Pickles assorted recipes

237 3.5 15м -
Mixed vegetables quick cooking
Lecho in a hurry
174 4 30м 2
Fragrant, delicate dishes very favorite of my son.
Quick pickled cucumbers and tomatoes
144 - 15м -
A rapid method for those who quickly want something salty. A couple of similar recipes here, but my way is more advanced. So don't scold, if that.
Cuts "Summer in a jar"
134 - 60м 5
I love all sorts of different mixed vegetables. Opening a jar in the winter, always feel the taste of summer. Now just the season, to hide a piece of summer in a jar and release it on a cold winter day
Blank "Delicious"
134 - - -
Recipe for canning.
Blank "assorted Vegetables"
123 4.7 30м -
Very conveniently, opened a Bank, and there are 5-7 items of vegetables. And as guests eat, the ears can't get enough!
Assorted fruit and vegetable
118 - 60м 1
Very simple recipe...
Cabbage heartily
115 4 25м 10
Cabbage marinated with coriander, garlic and carrot.
Salted cabbage with beets
114 - 15м 4
Crunchy cabbage for the winter - easy and simple..
Assorted vegetables "Fantasy"
113 - 1м -
3амечательная winter preparation, which is prepared without much hassle, bright in appearance, will appeal not only to you but also your guests.
Pickled cabbage with tomatoes in a jar
109 - 90м -
The recipe gave mom last year, but cook I did not dare (but when I went to visit in the winter, tried it, very tasty) that closed itself)
Dressing beets
106 3 - -
Want to offer a vegetable "refueling" for soup. The main ingredient here, of course, is beets. I have it in stock turned out to be very much, and I decided to use it this way. This "filling" can be used instead of adzhika.
Pickled apples with honey and spices
105 - - -
Good afternoon everyone! I want to share with you another recipe for pickled apples, so to speak, and Express readiness to eat. The apples in this recipe will be ready to drink in 14 days. Again "kind", but you can try other solid varieties of apples.
Pepper with apples
103 5 - -
Original and tasty.
Salad with cucumbers and carrots in Korean
103 - - -
It's time to think about the titles for the winter. Let's prepare a salad with cucumbers and carrots. Very easy to prepare but very tasty, spicy and sharp.
Gherkins "Sweet"
100 - 120м -
This recipe canned vegetables I use for the last five years. Cucumbers as well, and the tomatoes came out very tasty. Everyone who tries please share the recipe.
The most delicious meats in the winter
100 - - -
Canned cucumbers and tomatoes surrounded by vegetables. It's a nice and bright flavor. Beautiful and elegant jars do not explode and are perfectly stored in the pantry. Can someone come in handy my little secrets. Help yourself!!!
Meats for the winter
98 - 180м 6
This recipe canning vegetable use for 5 years and would not trade it for any other. My family and friends are very happy when I open the next jar of pickles, that they taste delicious.
Salad of green tomatoes
98 - - -
The season is over, and the green tomatoes left a lot. I suggest you make a simple and delicious salad!
Cabbage marinated
97 5 20м -
Cabbage with other vegetables in the marinade.
Planet in jars
97 - 30м 6
In this year of bountiful harvest, so I decided to make a beautiful planet of zucchini and tomato.