Pickles recipes for Lent

Tursha in Armenian
200 - 40м -
I must say that in the Caucasus tursha is in Ukraine - borsch-every family has its secrets, their proportions, their components. Overall, perhaps. only one thing: it's pickles, made of green beans. Today I will tell you and show you how to prepare turshu my neighbors - Susanna and Arsen Melkonyan, of course, with their secrets and my clarifications. So, today we have tursha on-malkhansky passed through my experience. Done for long and the pleasure immensely.
Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"
198 - 5760м -
Transparent and crunchy, hence the name "CRUNCH-AL". That is the exact proportions to give such a delicious result.
Tomatoes in mustard "Session"
198 4 10м -
Now the preservation time and many people make preparations for the winter. I want to offer the option of a starter of tomatoes under a nylon cover. A very simple recipe to cook, anyone can cook and not only. And the spicy taste will not leave anyone indifferent!
Cucumbers Cossack hangover
174 - - -
The Park is now. Cucumbers have to roll, beets, soup filling, Lecho... but you never know what. Recipes all tested over the years, but I want to try something new. Here, saw "VC" interesting recipe. My husband liked the name. Prepared, but, to be honest, have not tried, though was advertised recipe is very tasty. This is for those who are not afraid to take a chance. Step-by-step photos didn't do, because all operations standard. The differences in the recipe.
Pickled cabbage with carrots and pepper
164 5 - -
Sauerkraut with carrots and sweet pepper.
Eggplant, pickled whole
153 - 45м 8
Another component Balagan. Winter get 1-2 things, cut, pour oil - and a great appetizer ready.
140 - 120м 10
This frequenter of most of the feasts in particular needs no introduction. Unlike his brother - pickled cucumber, salted cucumber leavens naturally. This produces lactic acid, and the fermentation process provides bacteria living in fresh cucumbers. So a natural!
Pickles "Win"
140 - 60м -
You ask why "Winning"? Yes, because I want to give a very fine cook, Victoria (ms victoria). Today is her Birthday and I think my gift is useful to her. If you want winter is crisp and firm cucumbers, prepare them according to my recipe. Let's start...
Cask cucumbers pickling in a city apartment
139 - 15000м 100
Delicious, hearty pickles draught Ambassador in urban environments! Probably many of you love cucumbers draught Ambassador. But the market price of their bites! But it is very easy to pickle barrel pickles on their own, and - in an urban apartment! The only thing BUT - should store them in the fridge! For these cucumbers I specifically purchased a container of food grade plastic, which perfectly fit into the space of our small refrigerator for storage. Very convenient-no need to mess with the banks, wash them, sterilize and constantly fear that they will break. If you have the ability to store cucumbers in the cellar is great!
Russula pickled
129 - - -
Don't know where and how, and we have in the Krasnodar region did not really appreciate this wonderful mushroom, Russula. Take it if there is nothing in the woods there. I think Russula is not worse than other fungi. Never walk past a bright, festive scattering of these glorious mushrooms! And they meet in the forest more often than other mushrooms. Delicate, fragile, with a distinctive nutty flavor. Several of you can cook a lot of delicious dishes:they can be boiled, fried, baked, prepare them to salads, sauces. But you can prepare for the winter, to marinate. Of course, it's not mushrooms, BUT! In winter, with boiled potatoes, and under the pile of white... My husband says that the taste of Russula, prepared according to this recipe, very similar to pickled in a barrel of mushrooms.
124 5 - -
Crispy cabbage without any accelerations, vinegar, water and brine. Only the juice of cabbage, apples and carrots! Give a maximum of 2 kg of cabbage, but did 12 kg.
Fried mushrooms for the winter
115 - - -
Always did harvest from fried aspen, and this year tried to prepare white mushrooms, and are happy to share the recipe! White mushrooms after frying have a special taste and retain their elasticity! These mushrooms are a great snack and preparation for the winter!
Salt cabbage
114 3 15м -
I have never had the salting of the cabbage. I love sour, sour, but I was always just cabbage and salt, though, and cook it in different recipes. Recently shared with me a recipe one of my friends. The result exceeded all my expectations. Here's the recipe. (Sorry, no photo as camera broke).
Marinated green beans "Tursha" in Armenian
114 - - 4
To be honest, very surprised, finding the Boy no prescription tursi. Generally, the options tursi very much depends on the method of preparation and from country to country, and from the ingredients itself tursha is vegetables, which undergo a process of fermentation. Its advantage is that it is made from what is at hand, the urgency to change to your liking. Under my arm was the green beans, it's one of the classic ingredients Turchi, that's it and serve it up.
Assorted vegetables "Fantasy"
112 - 1м -
3амечательная winter preparation, which is prepared without much hassle, bright in appearance, will appeal not only to you but also your guests.
Crunchy salted cucumbers for 24 hours
111 - 10м -
Your time should be 10 minutes. Ingredients - at least, nothing to weigh and measure. Folded, filled - in a day you can eat. Over - done again. Love this recipe. Pickles are always delicious and crispy! And without the "unnecessary movements"!
Cabbage pickled "4 days"
110 3 - -
As I try to cook with less salt, the cabbage is done for 3-4 days, it turns out, not much sour, not too salty. And most importantly, crunchy). everyone knows how to shred the cabbage, so I will dispense with step by step photos. Who likes, can add the apples sliced, but the taste is slightly different
110 - - -
"a Good snack - sour cabbage. And submit not ashamed, and eat - not sorry." said my grandmother. Read the recipes on the website and to be honest, there are a couple similar to my version, but still I have another. And will share their traditions in sauerkraut.
Green tomatoes "Georgian"
110 - - -
Found in the book devoted to Georgian home-the kitchen, absolutely fabulous recipe pickling green tomatoes - no pickle in their own juice. Curiosity took over, and the result exceeded all expectations! So...
110 4 - -
I've been trying to find a recipe for sauerkraut, I tried many recipes and finally found, I want to share with You this simple recipe.
Sauerkraut with cranberry, a mountain ash and apples
109 - - -
Classic is always in fashion) How to make cabbage tasty and crunchy? I have my own answer and method.