Marinades recipes for Lent

Marinated garlic with gooseberries or grapes
482 - 30м -
This recipe I found long ago in the old black-and-white booklet of recipes and for many years worked tirelessly and with great love using it. It tried to roll garlic quiche-Misham tasty, but still expensive, as a result came to a simple option to roll up the garlic with the gooseberries. The most delicious variant with the red gooseberry is sweet, and so delicious that honestly, the first dish that is often scatters gooseberry, eat it, even children.
Chanterelles marinated with leeks
272 - 90м -
While there is still in the woods, chanterelles, I want to share another recipe for them marinating. Crunchy and spicy. The recipe comes from a magazine, can't remember now - what.
Salad "Hunters at rest"
209 - - -
This salad literally knocked my husband off his feet, laid him "roof"... He love it. Favorite appetizer with vodka. I, unfortunately, love can not share, because the bow in such quantity are not too keen...
Cucumber slices
199 - - -
Hello!!! We have this year's extraordinary crop of cucumbers!!! Put a lot of jars Zelentsov "Bulgarian", and cucumbers all grow and grow - just no time on processing them... And here, just by the way, I use the recipe my friend. In this way roll up the cucumbers for my son for the third year - he loves these cucumber slices! ATTENTION!!! THE RECIPE GIVEN IS BASED ON ONE (1) HALF-GALLON JAR!!!
Bell peppers stuffed with cabbage for the winter
171 - 120м -
I submitted the recipe is very simple, but surprisingly tasty. I recommend to try it as a snack, side dish to meat or as a main dish during lent
Pickled cucumbers with citric acid
164 - 30м 20
In the season of blanks I want to share with you the recipe of delicious pickles, which I closed last year. Cucumbers are just super! Sweet and sour, a bit spicy, fragrant and very crispy! And so to eat, and the salad go well! All the household loved these pickles, so this year I'm going to close more.
Pickled cabbage with mustard
164 - 20м 10
Of course, there are many recipes of pickled cabbage, but I will venture to offer you your option. Recipe of the cabbage from the category "ancient", I use them with the same love for many years. Good it is the fact that cabbage can be cooked in the winter, at any time and on the second day to bring to the table. Before the new year invariably make a whole jar of cabbage, which, after the abundance of Christmas table scatters "cheers". Well, in the post a season of deficiency and say nothing. Cabbage is unusual, sweet mustard flavor.
Pickles "Heather"
156 - - -
Delicious crispy pickles! All who have tried, always asked for the recipe. Try it and You will not regret it!!!
Marinated butter mushrooms with vegetable filling
149 - 60м -
Marinated butter mushrooms with vegetable filling
Pickles for sandwiches
148 - 60м 20
Crisp and flavorful pickles are good not only for sandwiches. They are perfect for salad or just to eat them would be very nice...
Pickles "globe"
142 - - -
Many people like pickles are not just salting, and pickling. I am no exception. This recipe found in the magazine "Recipes for an encore". The taste they resemble the Bulgarian pickles "globe". Well, usually winter first over, and then eaten and the rest of the pickles. For the fourth year of the harvest of cucumbers close this way. Thus rolled separately, cucumbers, tomatoes and meats. But more like cucumbers. I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos and description, because I write first time.
Beets natural sterilized
139 - - -
This is the only seam that I sterilized. To do the sterilization I do not like and go to this step only because so much of me and my children like the nice beet, huh? Spend the autumn half a day, but then all winter no hassle with boiling the beets. At least the soup, even the salad, though, just like that, with sour cream or mayonnaise. Got a jar opened and ready. Fill drunk children always to droplets, even in a fight.
Pickled peppers with eggplant for the winter
135 - 60м -
Offer another tasty billet for the winter. Nothing difficult to prepare no. And in winter, you get a great snack. Also a snack will not be ashamed to present on the holiday table. Ideally, this recipe uses gogoshary. But many have not even heard about them, as their area of cultivation is very narrow. But don't despair. In this recipe you can use regular bell peppers, red. But definitely it needs to be meaty. Let's start...
Cucumbers "Excellent"
135 - - -
Cucumbers crunchy, moderately salty (not even salted hard and definitely not too salty) and quite acetic, vinegar is practically not felt. You can safely give the kids a little. And under the potatoes as it will go... mmm... once copied from some website in culinary notebook from now won't remember.
Cabbage salad
134 - - -
Before, we hatched the whole family salting the cabbage. We had a bucket, ushatikov such. But here's the RUB, to keep the cabbage nowhere. On the balcony it freezes and then is tasteless. In the fridge perkiset. And cabbage we love. The problem was solved when I saw this recipe in one of the culinary Newspapers 7 -8 years or so ago. Since doing the cabbage just for this recipe. Fortunately, now you can buy the whole winter, not that in the Soviet times. Incredibly delicious!!! Many of my friends try it I have got the recipe for service... and I got them from a sea of gratitude. Try it, and I'm sure that you will not stand. As my husband says every time when starting to this the cabbage, "once you Try eat right now!"
Hot pepper "Snow dragon"
132 - 20м -
This recipe is great for fans of spicy food. This gas station always have in stock, as I like it hot. It only serves to add to the cold and damp days of autumn - winter period, in salads. Especially tasty to add to the usual coleslaw with carrots. But it can also be added to various meat and vegetable dishes. Can be stored at room temperature. Spread this recipe at the request of the Marina ( Marina Leonenko ). Let's start...
127 3.5 - -
A proven recipe years, always eaten first, no matter how much prepared)))
Mushrooms in Hungarian
124 - 40м -
Marinated mushrooms, well with potatoes or... well, vodka!
Pickled cucumbers in Polish with oak leaf
121 - 60м 4
Hello Cooks! So I was ripe to their favorite pickles. This recipe is dug on the Internet 5 years ago and decided to do an experiment, shut down one jar and then, the recipe has designed the residence in my cellar! All guests who come to see me, be sure to ask for the recipe for those pickles. And my kids who twist the nose of pickles cooked in a different manner (salt, chili), these burst with a Bang!
Very spicy pickled cucumbers
121 - - -
In anticipation of an early start of the season blanks I want to share an amazing recipe for pickled cucumbers, recipe of which is found a couple of years ago in the blog of Irina Rybchinskiy. Get delicious, crispy and sooo spicy pickles! Such as I love, for me, this recipe is perfect! So, lovers of spicy, this recipe is for you!
Bulgarian pickled cucumbers
118 4 30м 12
The salad needed a cucumber. Got the jar and thought, why not share the recipe with the Cooks? Not far off season preparations. Someone he'll come to the rescue. Bulgarian cucumbers are called that because they just follow the taste of the famous harvesting of solar brotherly socialist Bulgaria. Once they had filled all the shelves. We were friends countries very gently. Bulgarian compotes, jams, salads, snacks, pickles - something impossible delicious from my childhood. Try it!!!