband off his feet, laid him "roof"... He love it. Favorite appetizer with vodka. I, unfortunately, love can not share, because the bow in such quantity are not too keen...
Tomatoes in the vegetable filling for the winter
1.6k - 120м -
When I got this recipe long doubted - but whether it will turn out, and suddenly pluck. But when decided, the result exceeded all expectations. Everyone who tried it, necessarily demanded the recipe. Try it and you!
Marinated mushrooms "Forester"
1.5k - 60м -
Forest marinated mushrooms, what could be better to the potatoes in the winter. And what a wonderful appetizer to pile - not to pass. For this recipe cook only mushrooms, mushroom sweet. Offer a recipe for making these versatile mushrooms. Output of about 2.5 liters.
1.4k - - -
Canned cucumbers so for several years and we love them. Cucumbers are tasty with the aroma of garlic, dill and mustard.
Pickles "Mom"
1.4k 3 - -
They're so delicious and crispy! Thank you mom, learn to make vegetables a fairy tale.
Cucumbers "Fly away"
1.3k 4.3 40м -
This recipe I got from mother-in-law of his girlfriend. Cucumbers are crunchy and delicious!!! Once cooked and tasted-will do just that! Help yourself!!!
Cabbage pickled with beets
1.3k 4.5 20м -
A wonderful and quick appetizer for the second dish, especially in winter, when fresh vegetables have long forgotten.
Marinated garlic with gooseberries or grapes
1.3k - 30м -
This recipe I found long ago in the old black-and-white booklet of recipes and for many years worked tirelessly and with great love using it. It tried to roll garlic quiche-Misham tasty, but still expensive, as a result came to a simple option to roll up the garlic with the gooseberries. The most delicious variant with the red gooseberry is sweet, and so delicious that honestly, the first dish that is often scatters gooseberry, eat it, even children.
Chanterelles marinated with leeks
1.3k - 90м -
While there is still in the woods, chanterelles, I want to share another recipe for them marinating. Crunchy and spicy. The recipe comes from a magazine, can't remember now - what.
Marinated appetizer with vodka and "Cabbage cigarette"
1.3k - - -
Cabbage cigarettes - a great appetizer will decorate any table, great for kids who like to drag pickles (you don't need a plate and a fork, grab and run, while the nurse did not notice )
World appetizer of cauliflower
1.3k - 40м 5
Slowly preparing for the Day of Birth. Every housewife knows that the peak of the cycle in the kitchen - the eve of the holiday, and this appetizer can be prepared in advance and spin the eve of the feast on one dish less. Since the Day of my Birthday in the fall, I try to cook as many vegetables from his garden. And the more planned a barbecue, it's the appetizer to the skewer. You can and roll up for the winter.
Pickled peppers
1.3k 3.5 30м -
Preparation for the winter.
Maturing salted cucumbers
1.3k 4 - -
Tasty, crunchy and very quickly colada
Cabbage, red, pickled
1.3k 3 - -
This pickled cabbage at home as eating. Goes with a Bang and on weekdays and holidays! And snacks - so simple world!
Tomatoes "Sexy"
1.2k - - -
This recipe is so simple that shoulder, even a novice cook. Tomatoes these Skorospelka, if they are cooking at evening, at morning we can eat. And it is stored for a long time.