Pickles recipes for 23rd of February

Fat Hungarian
247 - 100м 10
Super salted fat Hungarian with a sharp taste of red pepper and a subtle garlic flavor. This recipe is for those who are able to wait, as the fat is cooked 8-9 days. And then will be awarded an unusual and delicious snack!
Tomatoes in mustard "Session"
193 4 10м -
Now the preservation time and many people make preparations for the winter. I want to offer the option of a starter of tomatoes under a nylon cover. A very simple recipe to cook, anyone can cook and not only. And the spicy taste will not leave anyone indifferent!
Pickled tomatoes with herbs in Georgian
182 - - -
I want to share with you another recipe of green pickled tomatoes with herbs in Georgian. Turn out very tasty, and the tomatoes are fragrant and crispy. For their full proselki must be at least 3 weeks, but the result will please you!!! This is a very tasty snack, which will decorate any festive table, and just a nice treat for myself!
Tomatoes in tomato sauce "Substandard"
176 - 60м 5
Storing tomatoes for the winter! In the course of going and the so-called products, i.e. tomatoes "barrels", slightly wrinkled.
Turshu in gagauzsky
176 - - -
Very tasty pickles Gagauz cuisine. A recipe shared with me a colleague of her husband, the Gagauz from Moldova. Tried this recipe a second time, later will do for the winter in greater volume.
Cucumbers "Always good"
170 - 40м 10
"Herring, mother, all snacks snack. ...Well, no, the cucumber is better... Scientists with the creation of the world and think nothing smarter than pickle did not come up" how can you not agree with the statement of the great classics?! Do you like strong, crisp, salty sweet — sour pickle!!!??? Yes, Yes, such work cucumber for this recipe. Highly recommended!
Eggplant, pickled whole
152 - 45м 8
Another component Balagan. Winter get 1-2 things, cut, pour oil - and a great appetizer ready.
Cherry tomatoes in own juice
144 5 - -
Very tasty tomatoes, a proven method time and people, low effort but delicious, just the class
Pickles with vodka
143 - - -
The taste of these cucumbers will not leave anyone indifferent. But this recipe is not for those who like sweet pickles. It's a cucumber with a "MALE CHARACTER" - sour, spicy, crunchy. Despite the fact that there's vodka under a pile of appetizer at the time. Well, the hosts are ideal to pickle, or brine, Olivier. On the website the recipe was published in 2009, but the author writes that it is necessary to store them in the cold for long. I want to remind you the recipe for these incredibly delicious cucumbers, and say that they are stored perfectly and in the room. To me, when a good large preparations, and stored for 2 years without losing taste. From early childhood they loved my daughters, but 2-year-old grandson, just squints with pleasure
Cuts "Summer in a jar"
132 - 60м 5
I love all sorts of different mixed vegetables. Opening a jar in the winter, always feel the taste of summer. Now just the season, to hide a piece of summer in a jar and release it on a cold winter day
Cucumbers for the winter
124 - - -
Hello, friends! I offer you the recipe of cucumbers for the winter. They come out very tasty and crispy)
The cucumbers for the winter in the ketchup
119 - 30м 4
The easiest recipe for making delicious pickles!
Crisp pickles without sterilization
118 - 60м 2
Offer to cook crunchy pickle cucumbers for the winter without sterilization. They turn out very tasty and crispy.
Assorted vegetables "Fantasy"
111 - 1м -
3амечательная winter preparation, which is prepared without much hassle, bright in appearance, will appeal not only to you but also your guests.
109 - 30м 12
I want to share with you a recipe for sauerkraut, as I learned from my grandmother. It turns out always! I have tried other recipes, but settled on this.
109 - - -
"a Good snack - sour cabbage. And submit not ashamed, and eat - not sorry." said my grandmother. Read the recipes on the website and to be honest, there are a couple similar to my version, but still I have another. And will share their traditions in sauerkraut.
Sauerkraut with cranberry, a mountain ash and apples
109 - - -
Classic is always in fashion) How to make cabbage tasty and crunchy? I have my own answer and method.
Cucumbers "the Kremlin"
106 - 240м 4
Pickles crunchy, garlicky and delicious. Doing for the second year, like as a snack!
Pickled cabbage "Yummy"
104 3 20м 10
Bitry the option of harvesting cabbage
Salted cucumbers custard on a cold brine
99 - 60м 20
The main difference between this recipe and other herbs and spices "brewed Xia," no cucumbers. This allows you to get fragrant, beautiful and extremely crunchy cucumbers. Guests last floor pans "imprisoned", the remaining cucumbers were sent home. For me it is the best indicator of quality! Bon appetite and good day to you all!!!
Stuffed tomatoes "Spicy"
99 - 120м 10
Took the recipe from my friend, who like me, loves spicy. Do these tomatoes for about 10 years. And everyone who tasted my tomatoes, asking for the recipe. I hope You review it's my first exposed to the recipe.