Greens recipes

Is eaten this way
448 - - -
Don't know what to call it. It's the seasoning, and a separate dish. Everyone will be able to cook and be creative. No particular proportions, you can cook to your liking. Here is the approximate proportion of.
Chard for the winter
254 - 40м -
Homework always come to the rescue. Offer novice cooks to not be afraid and engage in conservation. Today will be able to prepare the chard, two different recipe, both easy and understandable. And in the winter, cook the broth of potatoes, You will add the jar and you will hear at the table "Wow, summer soup! Where?!" or served with grilled chicken marinated stalks and again praise. And what else should a woman making the first steps in the kitchen... good Luck, dear.
Green masala
215 - 30м -
It's an Indian condiment, which is added to almost all hot dishes, soups, meat, fish, bhaji, try, in our family, no meal is complete without this seasoning
Is eaten this way
211 - 15м -
I want to introduce you to Zatar is one of the most popular spice blends in the middle East. Applying it very versatile.
Jusy salt
182 - - -
Gusi, he's a Tibetan bow. This magical grass which must be added to the Uighurs funchoza, lagman, soup "Mopar", but it will make your taste any dish. Get delicious dumplings, if you make a stuffing of finely chopped Gusa, grated pumpkin and sheep fat, no one can resist, even the most "humanity" foodie.
Emerald oil
165 - 10м -
I want to share my favorite and trusted recipe preserve the flavor and color of fresh herbs. It is sooo convenient, the recipe no salt and freeze nothing. In General, open the jar, and there..... summer!
Mushroom seasoning
157 - 15м -
This recipe spices I cook more than one year. As we live not very far from the forest and collect mushrooms every year. Because this overlay I have always one of the main kitchen assistants. It can be used in the preparation of all dishes (soups, sauces, potatoes in different forms, even in the stuffing, etc.).
Pasta, greens and young garlic
152 - 10м -
Something similar on the website, but I think my version also has a right to exist. Especially because it's different. For the pasta I use garlic not only arrows, but the young stems of garlic that are deteriorating rapidly during storage, fade and turn yellow.
Spicy dressing of greens for the winter
150 - - -
This seasoning I tried visiting neighbors in the cottage and was delighted! If the beds remained green very recommend to cook!
Sorrel canned
144 - 25м -
Homework for green soup.
Salty dill
143 - 15м 1
The green season has come and many probably some greens have already prepared: frozen, dried)) And I want to offer a recipe for harvesting dill recipe my dad. Of course this is not his recipe, but he often cooked fennel for the winter. This dill can be used for cooking first and second courses and for baking. Also, it's great for making homemade cream cheese and pickled cucumbers and garlic.
Greens for the winter
141 - 60м 40
I want to offer the option of freezing greens for the winter. To do this, use small bell pepper, parsley, dill, leustean (lovage). You can freeze any greens you like. I have this favorite set of greens for soup or borscht. It's very simple and fast. The proportions of greens are given approximately, can be adjusted to your taste and preferences. On the website I did not find such option, I decided to share, maybe someone will need.
Dill for future use
126 - 15м -
I use the dill as a seasoning for soups and second courses in the winter. Well always good not to buy in the store, and use products from your garden )))
Puree of sorrel
118 - 30м 10
Prepare tender sorrel puree with a creamy texture. With this sauce you can prepare the saturated green of the puree to cook on the basis of sorrel sauces and add it to pies. Prepare, you will not regret! The recipe is simple requires neither salt nor sugar.
Pickled beet tops
117 - 30м 3
Been collecting leftover beet trivia today together with tops. And freezer, as luck would have it scored, and throw just a pity the tops and cook from it - the fridge is full, decided to preserve, besides I read somewhere that you can thus save this useful piece of beet. In the soup.
Harvesting for vegetable broth
116 - 20м -
Cook good basic broth is simple, but very time consuming. Now you will mix, mind you, totally natural, to prepare the base broth for one minute. When you need broth, dissolve 2 tsp mix in 500 ml of hot water, or add in the broth. In this billet you can remove or add some vegetables to your taste and to vary the proportions.
Pesto garlic
113 - 20м 5
One of the ways you save are rich in vitamins garlic. This spring greens contains many necessary minerals that will strengthen the immune system of your family during the long autumn and winter months.
Sharp dressing for the winter
112 - - -
For those who like it hot.
Herbs in oil
111 - - -
Incredibly simple recipe for preserving dill, parsley, Basil and other herbs. And very easy to use - can be added to fresh salads, soups, sauces... And with boiled potatoes as delicious! In General, universal billet.
Drying herbs in the microwave
108 - - -
Brought me from the garden a huge bunch of dill. Freeze... already. Drier - perfect for me. Just saw this recipe...
Dressing for hot dishes for the winter
108 - 30м -
Probably all been in a situation when you have to cook first or second course, and there are no carrots or parsley... Then prepare yourself this zagotovok and forget about the lack of any vegetables for cooking. In our family, this stock is called the "dressing" but you call it as you prefer. Let's start...