Pickles recipes

Crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar
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Today I would like to tell You how to prepare for the winter delicious crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar (without sterilization). The original recipe, and the marinade not need to cook: just enough to blanch the cucumbers in vinegar, add in a jar ingredients for marinade and pour boiling water. Watch my video and preservative along with me!
Cucumbers with red currant
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Another way to prepare cucumbers.
Borschova seasoning for the winter
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For fans of soup
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Kimchi (spicy Korean cabbage) There are over 100 varieties of kimchi, which differ not only by ingredients, region cooking, but by the time of salting and cooking technology. For the preparation of kimchi using garlic and red pepper, but also other products, from the common to the exotic. For example, some Korean cooks add in kimchi, ginger, sesame seeds, carrots, pine nuts, pears, chestnuts, seaweed and even salty little shrimp and oysters. I was making kimchi several times using different recipes, but this recipe for me was the most delicious and simple. Recipe taken from the book of Ilya Lazerson "Cabbage on the table is not empty". By the way, the other day we went to visit, and I brought the cabbage, I'll tell You honestly - world appetizer!)))
Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"
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Transparent and crunchy, hence the name "CRUNCH-AL". That is the exact proportions to give such a delicious result.
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Mixed vegetables quick cooking
Pickled cucumbers in Hungarian
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Share the recipe with pickles... decided to cook them "in Gundel". In any case, I recall, Karoly Gundel is a famous Hungarian chef and owner of the eponymous restaurant in Budapest, and worldwide famous for its "Small Hungarian cookbook". That's it I masalila your cucumber... (in Hungarian "cleaning"... :)))
Pickled tomatoes with herbs in Georgian
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I want to share with you another recipe of green pickled tomatoes with herbs in Georgian. Turn out very tasty, and the tomatoes are fragrant and crispy. For their full proselki must be at least 3 weeks, but the result will please you!!! This is a very tasty snack, which will decorate any festive table, and just a nice treat for myself!
Tursha in Armenian
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I must say that in the Caucasus tursha is in Ukraine - borsch-every family has its secrets, their proportions, their components. Overall, perhaps. only one thing: it's pickles, made of green beans. Today I will tell you and show you how to prepare turshu my neighbors - Susanna and Arsen Melkonyan, of course, with their secrets and my clarifications. So, today we have tursha on-malkhansky passed through my experience. Done for long and the pleasure immensely.
Cucumbers Cossack hangover
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The Park is now. Cucumbers have to roll, beets, soup filling, Lecho... but you never know what. Recipes all tested over the years, but I want to try something new. Here, saw "VC" interesting recipe. My husband liked the name. Prepared, but, to be honest, have not tried, though was advertised recipe is very tasty. This is for those who are not afraid to take a chance. Step-by-step photos didn't do, because all operations standard. The differences in the recipe.
Fat Hungarian
142 - 100м 10
Super salted fat Hungarian with a sharp taste of red pepper and a subtle garlic flavor. This recipe is for those who are able to wait, as the fat is cooked 8-9 days. And then will be awarded an unusual and delicious snack!
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Delicious crunchy pickles.
Lecho in a hurry
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Fragrant, delicate dishes very favorite of my son.
Tomato puree
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Puree tomatoes for sauces, dressings, etc.
Freshly-salted cucumbers
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My husband just loves pickles and he did not eat, those who twirled in jars for the winter, I make him fall in a normal pot!
"Pickled cucumbers"
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Don't believe the hype! Make "Pickled cucumbers" at home in 24 hours! Here is the recipe...
Watermelon pickled
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Autumn is the time of preparations, and pickled watermelon is the first appetizer on the festive table and not only. You must not take overripe berries weighing 2-2,5 kg., They should not be broken, no rot. Of course it is better to take them on the plantation itself, especially as they do not give condition for cheap. Everything is simple and elementary.
Pepper for stuffing
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Pepper, canned in tomato for stuffing in the winter
Turshu in gagauzsky
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Very tasty pickles Gagauz cuisine. A recipe shared with me a colleague of her husband, the Gagauz from Moldova. Tried this recipe a second time, later will do for the winter in greater volume.
Cucumbers in Korean
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About this recipe here. But each family has their own, so offer to watch my recipe. A wonderful snack food suitable to garnish and vodka... Guests love it!!!
Light-salted cucumbers
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The recipe is my great grandmother. The site has a lot of recipes pickle, they apparently all delicious. But the pickles using a recipe my great-grandmother for me, most excellent! Try it and you will understand!!!