Jam recipes for Valentine's Day

Mango and apricot confiture for baking
155 - 40м -
Many recipes for sweet baking by culinary guru contain different content and rather exotic jams of fruits and berries, which is not always possible to buy in the store. I offer one of these jams, the recipe of which I saw in my LJ from maria selyanina. However, I had to replace passion fruit (not found!) apricots, to change the proportions and add lime, but I am very happy with it, than I hasten to share with you!
Jam from black currant and Saskatoon, black currant and white
133 - 30м 10
Very tasty and easy jam fast preparation of various berries (when you need to save the harvest)
Cornel jam
130 - - -
Very tasty and healthy jam. In such a small jar so much useful. Did you know that the dogwood has anti-inflammatory, astringent, choleretic, diuretic and bactericidal action? A decoction of fruits (compotes, jams, preserves) is used as a tonic, aphrodisiac and tonic. Dogwood berries are used as a delicious remedy to improve digestion and as a choleretic in the gastro-intestinal diseases, as an astringent for diarrhea, dysentery. Children with diarrhoea is recommended: pomegranate jelly with the addition of dried pears. Biologically active substances included in the composition of fruits of dogwood, normalize blood pressure, pressure blood vessels of the brain, eliminate headaches, prevent the sclerosis. Dogwood also promotes strengthening of walls of blood vessels, prevents fragility of capillaries and is used in venous insufficiency, edema of the feet, inflammation of the veins. It improves the metabolic processes in the body, is used in case of articular diseases, gout, it is used for skin diseases, as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties in acute inflammation of the bladder, cystitis. Try this wonderful berry, and save all the useful properties to the harsh winter.
Cherry-chocolate jam "Black forest"
123 - 180м 6
If you like the eponymous cake cherries and chocolate sponge cake, this jam you will love! It is very similar to the delicious layer of cherry syrup, which is necessary to impregnate chocolate cakes to achieve the original recipe. Memorize the recipe and get ready for cherry season fully prepared!
Plum jam dessert
111 - - -
Sour plum and bitter chocolate, and all together it was jam-dessert, the consistency is almost a ganache. After standing in the refrigerator, it becomes so dense that they can be filled with for example homemade sweets. And this is what candy I want to treat girls with whom I'm happy to be in the company on the Fights from Kikkoman!
Jam from pears with coffee beans
100 - - -
The idea jam I took pobeditelya ukrainsko Master Chief 5 Jenny Klopotenko and added a little "gag". Plus, this jam is that of a pear remain prasarini, and syrup goes moderate. And still used in regular service little sugar as for jam. And the flavor... Well, come on in!
Quince jam with walnuts
98 - 120м 200
Fragrant jam deep amber color with a slight acidity and a delicious finish. The recipe is time-tested and grateful admirers. Now is the season for quince is in full swing, and cook it most of the time. Bon Appetit!!!
Homemade orange jam
96 - 150м 10
Prosper sits in front, in white trousers and a white unbuttoned shirt, with his feet high. For Breakfast we have toast, butter, eggs, real English orange marmalade, bitter-sweet, with large pieces of crust, I love it. To this coffee, orange juice and champagne. I brought from the kitchen, rough rustic blue dishes, thick, pot-bellied ceramic Cup, put to them a yellow napkin and put on the table a beautiful bouquet of roses. From the street came the noise, most of the Parisians have gone on vacation. Up here is quiet, shady and cool, as if the city." excerpt from women of the novel, Susan Kubelka "Ophelia learns to swim" When I first read this novel, the description English orange marmalade stuck firmly in my head. I think I even felt the taste of it, reading these lines. If not for the upcoming cakes, and then I need orange jam (marmalade) probably for a long time I was ignorant what it tastes like and not cooked. Of course, my jam is different, there is no large pieces of orange peel, but that he needs me. The photo captures the jam, which I did the first time. The recipe idea today, I've tweaked, and I am already with the changes. I would like to note that the jam made today are much thicker and they can safely stuff the pastries, not only to lubricate the sponge cakes. And anyway, with confidence I can say that it is very tasty, with bitterness, as he is supposed to be.
Jam from forest strawberry
89 - 120м 6
Most experiences in childhood from school holidays, I remember gathering in the fields of forest strawberries. The air is clean, and strawberries... mmm what is fragrant. Now as an adult, I do not change traditions and travel with her husband to the forest strawberries, and then cook her a delicious jam. Vitamins for the whole winter.
Jam made from citrus peel
89 - - -
Very tasty and original solution of citrus peel which we usually throw away. The Idea Of Pierre Herme.
Chocolate plum jam with peanuts
89 - - -
Delicious jam! My men liked it. The neighbor and her granddaughters, too. The jam is sweet, but felt a bit of plum sourness.
Pink jam
86 - 36м 20
Summer! How long have we been waiting for him! And now, finally, it's time to enjoy the carefree country life! I want a full chest to breathe fresh air, swim, sleep under the birch trees in a hammock and admire the vivid fragrant flowers. From flowers, namely, ROSES Queen - we will prepare an amazing treat...
Onion and berry marmalade
84 - - -
Sour-sweet, spicy addition to meat dishes or sandwiches.
Pumpkin-peppermint jam
80 - 30м -
Winter evenings so want some sun, warmth and light. The most simple ingredients that you can buy or grow in the kitchen garden, and here is your ray of sunshine in the winter! Intrigued!?
Jam physalis
76 - 300м 10
Amaze and inspire your family and friends with a jar of awesome Goodies )))
Traditional jam fresh mint
76 - 60м -
Friends! Decided to share the amazing taste of jam, intensely minty, with a chill. You can use it as a separate dessert, pour over pancakes, as a topping for the filling in pies, watering cakes etc. Every one to try at least a spoonful of this wonder, be amazed!
Jam black raspberry and sea buckthorn
71 - 15м 4
Delicious jam made from black raspberries and sea buckthorn. This is black raspberries, not blackberries. The berries are similar, but raspberry is smaller, has a completely different taste and raspberry bushes are completely different from the BlackBerry bushes. The berries grow in our garden. Jam is very useful. Author YouTube - Tim Bublik.
Cherry jam
67 - - -
This year's bumper crop of cherry. Yes, this big ugly berry that you can't miss it! I represent to your attention the cherry jam, which I use as a filling in pastries.
Jam mandarins "skin"
65 - 180м 10
A very interesting jam out of oranges. In 80-90's were sold in stores. Taste is sweet and bitter. I will say this - semi candied fruits - floor jam. Now I do not see on sale, I decided to try to do it myself. Very tasty with ice cream. In childhood the only way to eat ice cream for 48 cents.
Plum jam with star anise
65 - 120м 10
I have in Peter an amazing friend. The Queen jam and life is beautiful and incredibly strong person. This recipe is from her Arsenal. Dedicate to Julia and to all strong and independent women!
Jam from pears
62 - 90м 12
A jar of summer on a cold winter day.