Greens recipes for Lent

Chard for the winter
251 - 40м -
Homework always come to the rescue. Offer novice cooks to not be afraid and engage in conservation. Today will be able to prepare the chard, two different recipe, both easy and understandable. And in the winter, cook the broth of potatoes, You will add the jar and you will hear at the table "Wow, summer soup! Where?!" or served with grilled chicken marinated stalks and again praise. And what else should a woman making the first steps in the kitchen... good Luck, dear.
Spicy dressing of greens for the winter
141 - - -
This seasoning I tried visiting neighbors in the cottage and was delighted! If the beds remained green very recommend to cook!
Harvesting for vegetable broth
114 - 20м -
Cook good basic broth is simple, but very time consuming. Now you will mix, mind you, totally natural, to prepare the base broth for one minute. When you need broth, dissolve 2 tsp mix in 500 ml of hot water, or add in the broth. In this billet you can remove or add some vegetables to your taste and to vary the proportions.
Mint sugar
104 - 15м -
I used herbs dried for tea, and then I have them frozen, and recently I saw in the Internet and, of course, could not pass up great ideas. Did a little, and then modified to your taste. Now I always have sweet tea, and for baking it will be useful.
Dressing for hot dishes for the winter
103 - 30м -
Probably all been in a situation when you have to cook first or second course, and there are no carrots or parsley... Then prepare yourself this zagotovok and forget about the lack of any vegetables for cooking. In our family, this stock is called the "dressing" but you call it as you prefer. Let's start...
Pickled garlic arrows
87 - 30м -
For this recipe, we are already not the first year arrows do. Get they are very tasty and a snack and just! The most important thing to use young guns!!!
Garlic salt
84 - 30м 1
A few years of doing this wonderful seasoning. Add for all fans of garlic. With this flask you can and the potatoes to fry, and to extinguish meat.