Salads made of meat recipes

Salad "easy"
7k - 20м -
Ready in 20 minutes. The products almost always have in the fridge. Easy, fast and delicious.
Salad "Hu"
6k 3.5 30м 2
The salad is very simple, delicate, hearty, spicy, and I always cook for the holidays for a change!!!
Salad "paparats Kvetka"
5k 4 20м -
The salad is bright, tasty. Well-suited to pilaf.
Salad "Moo-Moo"
4k 5 60м 6
Dear Cooks, do not accuse me of plagiarism, this design is on the site, but of other products. And This design I found on another site and a recipe I made up to match the content and approached the New year of the Bull.
Salad "the Prague-2"
3.7k - 140м 4
Exquisite, unique taste of the language, the lack of mayonnaise, fresh vegetables - the success of this salad provided! With a holiday!!!
Salad "Kavkaz"
3k - - -
Pleasant in all respects meat salad. Hearty, but not heavy, flavorful, moderately spicy and very tasty. Help yourself!
Salad with funchoza and beef
2.9k - 20м 8
Salad with funchoza - amazing mix of Asian noodles from beans and traditional vegetables and meat.
Salad "Bachelor Party"
2.9k 3 - -
Salad "stole" from a restaurant, I don't know, I guess whether the ingredients, but very good. He firmly "settled" on the holiday table of our family. It is adored by men, as it cold with mustard!!!
Salad "gourmet"
2.9k - - -
Some salad recipes with soy sauce at first glance to be too simple. However, this impression is deceptive. For example, prepare this delicious and spicy salad.
Salad "Siberian"
2.8k 4 60м 8
High-calorie salad is prepared mainly in winter.
Salad "Furor"
2.4k - - -
Well, that brings me to the end of my HI... thank you all for your attention to my recipes! I would be glad if someone of you can use it. And finally I want to show you another delicious and elegant salad that is perfect for the holiday table.
Salad "fern Leaf"
2.4k - 20м 3
In the days of our youth was known for this salad. Hearty, not troublesome and beautiful. Along with a huge variety of novelties, he is one of the first disappears from the table. Who is familiar with it - I propose to recall, and who hears for the first time - prepare, it's worthy of Your attention.
Salad "Yaroslavl"
2.4k - 40м 6
The recipe for this salad, shared with me the wife of my brother. She, in turn, tried this salad in a cafe during a trip to Yaroslavl, hence the name. The salad is very tasty and healthy. I think it will also be interesting to those who follow the figure.
Salad "Baku meat"
2.4k 5 - -
Very tasty salad with minimal ingredients! Looks bright and festive! But it is not necessary to wait for the holiday to make! If You have in the fridge there is a piece of boiled beef and suddenly guests at the door, it will not be difficult to collect such a beautiful salad!
Salad "Pirate"
2.4k 3.5 - -
Very tasty salad from the "men". Lots of meat, pickled cucumber, pickled mushrooms and pickled onions - the favorite men's products. Great for snacks. I should note that "Pirate" love and women!
Salad "90 -90 -60 "
2.2k - - -
This salad was the first time I tried it I liked it so much that when he got home, I immediately prepared.
Salad "Husband"
2.2k 4 10м -
The name (I think) comes from the fact that this morning I want to feed something tasty and hearty husband, who was leaving for work. But there is not much to burden themselves favorite.
Salad "Louise"
2.2k - - -
Simple, delicious and hearty salad.
Salad "Imperial"
2.1k - 30м 6
The recipe for this salad brought from the cafe "Imperial". This is their signature salad. Very hearty, tasty and tender, we love it!!! Simple to prepare. Ham, cheese, cucumber, eggs, pepper, corn...
Chinese salad "Len JI"
2.1k 5 - -
Messing with this salad, of course, a lot, but the result justifies the cost. Very tasty and satisfying.
Salad "Vitaminka"
2.1k 4 20м -
Easy, festive salad