Jam recipes

Live jam from currants
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Dear cooks, now it's already autumn, but when it was summer in full swing, all hostesses are preparing food for winter! A lot of the ways of preserving berries currants... I Want to share the way in which for many years used in our family. Such a blank we call "alive jam" although in fact it is not cooked, thus preserving the maximum vitamins! Come visit and maybe our way will seem interesting for next year!
Spicy marinated apricots
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Once tasted pickled plum, thought, and what apricots are bad? Such a blank can be used for sweet pastries and make the sauce. Indescribable taste:sweet and sour, with the aroma of spices!
Jam, Canberra or black nightshade
411 - 40м 1
Here parents are in the country the berries are grown newfangled. Call Canberra. Ripened only now, in October. And then, almost tasteless. Read - jam needs to be boiled out of it. Yes, recipes are strange, which is only the Board to add the cherry sheet in October! Decided to look on gourmet websites - there is generally offer berries to push during meshaniya spoon. Or blender, I advise you to use. Jam reluctance - you want whole berries. Different methods tried - really liked this one.
Milky-vanilla "jam"
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Don't even know if this blank the name "jam", but the other does not occur. The original recipe from Stelios Pallaresa called "the Marmalade and vanilla milk". Very interesting and simple recipe. The jam is flavorful, creamy, caramel. Very tasty in the morning with toast or with pancakes, or as a sponge for greasing loaf. In General applications, you can find a lot of.
White marmalade
345 5 60м 6
Ancient recipe from the series "Monastic cooking." Recipe excerpted from "the Book of recipes of the last nuns from Odivelas". Marmalade this brand is considered a delicacy in the city of Odivelas, Portugal. The secret of cooking white jelly for several centuries was a secret of the nuns of the local convent of the order of Bernardus de Cister (Ordem das Bernardas de Cister), founded in 1295, After the death of the last nuns sisters of Carolina Augusta de Castro and Silva came to light cookbook, which I poschastlivilos to buy. :-)
Diabetic strawberry jam
331 4 15м 1
Sometimes (well, almost always) like sweet varingica, and sugar, alas, is impossible, for myself found out, I want to share with you, maybe someone come in handy! Of course, now is not the season, but soon... soon... go to your favorite cottage, and there, staring, and the time of berries... Jam perfectly stored in the refrigerator, take out... and the aroma of summer.
Strawberries in their own juice
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It's long-awaited summer. The season of delicious sweet berries and urgent billets delicious jam from them. Recipe of strawberry jam in its own juice will preserve more vitamins and taste for winter evenings when you want to remember the hot summer. Berry remains juicy and without the "brachnogo" taste.
Pear-ginger jam
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The recipe for this jam was sent to me by our Nadia (pretty kitty). It turned out very tasty and spicy and we loved it. So I want to treat You to the jam and dedicate the recipe to our Beautiful kitty.
Mint-lime jam from Gumi
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Offer you to try incredibly flavorful jam made with exotic berries Gumi. The jam has a very extraordinary taste, has a delightful bouquet of mint and lime flavors and has a thick consistency and does not flow. The recipe author.
Jam from schisandra
262 - 40м 1
Lemongrass is a plant that combines 4 taste. Sour, bitter, salty and sweet. It has a smell of lemon. And the smell in all its parts. In the Schizandra berry contains large amounts of potassium and selenium, contains iodine.
Cherry jam
261 - 90м 4
Cherry jam (diseases) | Recipe for a tasty jam [family recipes] the time has Come for winter harvesting. Today we will tell you a recipe of delicious jam from the cherries. Cherry jam is especially recommended in the winter – it is an excellent tool for the prevention of colds. Jam is a jelly - like thick syrup with chunks of berries and fruits, or with whole fruit. Jam can be used for making sweet cakes and pies. Cherry jam with gelatin is a wonderful Supplement to tea at any time of the year. A thick, fragrant, and delicious are the most accurate characteristics of this dessert. The main advantage of this recipe is that it does not require too much time and special skills. Watch our video and cook with us this wonderful gem.
The jam-the jelly of red currants
242 - 60м -
A great vitamin Supplement to the winter diet, without heat treatment and gelatin - "jam" not boiled, and fresh berries and sugar.
Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"
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Good day, I want to share with you the recipe for “Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"!“ Very pleasant, exotic taste the marmalade! Marmalade is solid (which can cut) and liquid (smear)! I suggest a liquid version that is stored in jars! Fans of bananas and pineapples I can only advise!
Apple slices "the glare of the sun in amber"
231 - 20м 4
This is a very simple recipe. And very old... my grandmother used them in her youth... as the years began to add cinnamon)) Apple jam slices transparent slices of apples in a fragrant, Sunny syrup, thick, delicious... we will Stop for tea and delicious jam!! This is beautiful. and flavorful and delicious!!! entire, translucent slices, drenched in amber liquid, maddening smell of vanilla and cinnamon!!! After trying, you will definitely make it again!
Jam from the young shoots of spruce or Fir Honey
217 - 60м 1
Unusually flavored jam with a little bitterness and light citric notes. This jam will not only warm the long winter evenings, but will also help to strengthen the immune system, cure colds. Moreover, this "cure" is very pleasant to children.
Raspberry jam is summer in a jar
215 3 25м -
Raspberry jam, outdoor winter, just remind you its scent on a beautiful summer days!Let me remind you that autumn and winter is not forever!
Jam of gooseberry brandy and oregano
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Unusual jam of purple gooseberries with a touch of cognac and the flowers of oregano. This jam can simply be spread on bread and serve pancakes, pancakes or a cheese plate. This recipe is completely my author, his culinary experiment.
Jam "Apples-Caramel" in the fight with the harvest
196 - - -
Strictly within the framework of "struggle with the harvest" had to shred the apples Growing in my garden Apple tree, got the "inherited" together with the garden... Sort trudnootdelemy and denoted generally as "Spanish"... Apple is phenomenal - every year an incredible number of tied fruits, of course, a big part of flaking... and that Matures huge fruits, incredible large and flavorful... But! but not winter apples! - must be immediately and ran to eat the apples. Well, we have all sorts of methods - and juice, and pies... and drenched apples - there's generally a story and a barrel to get! and hay it! and is a must have! - overcome everything... turned out Good... But new challenges - the frosts hit during a time of global warming, and the cold of an unprecedented, such that in the basement all the frozen - had an urgent way to eat these apples... ate - so much so that this year already and don't want to! - Jam? Cooked (with white chocolate)... but do not like to repeat!
Vitamins in winter - quince
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I harvested in the fall growing in my cottage quince, it is considered to be decorative - it has a little fruit, but the taste and quality of fruit is not worse than the large southern fruit.
Dry jam from plums
194 - 300м 4
I love jam, but don't like when there are a lot of syrup. Offer the recipe jam from plums in the oven. It turns jam-like jam, thick, sour. The recipe is very simple and the result delicious.
Apple slices in grape jelly
192 - 20м 6
Very simple, quick but delicious and fragrant jam. I make it with grape seeds -yeah, don't strain and throw away skin and bones! Us women-it's just necessary, because the use of grape seed associated with a high content of vitamin E, as well as such biologically active compounds such as calcium and potassium, these are the three pillars which support our body. So.. starting to harvest?... it's easy!