Jam recipes for Lent

Live jam from currants
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Dear cooks, now it's already autumn, but when it was summer in full swing, all hostesses are preparing food for winter! A lot of the ways of preserving berries currants... I Want to share the way in which for many years used in our family. Such a blank we call "alive jam" although in fact it is not cooked, thus preserving the maximum vitamins! Come visit and maybe our way will seem interesting for next year!
Mint-lime jam from Gumi
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Offer you to try incredibly flavorful jam made with exotic berries Gumi. The jam has a very extraordinary taste, has a delightful bouquet of mint and lime flavors and has a thick consistency and does not flow. The recipe author.
The jam-the jelly of red currants
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A great vitamin Supplement to the winter diet, without heat treatment and gelatin - "jam" not boiled, and fresh berries and sugar.
Apricot jam "Summer of 2011 "
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The recipe for this fragrant and delicious jam on this summer - such a beautiful and such a generous harvest of apricot. Preparing it is very simple...
Jam of Mandarin and pumpkin
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They say that tangerine jam is tasty to drink organic coffee, and maybe jam jam and coffee... In any case, it turns out delicious, and the pumpkin not to know! It is only for the masses. Help yourself!
Apricot-ginger jam
147 - 30м -
This recipe I borrowed from Yulia Vysotskaya. I said to him was initially skeptical but when it was drawn, I was delighted, opened it in the winter. Now this is my favorite jam.
Apple-mint jam in 20 minutes
145 - 20м -
When stocks of jam came to an end, and you want something sweet for tea, this recipe is a godsend. I used to cook it on the stove, and now helps out the microwave - no need to stand over the stove and stir continuously, so as not burnt. Come on, it's not only fast, but also very easy!
Spicy strawberry jam
143 5 180м 1
Ah, the strawberries! The beauty of it, we have it this year a lot. This is my favorite jam!
Strawberry-orange jam with mint
142 - 30м 8
Last year I discovered a delicious jam which is infused flavours of strawberry, orange, mint and spicy ginger! This year share the recipe with you, my dear cooks!
Jam strawberry-rhubarb with ginger
136 - - -
This recipe was found online and was interested in the option of quick-cooking, in contrast to the classical way of cooking "with vystoyki until the juice"! Once cooked and share with you! The jam turned out fragrant, with raveneau acidity and a hint of ginger! A real treat!
Zucchini marmalade with ginger
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Delicious marmalade! Intense citrus flavor and a tangy aftertaste of ginger - for me it's just amazing. Zucchini is not mushy, but stays crunchy pieces.
Rhubarb jam with walnuts
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The idea of making this jam was prompted by the Internet, the recipe was immediately interested in its promising taste! Thank the blogger Edward turned out great!
Jam "Surprise-ka"
117 - 80м 5
How many new, unusual, bright flavors submitted for the contest! I want to share another equally bright, summery, sweet, and also not very common or very unusual recipe. With this dish introduced us, my sister-in-law, sending a jar of unusual jam from Australia. I remembered a pleasant taste and color, decided to try to reproduce. Interesting dish stand for your judgment. I hope it will be of your liking... so...
Cherry jam "of the Countess-the cherry"
112 - 60м 10
The cherry season will end soon, so hurry to you with their experienced prescription. And he was born I have firmly entrenched in my mind the idea: to make the harvesting of berries for the winter, which can be used to decorate future of confectionery that it was both delicious and beautiful. Turned out, in my opinion, interesting in form and taste, very fragrant and lovely cherry! The entire bowl left to evaluate, tasted and evaluated in the next 5 minutes!
Cool jam green gooseberries with lemon
112 4 60м -
The taste of summer and winter. Photo made by user Iruna.
Drain in a thick syrup "Sweet slices"
111 - 60м 10
I wanted to make plum harvesting for the winter, but not normal, and that half of the plums would be sweet enough and well, and not turn to mush as it usually happens in the preparation of these tender fruits. Remembering a very interesting and simple method of cooking grandma's Apple jam, keeping the slices intact and transparent, I decided to try it on the plums. Prepared from yellow plum, and blue. The result is excellent in both cases, and it is in front of you! Everything turned out exactly as I wanted...
Cool jam from red gooseberries with orange
111 5 60м -
The taste of summer even in winter. This recipe is for those who have the red gooseberries! Photo credit cook Iruna.
Jam made from pine cones
109 - 120м -
Berry jam we all already cooked, some cooked jam and vegetables, it is also not uncommon, and you are treated to a therapeutic, aromatic and unusual jam made from pine cones. Who cares, welcome to the recipe.
The jam "the Sun in January"
105 - - -
Offer to cook pumpkin jam, in which the pumpkin flavor is not felt! The jam is rich, dense, with a delicate aroma! And it's all thanks to additives and spices! Pumpkin generously gives his sunshine, and I am, with best wishes, I want to give this recipe Mashen'ka (Mary Stone)!
Apple-walnut jam
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I'd like not to throw rotten eggs at first, was surprised I did - the result is amazing, try it!
Strawberry-tomato jam
105 - 40м 4
This sweet jam is perfect for baking cakes, cookies, and just very tasty to put it on the bread. The tomato gives the strawberries an interesting taste and aroma. Thanks Quittin HAAS TM the jam is very thick, with strong, bright color.