Canned fruits recipes

Dried caramelized garlic drain shelf
1.3k - - -
Accidentally stumbled upon this recipe online and couldn't pass by, the benefit of now draining the sea and I love to experiment. Compared with sun-dried tomatoes, plums are cooked much faster, and the taste, perhaps, win. For the recipe thank the author - Valery Yatsenko.
Tomato candy
0.7k - - -
This will allow for say, one of the options billet any many sun-dried tomatoes. Since it is not always possible to buy thin-skinned tomatoes, often after the dryer turned out not udobovarimogo the skin. I decided to do differently, the way I liked, I offer it to you.
Horseradish with apples meat
0.6k 5 - -
Excellent, sobering taste buds addition to meats. This horseradish is particularly good with pork.
Canned fruit in a pot "Winter rumtopf"
0.5k - - -
Rumtopf (it. Rumtopf) - literally means rum pot. This dish of German cuisine, which is a fruits and berries in sweet syrup with rum. According to tradition, to prepare rumtopf begin in the summer, when strawberries ripen first. In a deep pot pour the rum, put the berries, cover with sugar, mix and wait until the next ripe berry. As the ripening of berries and fruits - put them in a pot, adding the rum and sugar. The composition of rumtopf not clearly regulated - there are strawberries, and currants, and plums, and apples, and cherries, and pears - in General anything that grows in your garden. When the summer is over, and the pot will be filled to the top of the berry-fruit platter - take it away in a cool place for two months. In the process of maturation of rumtopf, fruits and berries secrete a juice, the sugar dissolves, the fruit juice is mixed with sugar and rum... my God, how can withstand two months???
Apricots in caramel-ginger syrup
0.5k - 60м -
Offer the option of preservation for the winter piece of the summer. Bright as the sun amazing apricots in syrup. Initially it was just the ginger syrup, but with sugar cane from the company Mistral syrup was caramelized, giving this billet more taste and interest.
Zucchini "uncle Bens"
0.5k 3 120м 25
Great vegetable preparation for the winter, which diversifies your table and will please friends spicy taste.
Fried mushrooms for the winter
482 - - -
How in the winter you want the fried potatoes with mushrooms. Of course, you can fry with oyster mushrooms or mushrooms. But they do not have that unique aroma, like wild mushrooms. So every year I make a billet for the winter and use it for more than 20 years.
Tomatoes "Summer"
481 - 80м 4
Delicious marinated tomatoes. I highly recommend to try.
Sun-dried tomatoes and pepper in the electric dryer
479 - - -
Not a bad billet. Winter will definitely come in handy. Those in oil are perfect for pizza, boutiques, knaperek, salads. Freezing – pot roast, Laghman, plov, and many hot dishes. Dryer I have the most budget – Zelmer, so I give the layout to her. Of course on the website there are similar recipes, but maybe this will come in handy... at least someone is...
Spicy aubergines
463 4 - -
The perfect snack. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Cherry in alcohol
446 - - -
Recipe from the cover of the book ; -). Very tasty, even useful. Super good with cherries, sloes and Aronia (berries raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and so on. not to worry, not so tasty). Magic drink (of alcohol in the drink is not audible at all - maybe it is not there), cherry alcohol - great for cakes, cupcakes, desserts
Watermelon "Bank"
445 - - -
Favorite watermelons my husband says: "Only so would their and ate... "
438 - - -
Hi all. Continuing the theme of classical Russian pieces. The pickled apples I think is one of the first places in a large variety. Most often, urinating use apples "kind", but you can try other hard varieties. It's simple, but will take time. But the result is worth it.
Tomato home easy
419 - 360м -
A favorite recipe of tomato paste. For more than 10 years cook it just so) When he wanted to roll the pasta for the first time - got the recipe from grandma, and then onions, and carrots, and greens... Decided to simplify, because it was very limited in time. Since then, and cook. I like it for the simplicity, taste and a minimum of products required for its preparation. I always try to take different varieties of tomato: a little bit of Volgograd and michurinka, a little cream and bulk of the pink - my favorite) From such a composition, the pasta is rich, moderately sweet and with a pleasant acidity.
The pickled apples "Home"
419 - 30м 10
Soaking fruits and vegetables has long been used when were available sterilization. They have acquired an unusual taste that is somewhere between canned and fresh fruits. Converted into lactic acid, which acts as a preservative. Stored workpiece pickled apples recipe in a cool place, ideally in the cellar. To prepare the pickled apples under any force, it is not difficult.
Fruity marinade "Cuts"
417 3 50м -
Who says he doesn't know what to do with plums? For this there is a lot of shtukentsii! For example the jam. I myself am not fond of sweets, therefore werenew and jams I have. But the pickled fruit is. Highly recommended under "fair". Share their experience.
Olives in Ukrainian
409 - - -
This dogwood pickled. Unusual (in my opinion) the use of such useful berries like dogwood. The taste is really very similar to olives.
Pickled plum "Jean-Paul Miser"
408 - 180м -
One day I came across a cooking book, which talked about marinades and pickles. There I came across a recipe for pickled plums, odd and a little clumsy. Owner was successfully forgotten somewhere on a shelf for years, but once in France I was able to try and taste this dish from all sides. These pickled plum comes from the heart of Provence. But believe me, even not French plums will turn out very much even anything.
The pickles, "grandma's recipe"
407 - - -
The recipe is time-tested! Simply divine, crunchy pickles!
Cucumbers and tomatoes "preparation for the winter"
406 5 120м -
Long harvested cucumbers and tomatoes for future use in the winter, but 2 years ago I discovered a new to me seasoning - mustard beans. Add to the jar, and the cucumbers crunchy and the tomatoes have a special taste. And the recipe is simple!
Tomato dressing "Chutney"
395 - - -
My blanks are completed without this famous Bulgarian sauce. In the winter it is my lifesaver – I added Basil and guests are not ashamed of pasta served. As pizza sauce on the dough. Fragrant dressing for borscht and other soups. Filling bean salads, etc. etc. But who ever cooked the chutney, knows what a naughty girl - go ovari it to the desired consistency, without losing the taste and don't burn the bottom of the pan. Yay! I've got a way! Boil down we will have nothing, thus enormously saving time, and even vitamins and smells save.