Compote canned recipes

Cornel compote
2.2k - - -
This recipe I got from my grandmother, and she from her mother etc. In my family there is a problem with nezhelanie fruit compote. Thanks to this recipe all the fruits delicious, and the COMPOTE is simply unmatched.
Canned cherries without sugar
1.3k 5 240м -
Today is the beginning of the conservation season cherries! Will roll up useful vitamin preservation without sugar! Today roll up cherry compote without sugar and cherries in a jar without sugar in the form of meats. Preservation without sugar perfectly kept year in a cool place or cellar. When used, you can always sweeten with honey to taste. Have a good harvest and tasty-a useful conservation!
Gooseberry compote with oranges
1.3k - 90м -
Very tasty juice, more like lemonade, only without the gas. My kids love it! On the website, this is not found! Try it, maybe you'll like it.
Compote of plum wine
1.3k 3 30м 10
Good idea for harvesting plums. Delicious!
Apples in Apple juice
1.2k - 100м 10
Very tasty and beautiful apples! This time I decided to pour not syrup, and Apple juice, it turned out much better. The number of apples rough, so the smaller, the more of them will fit in the jar. I have this rule turned out to be two 2-liter cans and 3 liter cans. 7 kg of apples one-third went for juice, which we needed for 2 liter, we will mix with 2 gallons of water. The apples I had tverden and sweet, so sugar put not a lot. Soft varieties can burst, choose firmer, and if your apples are sour, then add more sugar. Try the juice before filling with the apples before seaming and add the sugar, if not enough to your taste. Now the season starts, so that the cook please!!!!
Fruits in syrup with lemon juice
1.2k - 30м -
Harvested fruits in syrup with lemon or lime juice such that we do not grow, and it is: peaches, large plums, apricots, nectarines, grapes dark, sometimes a pear, but our small and small apples. Doing the same pattern and I want to say that I use a concentrated juice SICILIA for a long time as soon as I saw him in stores. Very convenient, and previously squeezed lemon juice.
Tangerine compote
1.1k 5 20м -
I have tangerines are associated with winter, New year, Christmas tree... but the holidays is over, and Mandarin is still desirable. Offer a non-standard option of eating mandarins - we cook from them COMPOTE, but not the usual, and very beautiful!
A compote of red currants and raspberries
1.1k 4 20м -
Very beautiful and useful kompotik. A piece of summer in a jar.
Cherry compote
1.1k 4 - -
Now in the gardens of ripe cherry and a hostess will be to make preparations for the winter. I offer you the easiest and fastest recipe of compote. I hope you will like it.
1k 4 30м -
Chokeberry, with the addition of sugar for the winter. Helps with hypertension.
Pumpkin-carrot juice with quince and vanilla
1k - - -
Very useful and delicious juice! In our big and happy family caught this recipe for harvesting in proc. Needless to say about the benefits of pumpkin? And in combination with carrot are generally a storehouse of vitamins! Plus quince and a light vanilla note! And besides beautiful amber color! When the kids didn't want to drink - we said that this juice is handed to them honey! Flew juice and cheers for more running! Try it and You!
Compote of Saskatoon for the winter
1k - - -
Delicious and healthy drink. It is easy to prepare. Good support at the winter holiday table especially for children.
Stewed zucchini
1k - 15м 5
A fantastic tasting drink. Great for quenching thirst in the heat, and as preparations for the winter. The calorie content is close to zero. Highly recommend!!!
Compote of apricots
1k - 60м -
Prepare sledge in the summer... and the recipes of preparations it is necessary to pick up in the fall! Here is a very tasty preparation for the winter various use: fruit to eat, and kompotik drink, and cake decorating...
Stewed apples and black Rowan
1k 5 - -
A delicious compote for the winter
Cherry compote with mint
1k - - -
I propose to add to the flavor of fresh cherries with a touch of mint, saving the taste of summer for the winter.
0.9k - 60м -
Growing at the fence puny tree. And no one knew what kind of tree. And in that year it was completely covered in small fruits-plums!!! So I wanted to keep it in the compote))) this year I waited impatiently, when will the fruit.
Apricots stuffed
0.9k - 45м 1
The recipe is very simple to prepare. I tried to convey the IDEA of the workpiece. Inside the apricot - cherry, but I did and with grapes and gooseberry with quartered walnut and a little honey. Can be used as just a dessert or one apricot filling for pie or cake filling. Bite cake with apricot - and there is also the high point of m-m-m delicious. The liquid used for the impregnation of biscuit. In General, there is no limit to imagination.
The red currant compote
0.9k 5 35м 10
A delicious compote of currants. Cooked very easily and quickly because the berries are used directly with twigs. In winter it is very pleasant to open a jar!
Compote of grapes with twigs
0.9k - 40м -
Refreshing, not cloying canned stewed grapes. Prepared without sterilisatie. A recipe from a magazine "All women" of yesteryear. Cooking time is given without cooling. Boiling water - boiling water.
The compote kiwi, apples and tangerines
0.9k - 30м 3
I want to offer the cooks a refreshing drink. The combination of sour taste of kiwi, sweet Apple and citrus notes of Mandarin won't leave You indifferent.