Compote canned recipes for birthday

Cornel compote
213 - - -
This recipe I got from my grandmother, and she from her mother etc. In my family there is a problem with nezhelanie fruit compote. Thanks to this recipe all the fruits delicious, and the COMPOTE is simply unmatched.
Fruits in syrup with lemon juice
166 - 30м -
Harvested fruits in syrup with lemon or lime juice such that we do not grow, and it is: peaches, large plums, apricots, nectarines, grapes dark, sometimes a pear, but our small and small apples. Doing the same pattern and I want to say that I use a concentrated juice SICILIA for a long time as soon as I saw him in stores. Very convenient, and previously squeezed lemon juice.
Gooseberry compote with oranges
163 - 90м -
Very tasty juice, more like lemonade, only without the gas. My kids love it! On the website, this is not found! Try it, maybe you'll like it.
139 4 30м -
Chokeberry, with the addition of sugar for the winter. Helps with hypertension.
Compote and cherry in the Bank
102 - 60м -
Conservation continues... it's time of cherries! I want to share my recipes of preserving compote of cherries and cherries in banks, it turns out beautiful and delicious! So roll up long, time-tested recipes and Goodies. Stocking up for the winter! Don't be lazy and hurry up!
Compote, mashed potatoes
100 - 15м -
Their home made fresh juice. The juice has been drunk, and the remains of apples and oranges a pity to throw away. Found a use :)
Cherry compote without sugar for winter
98 - 60м -
Conservation for winter continues... it's time of cherries! I want to share another recipe of preserving compote of cherries, but WITHOUT the SUGAR! It is possible and it is an outlet for people with diabetes or other illnesses... and even just for people on a healthy diet and not to consume sugar at all! You need to store not more than a year (if you don't drink before) and in a cool place. Sweeten with honey or stevia can, if necessary, directly in the Cup! I wish you health and good appetite!
Compote of strawberries without sterilization
93 - - -
Closed for the winter a delicious, fragrant compote of strawberries. To do it simply and quickly! The strawberry season is very short and I want to prolong its flavor and aroma. So we make a compote and enjoy the taste and aroma of strawberries in the winter. Recipe proven over the years, my mom for many years closes in this way, the compote of strawberry, cherry, apricot, assorted.
Stewed zucchini and turn
92 - 30м -
Very unusual kompotik. Crispy fried zucchini and the turn perfectly combined with each other.
Kompot "Home Fanta"
90 - - -
A delicious compote that really has the taste of the citrus lemonade! Your kids will love it!
Orange compote
84 - - -
It would be better to call it juice. Delicious, beautiful and useful. Beautiful will it look on a festive table.
Compote of cherries and cherries in a jar
83 - 120м -
Open season cherries! I want to share with you tested recipes of preservation of sweet cherry - cherry compote and cherries in banks! With these recipes, I'm closing for about 10 years and never they never let us down. So, we will need cherries and a little cherry, though it is possible to do without it... it's Time to stock up for the winter! Summer pripasixa, winter poderia! Don't be lazy, hurry up!
Compote from whole peaches
81 - - -
Tasty, healthy, and most importantly - no sterilization!!!
Garden blueberries in their own juice
80 - - -
Large blueberries. It differs from the forest. When it is collected, hands and mouth are not dirty. Berry sweet and white inside.