Vegetable salads recipes for Lent

Salt-free sauerkraut on the Field Bragg
0.6k 5 60м 10
There are things that produce a revolution in consciousness, and this recipe for sauerkraut without salt, changed my idea about this dish. This recipe is Paul Bragg took the people of the Mediterranean, and in 90 and 100 years old looked much younger, was strong and healthy. We now have in the family every day on the table the cabbage. These are the words of the Field, Bragg, "the Salt of health – sauerkraut without salt"!
Salad "Bean mandala"
390 - 30м 2
This salad is in the everyday menu of our family called simply "Bean". Today I offer you a festive version of the design of this dish. Soaked or sprouted grains - this is very useful, it preserves more enzymes, vitamins and minerals, than during heat treatment. Here they are presented as soaked soybeans. If sprouted grains to plant in the ground or under a damp cheesecloth – you will get sprouts. About 1, 5 -2 years ago they were sold in major Russian supermarkets. Also you can grow them yourself, the instructions are easy to find online. In this salad they are presented pea sprouts. A short blanching of vegetables in boiling water is also a gentle method of treatment. Beans for this dish is cooked five minutes. In this recipe might work – you can cook sprouts or soybean sprouts and take corn or peas. White beans, lentils, mung beans or sprouts, anything you like. This salad is rich in protein or proteins. You can take as lunch to work – it is very nutritious, we model them lunch on a hot day or add fresh vegetables. I hope this healthy, simple recipe will take root in your family ! PS the Recipe is not competitive. It just so happens that I designed and put this recipe recently for a contest on another resource, and this coincided with a themed competition on the Cook. :) The contest is over and I can share the recipe with your favorite website. :)
Lecho with tomato paste
377 - - -
Each hostess your option Lecho. Some add onions, some carrots, and some zucchini. For me Lecho - this is the only pepper in a delicious sauce of tomatoes. And most of all I love when the sauce is from fresh tomatoes, and tomato paste. Nothing more, just the taste of pepper!
Pickled carrots with horseradish
293 - - -
Hi everyone, I want to share with you the recipe of "Pickled carrots with horseradish"! A very simple way of harvesting carrots with horseradish for the winter! I spend the whole winter is not marinated. Make a couple of jars when I finish, prepare a new batch! When there is little time, added to soups, main dish and salads! Anyone interested, welcome aboard!
Salad "Three friends"
272 - 60м -
The role of the three friends - tomato, cucumber and pepper. There is also a bow, but he's evil and they are not friends... just kidding! All perfectly combined into one delicious company. During the fast, open a jar of this salad to boiled potatoes - already the tale, and even meat or fish - no words. I suggest You make such a blank and in the winter to enjoy.
Salad "Great taste" or squash Lecho
204 - - -
Want to share a recipe for a tasty salad for the winter. It tastes very similar to kefir, only the main ingredient in it is not bell peppers, and zucchini.
Mushroom salicorne for a fun and lazy
180 - 60м -
In many countries the dishes are very similar and the workpiece including. Where, of course, taken to collect mushrooms. As in this case. Me this thing was treated in a pretty French village. Much I just and always tried, but I realized one thing: the simpler, the better so, empty the recycle bin after a hike in the woods, include a good mood and enjoy the creative process)
155 - - -
Delicious Balkan appetizer! Very time consuming process, but it's worth it!
Sun-dried eggplant with sesame seeds
152 - - -
Dried eggplant can be served as a snack, addition to garnish, and oil fill can always be used for marinades, salads or pasta.
Salad with capelin for the winter
142 - 150м 8
A delicious and unusual preparation for the winter. The taste is somewhat reminiscent of pilchards in tomato sauce.. you Can eat as a separate dish and add to garnish. Exit if guests at the door. A portion of it turns out rather big. Try it, you will not regret.
Universal tomato and red pepper sauce
134 - - -
This sauce is versatile because it can be used for any side dish, including meat, fish, hamburgers instead of ketchup.
Alcoholic beverages "delicious"
128 - 90м -
Another zagotovochka. Exactly this recipe on the website is not found. And pepper is very tasty and sweet. It is not urgent. Even children.
Sauerkraut with sea salt
118 - 20м -
Crispy sauerkraut with sea salt despite the information that the sea salt cabbage is soft and tasteless. Decided to try since we have not sold rock salt, but only sea, and sauerkraut all you want)
Beans in tomato sauce
118 - 100м 12
Love canned beans in tomato sauce? Buy? And cook for yourself. Minimum time and maximum pleasure.
Marinated cucumber salad in the microwave
111 - - -
Quick and easy way to prepare a marinated cucumber salad in the microwave! Vegetables marinated in sliced. First, they are sterilized in the marinade, then are placed in jars and processed them. And this is all done in a few minutes.
Express cabbage
111 - 60м 10
Super fast cabbage. Just after a hearty weekend. I trained all winter, as there is nowhere to store presets. My calf all the time asks: "delicious And the cabbage is still there?".
Zucchini "Mushroom" for the winter
109 - 270м 4
A curious property have zucchini to successfully "evolve". They can be easily mistaken for mushrooms. In this recipe, harvesting zucchini for the winter, they resemble mushrooms.
Eggplant salad with vegetables
108 4 90м 5
The lettuce I harvested for the winter for 12 years, and the most interesting thing in this salad that the more it costs in time, the more delicious it becomes (ie if after 3 months You have opened the jar - it's good, 6 - good, but if using 9 - so it's all a fairy tale)!!!
Salad "Mood"
107 - - -
I offer another salad of green tomatoes.
Salad "Tomatoes with onions"
107 - 20м 5
This recipe is a wonderful winter salad I got from my wife's cousin! I first tried it could not leave of her guests demanding the recipe! It is absolutely perfect!, even the pickle, by the way, for him we always fight!).
Salad "Universal" for the winter
106 - 60м -
The most simple in its cooking and the most popular in our family. Versatile - because it can be eaten on their own, but you can add it to other salads, or in dishes you prepare. Let's start...