Caviar recipes for Lent

285 3 - 8
We all know eggplant caviar, zucchini, and this is from red pepper, the national Serbian cuisine. Since I lived in Montenegro for a long time and know the true taste of Ivar, my recipe can be trusted for it is fully consistent with. It can be spread on bread, use as an appetizer and as a sauce for side dishes. I don't know a single person who wouldn't like it.
Beet sauce
162 - 60м -
Adzhika always harvested very a lot different. This serves the second year and she's one of our favorites. Tasty, fast and useful.
Squash caviar "Zamorochena"
156 - 120м 6
Due to numerous requests spread recipe squash caviar, like that found on the website. In General, do not like such zamorochili recipes, something simpler would be. But caviar is very tasty. To say that just like the famous Soviet, I'm not, everything about your recipe, so they say. In the past year did three different variants of squash caviar. One of my family members rejected, a second kind of nothing, but the grandson was eating only this. And all of it very much. Children were asked to close at least a few cans that way. That will not do for their loved ones. Moreover, all your grew up in the country. Maybe someone would look? But a lot of fuss, it's true. From this quantity of products obtained 6-liter jars. I do once in 6 kg of zucchini in a huge tank. Of squash is also very tasty.
Zucchini for future use
143 - - -
Harvesting continues! I want to share with You the harvesting zucchini! It's the most versatile vegetable... it does not! Want it, want vari, want salt, want sakharine... Want to freeze or dry! I offer You three methods of procurement - squash eggs, dried zucchini rings, and several options for freezing. I cook eggs using a different technology than there are here on the website! For me, this way works best for others. See You! And about drying the zucchini, I learned here on the website... Accidentally coming across this post, but can't even remember among the recipes or tips! Publish very long time and it is unlikely that many have seen it. Let the original author will forgive me for the repetition (the name and the nickname I can't remember)... And not a lot about how I freeze zucchini. Take a look and perhaps gather for themselves something new.
Caviar zucchini "Motley"
133 - 180м -
Caviar vegetable very much, do not argue. I read a few recipes, look for ingredients - no such. I offer on Your court - caviar and zucchini no vinegar, and the Basil really refines the taste. Help yourself.
Caviar squash "Michurinsky" reduced
127 - - -
Found out I heard that delicious zucchini squash, production Michurinskiy plant... scoured the Internet... collected data... the ingredients... make sure to keep the whole area in search of roots... And here's the result)) Vinegar is not used.
Caviar zucchini "Spicy"
123 - - -
My version of squash pate with aromatic spice, herbs and your favorite soy sauce "Kikkoman".
Caviar mushroom
123 3 30м -
Very easy to prepare snack dish. Lean and diet. Also, it can be stored for future use and store in the fridge. Hope this works for the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Caviar-filling "Plum-squash"
119 - 120м 10
This stock can be used as a snack or add to soup, soup, vegetable soups. A good way to dispose of the plums and zucchini in one fell swoop!
Caviar "About the pub"
100 - 120м 4
This recipe I learned from mother-in-law. The first time she treated me, I thought it was canned mushrooms, but it turned out not...
Caviar of pepper
98 - 60м -
Original caviar of bell peppers. This year was preparing for the first time, and we all loved it. An interesting combination of flavors, perfect harmony pepper, honey and bacon.
Eggplant caviar
97 5 90м -
Big "+" of the calf that the eggplant is not necessary to fry. All other vegetables are added raw!
Caviar eggplant with pumpkin and Apple
94 - - -
Delicious eggplant caviar. For me, of course, a combination of pumpkin, eggplant and Apple charm, previously I was never able to try this caviar. To cook the eggs going in the oven, so it will not burn, will save time and effort (no need to stand at the stove and stir), is baked and very tasty. Be sure to sprinkle the eggs roasted walnuts and cilantro, very tasty, just impossible to put down! Caviar can be closed in a sterilized jar and enjoy it on cold winter evenings.
Vegetable caviar zucchini without frying
93 - 40м -
This year, the zucchini had been grown, and in large quantity. So I have overripe zucchini ( ( (. Recipes a lot and on the website I also found, but decided to share because it is without roasting and very nutritious for those who eat useful and healthy food ))). And as a plus, vegetables are already overripe ("custom design for more than t", so to speak ;) ), and I have carrots and zucchini in a more than Mature state )))
Beet-garlic caviar
90 - 120м -
Recipe of the calf I saw the video on the Internet during the fall of blanks, and I thank Elena for such a great option! Turned out very tasty and delicious caviar! On our website this recipe is not found, so I decided to share with you! Invite!
The simplest squash caviar
83 - 60м -
Always make several kinds of squash caviar. This recipe is the easiest: minimum of ingredients, no need to cut, fry. But caviar is obtained Oche delicious.
Zucchini squash
82 - 40м -
Of course, we need the marrow, they can be any shape selection
North adjika
81 - - -
Now is the season of cheap zucchini. Here's a recipe that winter will be a godsend. I have for dinner a jar of just leaving without a trace... just saw her... there were a Lot of requests to post this recipe. I'm sorry that he's no step-by-step, but there is so elementary simple that a kid could use it!
Caviar squash "Most"
80 - 150м 3
Dear girl, Hello! Here I finished my summer season and I want to share with you the secrets of multiple parts. You might say that on the website a million recipes for squash caviar. This advanced! Long, dealing with the blanks I have neither the desire nor the time, and most of the recipes are very troublesome – fry zucchini, carrots grate and fry..... Anyway, a few years ago, for fun, I cooked eggs with mayonnaise, was the most - taste, color, texture, BUT the presence of mayonnaise was still alarmed. First, it is not clear what his really doing, of course, you can prepare the mayonnaise itself, but (this second) the egg in the preset shelf is very confusing. And then I came up with a way to keep the taste, abandoning the mayonnaise.
Caviar mushroom natural
79 - 130м -
Natural - does not contain vegetables, a minimum of seasonings. Only the rich taste of fried onions and the aroma of wild mushrooms. Is used as a filling for pies and pancakes, on a sandwich and in a salad. And a fast day makes any meal, whether it's potatoes, cereal or pasta.
Squash caviar
79 - 360м -
Offer You a recipe of squash caviar, as we are preparing it at home. My mom makes the eggs in the oven, I'm in the oven and even in a slow cooker. The advantages of our caviar are the following: 1. Any vegetables not peregrevaetsya, all stewed-baked in the oven; 2. Vegetables finely cut, is cutting grinder; 3. All ingredients are first ground with a meat grinder, and then without your participation for a long time languishing in the oven; 4. The taste of the caviar well, very similar to purchased, original calf; 5. The eggs do not roll, but simply to make the frost and freeze. After defrosting, the taste and appearance of the caviar remains the same as before freezing. My mother, mostly, and preparing the caviar closer to winter and not rolls, but just makes a big pot into the cold. From this quantity of products out 5 liters a rolled calves.