Pickles recipes

Crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar
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Today I would like to tell You how to prepare for the winter delicious crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar (without sterilization). The original recipe, and the marinade not need to cook: just enough to blanch the cucumbers in vinegar, add in a jar ingredients for marinade and pour boiling water. Watch my video and preservative along with me!
Cucumbers with red currant
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Another way to prepare cucumbers.
Pickled cucumbers in Hungarian
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Share the recipe with pickles... decided to cook them "in Gundel". In any case, I recall, Karoly Gundel is a famous Hungarian chef and owner of the eponymous restaurant in Budapest, and worldwide famous for its "Small Hungarian cookbook". That's it I masalila your cucumber... (in Hungarian "cleaning"... :)))
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Delicious crunchy pickles.
Cucumbers Cossack hangover
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The Park is now. Cucumbers have to roll, beets, soup filling, Lecho... but you never know what. Recipes all tested over the years, but I want to try something new. Here, saw "VC" interesting recipe. My husband liked the name. Prepared, but, to be honest, have not tried, though was advertised recipe is very tasty. This is for those who are not afraid to take a chance. Step-by-step photos didn't do, because all operations standard. The differences in the recipe.
Freshly-salted cucumbers
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My husband just loves pickles and he did not eat, those who twirled in jars for the winter, I make him fall in a normal pot!
"Pickled cucumbers"
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Don't believe the hype! Make "Pickled cucumbers" at home in 24 hours! Here is the recipe...
Cucumbers in Korean
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About this recipe here. But each family has their own, so offer to watch my recipe. A wonderful snack food suitable to garnish and vodka... Guests love it!!!
Light-salted cucumbers
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The recipe is my great grandmother. The site has a lot of recipes pickle, they apparently all delicious. But the pickles using a recipe my great-grandmother for me, most excellent! Try it and you will understand!!!
Cucumbers with grape leaves
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Very interesting way of pickling cucumbers. They are very beautiful, retain their color and acquire a very original flavor. It turns out two in one - a delightful pickles and grape leaves, ready to eat (farshirovaniya, for example).
Pickles "Win"
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You ask why "Winning"? Yes, because I want to give a very fine cook, Victoria (ms victoria). Today is her Birthday and I think my gift is useful to her. If you want winter is crisp and firm cucumbers, prepare them according to my recipe. Let's start...
Cucumbers "Always good"
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"Herring, mother, all snacks snack. ...Well, no, the cucumber is better... Scientists with the creation of the world and think nothing smarter than pickle did not come up" how can you not agree with the statement of the great classics?! Do you like strong, crisp, salty sweet — sour pickle!!!??? Yes, Yes, such work cucumber for this recipe. Highly recommended!
Cask cucumbers pickling in a city apartment
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Delicious, hearty pickles draught Ambassador in urban environments! Probably many of you love cucumbers draught Ambassador. But the market price of their bites! But it is very easy to pickle barrel pickles on their own, and - in an urban apartment! The only thing BUT - should store them in the fridge! For these cucumbers I specifically purchased a container of food grade plastic, which perfectly fit into the space of our small refrigerator for storage. Very convenient-no need to mess with the banks, wash them, sterilize and constantly fear that they will break. If you have the ability to store cucumbers in the cellar is great!
Pickled cucumbers
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A variant of pickled cucumbers from my friend. The recipe is simple and easy to remember. This site is not found.
Pickles "Gentle"
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The recipe was read in the journal "Love to cook" me and successfully tested. Really liked the original way of cooking! Thanks a lot
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Have been looking for a recipe for cucumbers with no vinegar quick cooking and to retain in the room. Found and grateful to the user with the nickname "I'm Marina." The pickles turned out delicious, crispy moderately salty. In the photo banks standing in a room for a month. Perfect pickle and salad and just eat.
Freshly-salted cucumbers without brine
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Very tasty and, most importantly, always get a lush green. Doing so cucumbers for 3 years.
Pickles in edible containers
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Pickles watermelon.
Quick pickled cucumbers
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Many people know this recipe... but I want to talk about it to those who haven't tried the quick pickles.
Pickled cucumbers "night"
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Recipes on the site a lot, but I have not found. This is our "family recipe". Cucumbers make a very tasty and crispy. Well, the name speaks for itself: salted them, usually in the evening, waiting-just "night", and the cucumbers are ready. Help yourself!
Cucumbers "Superhost"
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Cucumbers really work out hard and crunchy. Recipe without vinegar and without unnecessary problems.