Salty mushrooms recipes

Russula pickled
130 - - -
Don't know where and how, and we have in the Krasnodar region did not really appreciate this wonderful mushroom, Russula. Take it if there is nothing in the woods there. I think Russula is not worse than other fungi. Never walk past a bright, festive scattering of these glorious mushrooms! And they meet in the forest more often than other mushrooms. Delicate, fragile, with a distinctive nutty flavor. Several of you can cook a lot of delicious dishes:they can be boiled, fried, baked, prepare them to salads, sauces. But you can prepare for the winter, to marinate. Of course, it's not mushrooms, BUT! In winter, with boiled potatoes, and under the pile of white... My husband says that the taste of Russula, prepared according to this recipe, very similar to pickled in a barrel of mushrooms.
The mushrooms crispy
116 - 30м -
For those who are still looking for your recipe for delicious Ryzhikov. Very simple, nothing more, and Yes, they do crunch. The cooking time specified does not include the preparation of mushrooms.
Fried mushrooms for the winter
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Always did harvest from fried aspen, and this year tried to prepare white mushrooms, and are happy to share the recipe! White mushrooms after frying have a special taste and retain their elasticity! These mushrooms are a great snack and preparation for the winter!
Mushrooms with onions
111 - 20м -
We continue to stock up for the winter:) Another recipe for pickling pick - a simple, delicious and with a savory onion flavor! Taken from the book "Winter pantry" L. V. Ioffe. Mushrooms day are under the yoke, and preparing mushrooms is also not taken into account.
Black mushrooms salted
105 - - -
Not found here, simple recipe how to pickle mushrooms, I will Write as I do. Especially now the season, who may still be useful
Salted mushrooms "Killer version of"
105 4 - -
Tverden and crispy mushrooms with onion Yes with sour cream..... Yes to the glass of vodka covered with frost. No sane person will not remain indifferent)))
Pickled mushrooms in Altai
104 - 60м -
Harvesting mushrooms for the winter.
Mushrooms in sauce
103 3 30м -
A delicious snack for the winter.
Marinated mushrooms, like my mom's
101 - 30м -
Look through all the recipes pickled mushrooms, but have not found. So did my mom, and I marinated the mushrooms in this way for a long time. The trick is in the marinade sugar is present in an amount greater than salt. From the mushrooms get sweet and salty. In any meal in the first place on the table over it is my marinated mushrooms.
Russula salt
98 - 20м -
This year, the mushrooms not so much rejoice in any edible in the woods. We do not pass by and Russula. I know many of the Russula and fungus do not believe, but if it is correct to prepare in the winter yum, I promise ))) Although, the recipe is certainly not for everybody. This recipe billet Russula my mother taught me, now I harvested them for the winter. And even if it happens on the mushroom harvest, we still take Russula and add salt to this recipe here. They when stand up, get a little "snotty", but with sour cream and onion - yummy, I assure you )))
Salted mushrooms hot
97 - - -
Decided to try a new method of hot salted milk mushrooms, searched, looked and took the recipe of Alexander Kislenko, for which I sincerely thank him! The mushrooms turned out fragrant, delicious, inviting everyone to try!
Mushrooms marinated "Day"
95 - 30м -
These mushrooms I tried that once at his girlfriend in Kiev. And since I'm the fungi are not indifferent, immediately begged her for the recipe.
Mushrooms in tomato sauce
89 - 120м -
Delicious and fragrant salad of saffron milk caps, which can be tasted right away or save for the winter. Is easy and preserves the taste of freshly prepared dishes, even in winter. The cooking time specified does not include the preparation of mushrooms.
Salted mushrooms hot
87 - 90м -
Post the recipe in November, just in time to try gruzdochki - like the whole family.
Grozdanka in the Bank
85 - - -
In the mushroom season we are doing different pieces: dry, fry, frost. I want to offer a simple recipe that will help keep the mushroom flavor unchanged, and will not take forces. Such preform useful in the campaign, in the country, when there is no time for a long time to cook or just want mushroom soup.
Salted mushrooms
83 - 40м -
A lovely starter as for the festive table, and the meal *rustic* with crumbly potatoes. Today we are on the way, I got wonderful mushrooms. We decided to salt and I remembered that recently my friend told us that makes delicious mushrooms for years recipe her mom, very tasty. But in addition, the attractive point is that the time from the moment of salting until the moment of eating just 3 weeks. The secret is simple: mushrooms are welded in salt water for 3 -5 min. from the moment of boiling (to the question, and if they crunch, the answer was affirmative). You besides mushrooms, you will need salt, garlic, who loves the Bay leaf and pepper (I didn't put) and the greens, which you can buy in any market, under the name of *pickling*. Then follow the steps :)
Mushrooms in tomato sauce
80 - 2м 7
Summer, soon it will be mushroom season... a Recipe is a lifesaver. These mushrooms can be eaten as appetizer, and can be reheated on top of potatoes or pasta...
Salted oyster mushrooms
80 - 40м 3
A great snack for the winter. Recipe from newvas (livejournal)
Hodgepodge mushroom
77 3 80м 5
Very tasty preparation for the winter
Morel mushrooms preparation for the winter
56 - 60м 4
I bring to Your attention a proven recipe for winter harvesting of Morel mushrooms:) they of course... think it's little brains, but the taste is very sweet and nice (something reminiscent of meat)