Salads made of meat recipes for New Year

Salad "Hu"
1.6k 3.5 30м 2
The salad is very simple, delicate, hearty, spicy, and I always cook for the holidays for a change!!!
Salad "Siberian"
0.8k 4 60м 8
High-calorie salad is prepared mainly in winter.
Salad "Bachelor Party"
0.6k 3 - -
Salad "stole" from a restaurant, I don't know, I guess whether the ingredients, but very good. He firmly "settled" on the holiday table of our family. It is adored by men, as it cold with mustard!!!
Salad "Mexico"
497 - 60м 10
Salad "Mexico" - a frequent guest at our holiday table. And taught me how to cook it to my sister, she's a respected administrator in the city of the restaurant)). It sister and was invented composition. Popular, easy to prepare, affordable products, very tasty salad. Cooks, share with you the recipe...
Salad "gourmet"
493 - - -
Some salad recipes with soy sauce at first glance to be too simple. However, this impression is deceptive. For example, prepare this delicious and spicy salad.
Salad "man's whim"
466 3 - -
Very tasty salad.
Tender veal salad with red PEC
411 3 30м 4
Very tasty salad.
Salad "Venice-1 "
403 3 - -
Simple all-season salad. Prepared simply and quickly, especially four hands (for example, when my daughter helps).
Salad "90 -90 -60 "
376 - - -
This salad was the first time I tried it I liked it so much that when he got home, I immediately prepared.
Salad "Ballerina"
373 4 80м 6
I had a salad with this name in the cafe, very much. Reproduced from memory as best I could. Hearty, tasty salad.
Salad "Grand"
361 - 7м 2
Very simple, interesting and tasty salad. Really helps when guests at the door. The recipe from the restaurant where we often order.
Salad "Pirate"
359 3.5 - -
Very tasty salad from the "men". Lots of meat, pickled cucumber, pickled mushrooms and pickled onions - the favorite men's products. Great for snacks. I should note that "Pirate" love and women!
Salad with beetroot sauce "Blanche"
356 - 90м 10
On my holiday table this salad is the cake always makes a splash. After trying it, many asking for the recipe. This salad is an alternative to long bored herring under a fur coat. Not the usual combination of herring and beef with other ingredients makes the taste of this salad unforgettable! This time I cooked it under a sauce Blanche. It was very tasty!
Salad with tongue "Amazing"
347 4 - -
This INSANELY tasty salad. Thought of it myself. Like all WITHOUT exception. You can also try this.
Salad-cocktail with tongue
343 5 30м 5
Very tasty and hearty salad
Salad "Robin's Nest"
340 - 30м -
All, there are times when doing cold cuts for the festive table, and deliberately leave pieces 100-150 grams on " then to finish off," and of course to them is not reached))) After all on the table so tasty! I suggest not to leave for later what you can eat today))) the Ingredients for this salad in addition to buy the junk they have in the fridge always. So get extra salad will decorate the holiday table.
Salad "Figaro" with the language
337 5 - -
Boiled tongue, fresh cabbage, cheese, spicy curry taste... slightly sweet notes.
Salad "coins"
332 - - -
People there is a belief that "If you throw a coin into the fountain, the person will definitely return to this place again". Let's You and I'll throw a coin in the fountain of taste, dip in which we want to prepare this salad again and again.
Salad "Christmas Tree and New year"
330 3 - -
A delicious layered salad with ham, cheese, mushrooms... and a lot more. Refuelling is also done on their own – in my opinion, is a nice alternative to the traditional mayonnaise, as is done in 1 minute. It was a truly festive salad. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Salad "fern Leaf"
329 - 20м 3
In the days of our youth was known for this salad. Hearty, not troublesome and beautiful. Along with a huge variety of novelties, he is one of the first disappears from the table. Who is familiar with it - I propose to recall, and who hears for the first time - prepare, it's worthy of Your attention.
317 5 80м 4
This salad I also tried it in a cafe, I like it so much that I tracked down in the Internet and now always cook (I understand those who are not indifferent to the dishes of languages). Delicious, hearty salad