Cuts recipes

Cucumber-tomato meats
204 - 40м -
She has personally viewed more than one page similar rezepov, in search of something new (for a change), I realized that my recipe is not here, and decided to share. Sorry if I looked..
Assorted vegetables for the winter
156 4 - -
Harvesting of vegetables.
Assortment of tomato and watermelon
138 4 - -
I bought a watermelon :) opened... was not very sweet and mellow : ( and I found a use for it :) it Turned out very well!
Assorted vegetables for the winter
129 - - -
Tasty and elegant preparation for the winter.
127 3.5 - -
A proven recipe years, always eaten first, no matter how much prepared)))
Marinated meats "Mi-mi-mi" and the flowers of zucchini
123 - 30м -
Autumn is not only harvest time, but also harvesting shrubs on which the crop is growing :-) Very often, most of these bushes (zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers) remain the ovaries that like and throw a pity and it seems they will do it. Here is a cute zagotovochka on new year's table is obtained. I can not share. I apologize if I repeated someone's marinade recipe, but it seems the website did not find this.
Seasoning for lunch
117 5 60м 1
Something like a tomato, but tastes better.
Cuts "Green"
117 - - -
I want to share with You, dear cooks, with another one of my workpiece. In the winter with potatoes is assorted goes with a BANG.
Marinated cucumbers and tomatoes
115 3 40м -
Of the workpiece at any time of the year
Marinated cabbage "2 hours"
114 5 200м -
Simply awesome cabbage! An indispensable dish in our house...
Assorted pickled-pickles "Paint"
111 - 60м 1
Whether you love sweet and sour pickles, as we love them? If Yes, then this recipe may be for you. ) Yes, there is vinegar and a lot, so if you don't get it, this recipe can skip. But we love these vegetables. And it is in the form of meats. When they are in the ensemble, the taste of each of them is saturated repeatedly. The recipe is very simple, but the description is long, just variations can be weight, and many ask about them, try to tell.
Universal vegetable marinade
110 - 40м 1
Sweet and sour, spicy vegetables as supplements are ideal to almost any dish. I add this marinade to sauces, salads and more it's perfect for burgers and sandwiches.
Appetizer "Hunting"
109 - - 8
Got the recipe from the book, just wonderful. No winter goes by without this piece.
Marinated mixture
109 5 50м -
Delicious seasoning and snack.
The garden
109 4 - -
Soon it's time blanks of the crop. Offer a favorite in our family assorted vegetables. Once tasted, harvested each fall. On the website this seems not.
Pickled vegetables
107 - 30м 1
Heat on the street, to the plate approach is not desirable. I want to show you a recipe for pickling vegetables, in which the plate is not needed. A further feature of this recipe - reusable marinade. Interested?
Pumpkin with quince in a citrus marinade
105 - - -
Not the usual combination of food, giving a delicious and flavorful result.
Marinated olives with cheese
103 - - -
My husband loves these olives with cheese for Breakfast. Very often they are marinated, and just now decided to share with you this recipe. According to pamper their men, too, because on the eve of February 23!
Eggplant semi-finished products for the winter
103 - 40м 8
Very tasty harvesting eggplant for the winter. Eggplants are used for cooking holidays and everyday salad.
102 - - -
There are many recipes for cooking meats for the winter. I want to share with You my-I have two of the basic recipe, who fell in love and settled down in our family.
Dressing for Korean salads
100 - 10м -
Really love Korean salads and prepared particularly once? But with this dressing any cut products for 1 - 3 hours will be the most delicious salads in Korean. Happy to share with you the recipe.