Pickles recipes for Easter

Fat Hungarian
252 - 100м 10
Super salted fat Hungarian with a sharp taste of red pepper and a subtle garlic flavor. This recipe is for those who are able to wait, as the fat is cooked 8-9 days. And then will be awarded an unusual and delicious snack!
Tomatoes in mustard "Session"
198 4 10м -
Now the preservation time and many people make preparations for the winter. I want to offer the option of a starter of tomatoes under a nylon cover. A very simple recipe to cook, anyone can cook and not only. And the spicy taste will not leave anyone indifferent!
Eggplant, pickled whole
153 - 45м 8
Another component Balagan. Winter get 1-2 things, cut, pour oil - and a great appetizer ready.
Cherry tomatoes in own juice
145 5 - -
Very tasty tomatoes, a proven method time and people, low effort but delicious, just the class
Cuts "Summer in a jar"
133 - 60м 5
I love all sorts of different mixed vegetables. Opening a jar in the winter, always feel the taste of summer. Now just the season, to hide a piece of summer in a jar and release it on a cold winter day
Cucumbers for the winter
127 - - -
Hello, friends! I offer you the recipe of cucumbers for the winter. They come out very tasty and crispy)
The cucumbers for the winter in the ketchup
120 - 30м 4
The easiest recipe for making delicious pickles!
Salted cucumbers custard on a cold brine
100 - 60м 20
The main difference between this recipe and other herbs and spices "brewed Xia," no cucumbers. This allows you to get fragrant, beautiful and extremely crunchy cucumbers. Guests last floor pans "imprisoned", the remaining cucumbers were sent home. For me it is the best indicator of quality! Bon appetite and good day to you all!!!
Stuffed tomatoes "Spicy"
100 - 120м 10
Took the recipe from my friend, who like me, loves spicy. Do these tomatoes for about 10 years. And everyone who tasted my tomatoes, asking for the recipe. I hope You review it's my first exposed to the recipe.
Cabbage for the winter
95 - 30м 30
Cabbage for the winter one of the most popular pieces. A great opportunity to stock up on vitamins. Cabbage cooks very quickly and turns out crispy and delicious.
Sauerkraut with juniper berries
94 - - -
It is possible that this way to sour cabbage will seem exotic. Where I live, juniper and as a result, juniper berries, a dime a dozen. Make based on them, in particular, and salting and pickling. It is important to choose ripe juniper berries. They are dark Burgundy, with a slight whitish bloom. Cabbage turns out to be extremely crisp, with a slight kick and a slight wood aroma.
91 - 4320м 10
Video with the main secrets of crisp sprouts without bitterness and slime. A few simple rules and You will get a delicious appetizer to any table.
Salted herring per hour
89 - 90м 3
The whole process of salting will take you no more than 1.5 hours! And the result - lovely salted herring with a delicate flavor and aroma!
Marinated tomatoes "Favorite"
89 - - -
These tomatoes we have in the family all love, not one meal without them is not. Prepared very quickly, require no boiling, no vinegar and on the second day tomatoes are ready. Try it and you will love them just as we do.))
Sauerkraut in a jar
89 - 30м 8
One of the best options for my taste — sauerkraut, which only added carrots and salt. I use it for many years, cabbage is always great work! It contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Tart, crisp, very juicy. Make sure to prepare!
Pickled tomatoes in jars
88 - - -
Girls, Hello! Spread, as promised, another recipe harvesting tomatoes without the use of vinegar, a natural method of fermentation. Did last year, sorry that is not enough!
Salted tomatoes
88 - 20м -
This salted tomato recipe is markedly different from those seen before. They shared with me a familiar, in the past a wonderful cook. Recipe surprised. And when I follow this recipe and made salted tomatoes, three-liter jars for a family of three people was enough for two days. So – not for nothing were amazed. At first glance, the dish is seasonal: when there will be fresh tomatoes. But the fruit from Central Asia is now on the shelves almost year round. So this snack is quite possible to cook anytime.
Canned zucchini
87 - 30м -
Simple and fast blank - a wonderful side dish to the second dish or appetizer are awesome. Unlike store-bought Soviet counterpart, here the perfect combination of salty, sour, sweet and lovely delicate flavor. Recipe proven for decades by three generations of my family.
Herring fast Ambassador
86 - 300м 4
Any small marine fish (herring, sprat, anchovy) pickles this way for 3-4 hours and ready for eating! For small fish - a slightly different method and time of proselki.
Tomatoes in a garlic filling
85 - 30м 2
Very tasty, quick to prepare))) and NO VINEGAR
Podcherevok salt or fat
84 - 20м 10
A simple method of salting Ukrainian "Salo" or fat that will not leave indifferent You and your loved ones!