Caviar recipes for Christmas

128 4.5 60м -
A tasty preparation for the winter, too, grandma recipe
Caviar mushroom
123 3 30м -
Very easy to prepare snack dish. Lean and diet. Also, it can be stored for future use and store in the fridge. Hope this works for the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Caviar-filling "Plum-squash"
119 - 120м 10
This stock can be used as a snack or add to soup, soup, vegetable soups. A good way to dispose of the plums and zucchini in one fell swoop!
Caviar squash
95 - - -
Very tasty eggs.
Adjika raw
94 5 35м -
Tasty who likes spicy, so will definitely like it.
Caviar carrot
86 - 90м 20
Among the few preparations for the winter that we do at home, takes pride of place carrot caviar. The recipe is significantly different from what is on the website. Preparation is simple, although the time required. Appetizer comes out moderately spicy, sour-sweet winter snack to the table – a sweet deal! To prepare it the best season of vegetables, when all – around, inexpensive and sang. Carrots can be rubbed on a fine grater instead of large, as we do, and with tomatoes to remove the skin. I do not, but if there is a desire – will not be worse.
Vegetable caviar
82 - 240м -
It was originally a caviar squash, but then I decided to make a vegetable, adding to the zucchini and onions other components. It turned out great. I'm sure will appeal to all who cook. Like any caviar, but this can also be used as an appetizer, a main dish or a Supplement to the second dish.
Gutters "Super"
79 4 240м 5
Favorite caviar to my husband. We tried it from our neighbors to the feast from the table ate 2 plates and with him we were given a jar so we went to them half a year for the holidays, until last year, I rolled up finally myself. Now I come to visit and go with bannocks of iarocci prescription. I hope You like it too.
Eggplant caviar
66 - - -
Delicious eggplant caviar!
Canned mushrooms no onions
61 - 60м 4
Things tried, many snacks eaten))) But especially our family Luba dishes of vegetables from the garden))) Now no longer his, but no less delicious! And since Golden autumn already on the wane, and the sun in the Bank and want to preserve for the winter, I suggest you to try to cook squash the eggs in our family recipe (I looked on the website and met like raisins). Significant changes in the no, but! attention! bow we do not add and thus all the ingredients are combined in a unique harmony and totally complement each other! I'm sure you will appreciate the taste of sweet, juicy, bright, inspirational caviar! Do not judge strictly is my first recipe on the site! But not in life))
Roasted eggplant caviar for the winter
59 - 90м -
This wonderful caviar did my grandmother. A very tasty recipe.