Marinades recipes for Easter

Chanterelles marinated with leeks
272 - 90м -
While there is still in the woods, chanterelles, I want to share another recipe for them marinating. Crunchy and spicy. The recipe comes from a magazine, can't remember now - what.
Pickled cucumbers with citric acid
164 - 30м 20
In the season of blanks I want to share with you the recipe of delicious pickles, which I closed last year. Cucumbers are just super! Sweet and sour, a bit spicy, fragrant and very crispy! And so to eat, and the salad go well! All the household loved these pickles, so this year I'm going to close more.
Marinated butter mushrooms with vegetable filling
149 - 60м -
Marinated butter mushrooms with vegetable filling
Mushrooms in Venezuelan
141 5 20м -
these pickled mushrooms at home
World appetizer of cauliflower
137 - 40м 5
Slowly preparing for the Day of Birth. Every housewife knows that the peak of the cycle in the kitchen - the eve of the holiday, and this appetizer can be prepared in advance and spin the eve of the feast on one dish less. Since the Day of my Birthday in the fall, I try to cook as many vegetables from his garden. And the more planned a barbecue, it's the appetizer to the skewer. You can and roll up for the winter.
Pickled cucumbers with red currant "sweetie"
133 - 90м -
Why "sugar"? Because this variety is called currant, by the way, good. Currants in this recipe is not an ingredient that gives the cucumbers acid, and as a flavoring agent, and of beauty, of course. Cucumbers get a spicy, sweet and sour, with a subtle aroma of currants. Bonus get a very tasty, pretty pink pickles.
Pickled onions pearl and ruby
109 - 60м 20
The site already has recipes for pickled onions, but only pearl. The proposed recipe is different from most. Pickled onions – a good savoury snack to strong drinks, a great addition and decoration for meat dishes. You can, of course, ready to buy, but to make their own hands and more interesting, and more reliable. For cooking I used onion sets – the usual onions and red eyes. It turned out ruby and pearl onions. Is not only color but also taste.
The garden
109 4 - -
Soon it's time blanks of the crop. Offer a favorite in our family assorted vegetables. Once tasted, harvested each fall. On the website this seems not.
Cauliflower marinated
108 - 40м -
Very tasty, juicy, crunchy. Perfect for everyday and festive table.
Canned bell pepper
107 - 120м 5
Since the conservation season is in full swing, I want to share a very tasty dish for winter. This is a very simple and quick workpiece appreciated by family and friends.
Cucumber in Hungarian
107 - 60м 3
Crispy delicious pickles with incredibly flavorful marinade perfect for any slicing in salads, vinaigrettes, and soups. You can use them as a ready snack to the second dish, and just eat the pickle in front of the TV.
Pickled vegetables
106 3 - -
It turns out very nicely and the Bank on the festive table, and generally very tasty. Recipe borrowed from the neighbor.
Tomatoes in Bulgarian vegetable cushion
105 - 60м 2
Many remember the canned "globe", which in the 80-ies was coming from Bulgaria. I have so many tomatoes and cucumbers was very fond of dad. So we started looking for the taste of Bulgarian tomatoes. And this recipe for tomato to taste more like the taste of all those Bulgarian tomatoes which dad loved to indulge in the 80-ies.
Pearl onions
104 - - -
And you thought that the blanks only do in the fall?! But, no! There is a spring harvesting. It is from the onion seance, which is now sold in the bazaars and supermarkets. This appetizer is very popular in Germany, including the famous Oktoberfest. And it is there about, as it did for me in the comments, 1 Euro for a bottle of 280 ml. And we will be 10 times cheaper, but no less delicious. Go!
Pears marinated
103 3 - -
Original and tasty appetizer
Sugar canned corn
102 5 60м -
Really want something to surprise and delight all chefs, so I very carefully studied all the recipes, which can be like mine. This recipe (even ideas) I site have not seen and want to share with you. The result will exceed all your expectation, because all the taste of home canned corn – a class: gentle, soft, juicy, moderately sweet and sour, and without any chemical preservatives!
Pickled onions "Tonalitati"
101 - 15м 4
Funny name I found on the Internet. There is a recipe, only nationality I did not understand, but to me it does not matter. And the onion tried this on the nature of a skewer, very much loved. Ate the whole bucket of mayonnaise. And with meat, and pita bread, and sandwiches. I never thought that I can eat onions in unlimited quantities.. )))Now we have a picnic without this onion does not do..
Marinated mushrooms
98 5 - -
Delicious mushrooms, appetizer for all occasions.
Marinated mushrooms
97 - 80м -
Love recipes with a quick, no unnecessary movements))) the best balance of vinegar, salt and sugar in the marinade will satisfy those who love salty pocola Yes, and those who love not very sweet and not very salty!
Tomato halves for the winter with parsley
96 - - -
Be sure to cook these tomatoes! And tomatoes, and pickle drink to the last drop, even by those who (like me) don't like parsley! Last year I made a sample of 4 banks and very sorry that spun a little!
Pickled oyster mushrooms
95 - 40м 10
The oyster mushroom is a very delicious mushroom. Marinate it and eat - a pleasure! For this recipe, you can pickle other mushrooms.