Mushrooms recipes

Marinated mushrooms "Forester"
1k - 60м -
Forest marinated mushrooms, what could be better to the potatoes in the winter. And what a wonderful appetizer to pile - not to pass. For this recipe cook only mushrooms, mushroom sweet. Offer a recipe for making these versatile mushrooms. Output of about 2.5 liters.
Salad "Hunters at rest"
0.9k - - -
This salad literally knocked my husband off his feet, laid him "roof"... He love it. Favorite appetizer with vodka. I, unfortunately, love can not share, because the bow in such quantity are not too keen...
Chanterelles marinated with leeks
0.9k - 90м -
While there is still in the woods, chanterelles, I want to share another recipe for them marinating. Crunchy and spicy. The recipe comes from a magazine, can't remember now - what.
Marinated mushrooms with red bell peppers
0.7k - - -
Recipes pickled mushrooms very much, but with roasted peppers was not found. And he is very significantly adds to the taste and looks very elegant.
Express marinating fresh oyster
0.6k 3 - -
Wanted pickled mushrooms and not some store-bought vinegar sour, and home, their... Rummaged in the Internet and found this delicious recipe here. This recipe is well suited for urban residents who have next to no forests nearby town, and supermarkets are bursting with gourmet oyster mushrooms. Well, the village that stocked even in the summer)))
Mushrooms in oil-herb marinade
0.6k - - -
Many may say that pickled mushrooms are sold in any store. What they do at home, go buy. So it is true, but... in store, as for me, lots of vinegar, lots of salt, they are sharp, then generally no. And these, I mean cooked their handles absorb the taste of a good vegetable oil (preferably olive), taste lemon juice (pay attention to the recipe, there's not a drop of vinegar, which is also important), the taste of herbs (and each time you can put in the marinade is different from this and the mushroom flavor will change). Prepare these mushrooms in just a couple of days, and cook them in large chunks also makes no sense. After all, mushrooms are sold in the store all year round.
Pickled oyster mushrooms
0.6k - 40м 10
The oyster mushroom is a very delicious mushroom. Marinate it and eat - a pleasure! For this recipe, you can pickle other mushrooms.
Pickled mushrooms
0.6k 5 40м -
Previously, we brought mushrooms of the firm " "Oscar" - terrible" in my opinion. To me they did enjoy it, and then they stopped, and the rest is tried - well, not like it! Here and had to learn how to do. Now ready never buy. A great snack.
Marinated mushrooms from my dad
0.6k - 30м 5
Special recipe my dad didn't leave anyone indifferent! My girlfriend received an invitation to visit, the first thing you say, "And mushrooms?" by the Way, this same principle can be used to marinate and any other noble mushrooms.
Auricularia is earlike or Judas ear mushrooms Korean
0.5k - 120м 4
I want to offer You an interesting recipe for cooking mushroom, "Judas ear," this fungus grows on trees in one season with winter mushrooms. For frying, they are not suitable, allocate a lot of unpleasant mucus, but after cooking they are very tasty...
Mushrooms in Hungarian
0.5k - 40м -
Marinated mushrooms, well with potatoes or... well, vodka!
Marinated butter mushrooms with vegetable filling
0.5k - 60м -
Marinated butter mushrooms with vegetable filling
White mushrooms, pickled
0.5k - 120м -
You are lucky on a quiet hunt? Cook the mushrooms for this recipe. This marinade I use for many years, and shared it with me merchandiser procurement base on Sakhalin island, is a recipe for the production of blanks. Mushrooms are not acidic, not spicy, very tasty. Use only mushrooms, which You're 100% or more. Good luck walking in the woods.
Marinated boletus
0.5k - 120м 6
Insanely delicious snack.
Mushrooms in Venezuelan
488 5 20м -
these pickled mushrooms at home
The quick marinated mushrooms
485 - 30м -
One of the variations of easy to cook delicious marinated mushrooms, excluding cooking process takes about 30 minutes.
Marinated boletus
481 4 40м 3
Pickled mushrooms for a snack.
Marinated mushrooms "5 minutes"
459 4 5м -
Tasty, not spicy, quickly prepared and quickly eaten!
Marinated mushrooms
459 - 20м 5
I want to offer the option of marinating the mushrooms. This year the mushrooms were, and still are, a lot), the Husband wears buckets)) have Made a hodgepodge prescription TatyankaC " Solyanka with mushrooms for the winter". I thought that also)).. and found one recipe. It is very simple, but can someone come in handy. The mushrooms came out very tasty) Try it and You) This recipe was originally published in the diaries, but took a chance to move here..)
Marinated mushrooms
442 - 30м -
For 20 years marinate mushrooms for this recipe. Very tasty, without the hassle, are great at room temperature.
Pickled mushrooms
425 3 140м 4
Recipe for quick pickling of mushrooms.