Vegetable salads recipes for Christmas

Salad "Great taste" or squash Lecho
204 - - -
Want to share a recipe for a tasty salad for the winter. It tastes very similar to kefir, only the main ingredient in it is not bell peppers, and zucchini.
Salad "Hodgepodge"
179 5 60м -
Recipe shared знакомая6 and now no autumn goes by without this preset. Very tasty salad - harvesting for the winter. A great vegetable side dish to meat.
Mushroom salicorne for a fun and lazy
178 - 60м -
In many countries the dishes are very similar and the workpiece including. Where, of course, taken to collect mushrooms. As in this case. Me this thing was treated in a pretty French village. Much I just and always tried, but I realized one thing: the simpler, the better so, empty the recycle bin after a hike in the woods, include a good mood and enjoy the creative process)
Gurian cabbage
176 4 30м -
For those, who like spicy. And for those who do not like to salt the cabbage barrels, but loves enjoyed to strong drinks, something!
Twist-tomato salad
152 - - -
Read this recipe in a magazine and decided to cook. Surprisingly, it turned out very tasty and fresh as if just cooked.
Alcoholic beverages "delicious"
128 - 90м -
Another zagotovochka. Exactly this recipe on the website is not found. And pepper is very tasty and sweet. It is not urgent. Even children.
114 3.5 50м -
Seen too many recipes, but this is not. It Lecho even just eaten with some bread, without any additional Goodies. Try it is really delicious. Unfortunately there is no photo.
Cucumber salad for the winter
108 - - -
Hello, friends! I offer you the recipe a delicious cucumber salad for the winter.
Pepper Bulgarian or my version Lecho
105 - - -
Recipe found in the magazine "Love to cook" called "Pepper Bulgarian". Husband calls the judges preservation, "Dishes". The recipe, tested for years. Slightly sweet, moderately salty, sour and spicy. Try it, maybe you'll like it.
Peppers for winter
100 - - -
Saw a recipe on some website, decided to try it. And do not regret it, pepper turned out stunning. I find the author will write gratitude. Pepper chose small, it took me exactly 2.5 kg. three-liter bottle. How much of big pepper, I don't know, you need to take and try. I think small is better, it is convenient to put on a festive table in the form of snacks. Try it and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
"Almost Lecho"
100 5 - 14
Simplified system preparation Lecho!
Bell pepper stuffed with vegetables for the winter
99 - 90м 4
Eerily like bell pepper in all its manifestations. Earlier always did with my mom a pepper, then over time there were all sorts of new blanks and we forgot about it. I serve pickles, among them were the stuffed peppers onions and carrots, I almost one jar ate.. I couldn't stop. Began season preparations, of course I remembered and rushed to look for a recipe on a favorite Boy, but alas.. in a variation not found.. there is a similar but with cabbage.
Salad of green tomatoes
98 - 90м 30
The salad can be made in the fall, in a bucket or a pot. Standing in a cool place for 1-2 months. Spicy, delicious and not time consuming in the cooking process. In our family, this salad can be made for many years.
Salad of green tomatoes
91 - 180м -
This salad (caviar) taught me to do mom, it's delicious, rich in iron and vitamins. I recommend everyone to try. So I look at the photo and think all my salads for one person 😊 But the taste is very different.
Salad green tomato
91 - - -
Very tasty salad for the winter, and it can also put on a festive table. The recipe is designed for 4-5 liter cans.
A blue sharp
90 - 120м -
For eggplant lovers! A simple workpiece. Get spicy eggplants that are at the table scatter with a Bang!
Marinated cabbage "Westphalia"
86 - 30м 10
Delicious, juicy, bright appetizer for the holiday table and not only...
Adjika with pepper
86 - 100м 6
Sauce of tomato and pepper has a mild flavor. Have the way to the second dish of rice, potatoes, pasta, meat and poultry simply spread on bread, delicious, one of my favorite recipes.
Appetizer of eggplant for the winter
86 - 100м 6
Friends, I want to offer You a recipe of my signature meals. August in the garden full abundance! Prepare a snack, eat! And You will be happy! Snack turns out very tasty, fragrant moderately spicy.
Vegetable salad "perfect"
84 4 50м 6
Tasty, and most importantly easy to prepare salad that will not leave you indifferent!))
84 4.5 120м 7
Delicious Lecho. My family just love it. And if son gets winter out of the basement, the dishes in the first place.