Tomatoes, salt recipes

Tomatoes in mustard "Session"
375 4 10м -
Now the preservation time and many people make preparations for the winter. I want to offer the option of a starter of tomatoes under a nylon cover. A very simple recipe to cook, anyone can cook and not only. And the spicy taste will not leave anyone indifferent!
Blank "Hello Fall"
331 4 - -
Girls, you asked for a recipe for green tomatoes. Please!
Tomatoes in tomato sauce "Substandard"
313 - 60м 5
Storing tomatoes for the winter! In the course of going and the so-called products, i.e. tomatoes "barrels", slightly wrinkled.
Tomato puree
306 - 120м 1
Puree tomatoes for sauces, dressings, etc.
Favorite tomatoes for the winter
288 - - -
Our family always gave preference to the cucumbers, but one day the mother-in-law borrowed the recipe tomato from a friend and spun a couple of jars of what later regretted, because the whole family appreciated the result to "5". Now I spin in the winter a tremendous amount of tomatoes, they are sweet and sour. As brine is consumed even faster than eating tomatoes. Decided to share the recipe, because I'm sure that the result will be satisfied.
Cherry tomatoes in own juice
279 5 - -
Very tasty tomatoes, a proven method time and people, low effort but delicious, just the class
Pickled tomatoes with herbs in Georgian
271 - - -
I want to share with you another recipe of green pickled tomatoes with herbs in Georgian. Turn out very tasty, and the tomatoes are fragrant and crispy. For their full proselki must be at least 3 weeks, but the result will please you!!! This is a very tasty snack, which will decorate any festive table, and just a nice treat for myself!
Pickled tomatoes "Recruits"
249 - 15м -
Tomatoes soletta per night. In the end, they are not fresh and not salty, they are just special! They have for a long time - just hit among the appetizers. Especially vodka, and just so. And the name of his "Recruits" because they are "bald".
Tomatoes without vinegar
234 3 - -
Also very tasty
Tomatoes in Belarusian
218 - 60м -
The tomatoes turn out delicious. Interestingly, these tomatoes can roll, even if there are no spices for pickling. Still really good. And what a pickle! Recipe read in the newspaper "My family", for which they thank you.
Pickled tomatoes with mustard
213 - - -
I offer my favorite recipe pickled tomato with mustard. Tomatoes are incredibly delicious when guests come over, we snack on them alone! Fermenting them easily in urban areas, and they taste the barrel.
Salted tomatoes
211 - 20м -
This salted tomato recipe is markedly different from those seen before. They shared with me a familiar, in the past a wonderful cook. Recipe surprised. And when I follow this recipe and made salted tomatoes, three-liter jars for a family of three people was enough for two days. So – not for nothing were amazed. At first glance, the dish is seasonal: when there will be fresh tomatoes. But the fruit from Central Asia is now on the shelves almost year round. So this snack is quite possible to cook anytime.
Tomatoes-the howling
210 3 - -
Spicy green tomatoes! A wonderful appetizer and under the strong drinks and so crunch, fried Yam, for example.
Tomatoes meats for the winter
209 - 60м 20
This year's crop of cherry tomatoes unprecedented. I rolled up 20 jars. Red and yellow tomatoes look good together in small, with a capacity of not more than 1 litre jars. Winter will be a Desk decoration at any celebration, neat, sweet, these colorful for the gray autumn or white winter.
Satsibeli tomato
206 4 10м 5
Satsibeli literally from Georgian - Michalka. Recipes satsibeli in Georgian cuisine countless /one of them closest to the right are on the site/. But my satsibeli quite simple - some tomatoes. Preparation for the winter without much trouble.
Quickly marinated tomatoes
193 4 30м 1
Very tasty, better than those that close for the winter, thanks to the author for the recipe.
Salted green tomatoes
189 - - -
Cask of salted green tomatoes - my childhood memory. And now they have, but then they really smelled the barrel and sold in the grocery store, lying in the murky brine in large round tanks. They were salty and bitter, and the smell... they had a flavor that seemed impossible to repeat such tomatoes at home. Yes, actually no one really tried. Then the markets began to sell fresh green tomatoes, which demand not used much, although sometimes they are bought and made for winter very good salads, slicing tomato slices and add back the carrots, peppers and cucumbers. And salt green tomatoes were bought exclusively in shops and with them were associated. However, the pickling recipes I come across, and I collected them. But did not cook it, alas. Probably, each recipe has its time. Not long ago I got myself a few kilos of green tomatoes and decided to try it. I have been reading different recipes, had seen the video, had something in common, something struck me as not the fact that something is not taken immediately... in a word, of all reviews was born here is the recipe that the first time was a hit the mark, because the taste turned out thus... from childhood...
Green tomatoes "Georgian"
188 - - -
Found in the book devoted to Georgian home-the kitchen, absolutely fabulous recipe pickling green tomatoes - no pickle in their own juice. Curiosity took over, and the result exceeded all expectations! So...
Tomatoes "the barrel"
186 4 - -
Today I opened the last jar of my tomatoes. And decided to post my recipe, and suddenly someone will be interested. These tomatoes I tried once at my Ukrainian girlfriend Natuski. They taste like they were pickled in a barrel. And since I can only so. Three-liter jar of flies moment.
Tomatoes green
183 3 120м 3
Canned tomatoes with the stuffing that is sure to please Your entire family
Pickled tomatoes for 2 days
183 - - -
Very tasty tomatoes with garlic and parsley that's ready in a couple of days.