Canned fruits recipes

Tomato candy
374 - - -
This will allow for say, one of the options billet any many sun-dried tomatoes. Since it is not always possible to buy thin-skinned tomatoes, often after the dryer turned out not udobovarimogo the skin. I decided to do differently, the way I liked, I offer it to you.
Dried caramelized garlic drain shelf
245 - - -
Accidentally stumbled upon this recipe online and couldn't pass by, the benefit of now draining the sea and I love to experiment. Compared with sun-dried tomatoes, plums are cooked much faster, and the taste, perhaps, win. For the recipe thank the author - Valery Yatsenko.
Spicy aubergines
177 4 - -
The perfect snack. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Fruity marinade "Cuts"
151 3 50м -
Who says he doesn't know what to do with plums? For this there is a lot of shtukentsii! For example the jam. I myself am not fond of sweets, therefore werenew and jams I have. But the pickled fruit is. Highly recommended under "fair". Share their experience.
Zucchini "uncle Bens"
150 3 120м 25
Great vegetable preparation for the winter, which diversifies your table and will please friends spicy taste.
Canned tomatoes "Fruity"
147 - 60м 5
Make this preservation in autumn, when the garden is ripening plums and apples! Now they have another really "know"!!! But decided to share with you, because in other geographical latitudes of the drain is good and apples too, and some of you probably already have disappeared (plum)! Might be useful to someone else my billet!!! Tab products is given in 3-liter jar! But this is roughly how they will stack! And have the opportunity to put more tomatoes or plums, apples!!! While the brine is designed for 1 l of water!!! Roll up at least one small jar! And everyone will find something to his liking: one - tomatoes, another delicious piece of fruit!:)
Pickled plum "Jean-Paul Miser"
146 - 180м -
One day I came across a cooking book, which talked about marinades and pickles. There I came across a recipe for pickled plums, odd and a little clumsy. Owner was successfully forgotten somewhere on a shelf for years, but once in France I was able to try and taste this dish from all sides. These pickled plum comes from the heart of Provence. But believe me, even not French plums will turn out very much even anything.
140 - - -
Hi all. Continuing the theme of classical Russian pieces. The pickled apples I think is one of the first places in a large variety. Most often, urinating use apples "kind", but you can try other hard varieties. It's simple, but will take time. But the result is worth it.
Horseradish with apples meat
139 5 - -
Excellent, sobering taste buds addition to meats. This horseradish is particularly good with pork.
Olives in Ukrainian
136 - - -
This dogwood pickled. Unusual (in my opinion) the use of such useful berries like dogwood. The taste is really very similar to olives.
Sun-dried tomatoes in Tuscan
133 - 4м 6
This is a very tasty sun-dried tomatoes on the famous Italian recipe, I want to share. Hope you like it.
Preserving the red mountain ash
128 - 60м -
Here for years in canning, I use a red mountain ash, growing near the house. Recipes are tested, I can safely put on Your court. About the benefits of ash to remind not worth it, very vitamin berry.
Cucumbers and tomatoes "preparation for the winter"
128 5 120м -
Long harvested cucumbers and tomatoes for future use in the winter, but 2 years ago I discovered a new to me seasoning - mustard beans. Add to the jar, and the cucumbers crunchy and the tomatoes have a special taste. And the recipe is simple!
Tomatoes "yum"
124 5 60м 6
Canned tomatoes with vegetable oil
Spicy cherry tomatoes in tomato juice
122 - - -
Recently we had a hailstorm with a grape, broke all the tomatoes in the garden (planted about 300 bushes, bushes plus 50 cherry). All my herbs, cucumber, even apples. That could have collected in store. A little bit, but still. It is unfortunate that this year our family without the harvest. For billet I used my assistant juicer –Scarlet which is already 10 years old. Very delicious preparation, simply yum. On the website there are options, and I think my come in handy!
Sorrel in the winter
119 3 10м 1
In winter, it remains only to open the jar and add it to the saucepan. "green" soup is ready!!!
Salted lemons Moroccan
119 - 65м -
Hi all. Salted lemon is very common in the cuisine of the Maghreb countries. Funny thing it turns out. Many just eat them cold vodka and very satisfied)). Everything is simple, most importantly you need good lemons.
Pickled plum-blackthorn
115 - - -
We have in the garden plum-thorn. Jam out this plum makes a delicious, sour, sauce - also excellent! Googled new pieces for this plum and I found this recipe in which the main marinade - with the addition of the marinade from cooking Korean carrot! In September making this recipe, and all the summer-autumn, was postponed and now is the time! Yes, along with plum are ready tried a photo in front of you!
Marinated watermelon with citric acid
112 4 120м -
Sometimes when buying watermelon is completely tasteless and then this recipe will turn tasteless watermelon in a gentle and sweet, closing this recipe about 15 years, and I hope you enjoy. Without sterilization! For photos thanks scullion Vishnja.
Pickled lemons with lavender
111 - - -
I met several times in magazines and on the Internet pickled lemons. And then Nastia saw a variant with lavender. I'm very interested in the recipe. Such lemons will be a wonderful addition to salads, pasta, main dishes. You can use them in marinades for meat and fish.
Apples "Youth"
111 3.5 - -
Features of national procurement. It began with the fact that once the visit to Ukraine had a chance to try pickled apples with Lukyanovka - and before that, it was a fabulous taste (well, a Royal dish!), indescribable how delicious it is! honey, liquid! Yes, longing so stuck, so these apples were like... But the fact that here in exile about this not even heard - it is clear... until the longing for those apples was stuck, I decided, overcoming all difficulties and obstacles, for the first time fermenting their most... Well, there were not many difficulties, and so a trifle: Yes barrel to get a haystack to find... In General, was just all...