Salads made of meat recipes for Easter

Salad "Grand"
358 - 7м 2
Very simple, interesting and tasty salad. Really helps when guests at the door. The recipe from the restaurant where we often order.
Salad with beetroot sauce "Blanche"
354 - 90м 10
On my holiday table this salad is the cake always makes a splash. After trying it, many asking for the recipe. This salad is an alternative to long bored herring under a fur coat. Not the usual combination of herring and beef with other ingredients makes the taste of this salad unforgettable! This time I cooked it under a sauce Blanche. It was very tasty!
Salad with tongue "Amazing"
343 4 - -
This INSANELY tasty salad. Thought of it myself. Like all WITHOUT exception. You can also try this.
Salad-cocktail with tongue
342 5 30м 5
Very tasty and hearty salad
Salad "Figaro" with the language
335 5 - -
Boiled tongue, fresh cabbage, cheese, spicy curry taste... slightly sweet notes.
Salad "coins"
330 - - -
People there is a belief that "If you throw a coin into the fountain, the person will definitely return to this place again". Let's You and I'll throw a coin in the fountain of taste, dip in which we want to prepare this salad again and again.
Salad "Eden"
327 - - -
A delicious and hearty meat salad. One of my favorite salads. As you know, meat is very fond of men. Advise women also do not neglect the meat, as it is very important to increase and maintain hemoglobin. The recipe I found in the magazine "Love to cook!" On the Internet it too, but on the "Cook" is not (I hope now).
316 5 80м 4
This salad I also tried it in a cafe, I like it so much that I tracked down in the Internet and now always cook (I understand those who are not indifferent to the dishes of languages). Delicious, hearty salad
Salad "Treason"
294 3 20м 8
When I asked, "Why treason?", it's very simple, my friend, after tasting the salad, I was very surprised unusual taste, but said, "the Only salad that I will change with Olivier!"
Salad "Tiger"
270 4 45м 6
A bright, hearty salad will decorate any holiday table (especially be relevant in the 2010 year of the Tiger). My impromptu.
Salad "Gori"
266 - 20м 6
The name of the salad is not Gorey, and Gorey :) What does it mean - did not know, but recently tried this salad in a Georgian restaurant "perfumes". Girls (thank Oksanochka ogiway, Light kritikessa) suggested that Gori is the oldest city in Georgia and is the birthplace of Stalin, and even the hill in Georgia! "Dismantled" the salad components in a bowl and hasten to share with you! Shall we?!
Salad "Anfisa"
249 4 50м 6
Had long been preparing this salad, a favorite of my husband. Very satisfying!
Salad "the First snow"
246 5 - 6
Another recipe for lovers of layered salads. Treat yourself and your loved ones!
The Salad "Island"
238 - 30м 6
"From the Arctic to the Antarctic People all the world are gone. And only the island Romantics not On the cards dealt. But it exists, notice me, and There is the moon and the mountains, But there is not a single sceptic And no arguer. No whisper of the inhabitants, Neither boredom nor longing. Live there alone and dreamers, Lovers and eccentrics... "
Salad "Penelope"
230 - 80м 3
A very hearty salad of beef liver, carrots, radish, pickled cucumbers, canned peas, pickled slippery jacks!!!
219 - 20м 5
This simple and at the same time, a delicious salad is prepared in our family for many years. The recipe was taken from a great cookbook, a gift from my husband. I think the beef salad have much taste.
Salad with ham, pear and avocado
216 - 30м -
Brought once again the son of hamonica and I decided to offer you one of our favorite salads with "participation" ham.
192 5 20м 6
This salad will not leave anyone indifferent... Once made what was, for a long time now and love it. Called the number of components.
Salad "Olivier," new
179 5 - -
All the famous salad in the new version. Something very much I miss the good old salad and decided a little redecorating - a La Charlotte. Soon the New year and maybe some idea will come in handy.
Salad "Beef with a twist"
164 - 300м 12
Despite his not quite presentable, this salad is very tasty, a bit unusual and very hearty! When I have the mood and time, I'm happy to indulge them their friends! I hope that this salad will love!
Salad with tongue "new year"
161 - 30м 8
Of course, now is not the time for the new year, but under this name in our family caught this delicious salad.