Pickles recipes for Lent

Cucumbers Cossack hangover
172 - - -
The Park is now. Cucumbers have to roll, beets, soup filling, Lecho... but you never know what. Recipes all tested over the years, but I want to try something new. Here, saw "VC" interesting recipe. My husband liked the name. Prepared, but, to be honest, have not tried, though was advertised recipe is very tasty. This is for those who are not afraid to take a chance. Step-by-step photos didn't do, because all operations standard. The differences in the recipe.
Cask cucumbers pickling in a city apartment
138 - 15000м 100
Delicious, hearty pickles draught Ambassador in urban environments! Probably many of you love cucumbers draught Ambassador. But the market price of their bites! But it is very easy to pickle barrel pickles on their own, and - in an urban apartment! The only thing BUT - should store them in the fridge! For these cucumbers I specifically purchased a container of food grade plastic, which perfectly fit into the space of our small refrigerator for storage. Very convenient-no need to mess with the banks, wash them, sterilize and constantly fear that they will break. If you have the ability to store cucumbers in the cellar is great!
Pickles "Win"
138 - 60м -
You ask why "Winning"? Yes, because I want to give a very fine cook, Victoria (ms victoria). Today is her Birthday and I think my gift is useful to her. If you want winter is crisp and firm cucumbers, prepare them according to my recipe. Let's start...
137 - 120м 10
This frequenter of most of the feasts in particular needs no introduction. Unlike his brother - pickled cucumber, salted cucumber leavens naturally. This produces lactic acid, and the fermentation process provides bacteria living in fresh cucumbers. So a natural!
Crunchy salted cucumbers for 24 hours
110 - 10м -
Your time should be 10 minutes. Ingredients - at least, nothing to weigh and measure. Folded, filled - in a day you can eat. Over - done again. Love this recipe. Pickles are always delicious and crispy! And without the "unnecessary movements"!
Quick pickled cucumbers with thyme
104 - 30м 2
Offer salt the cucumbers with thyme. Thyme - a plant with strong antimicrobial properties and brine with him for a long time does not spoil. And he will add a flavor nuance to traditional dill and garlic, that we love so much in the salted cucumbers.
Salted pickles dry salting (in the package)
81 - 20м 5
These pickles turn out very crispy, flavorful, and most importantly done very quickly!!! This is my first photo of the recipe on the cook-do not judge strictly))
Pickled cucumbers cold Ambassador
81 - 90м 40
Delicious make year-round non-stop. Friends literally "hunt" in various stages of prosol, for "to open the Xia" cucumbers gradually; and good as a one-day and six weeks. Usually use tarragon, but without it - very, very good! Recommend!
Cucumbers without vinegar
77 - 20м 2
I convinced the cooks to put the recipe for pickles without vinegar, which are no problem at any temperature. I have everything is in the apartment - no basement, no cold places. Stored in the table and in the wardrobe in the hallway under the bottom shelf. There is a garage, but there is no possibility to store.