Tomatoes recipes

Tomatoes in the vegetable filling for the winter
270 - 120м -
When I got this recipe long doubted - but whether it will turn out, and suddenly pluck. But when decided, the result exceeded all expectations. Everyone who tried it, necessarily demanded the recipe. Try it and you!
Marinated tomatoes with peppers
233 3 - -
Juicy tomatoes with a flavor of pepper.
Tomatoes "Sexy"
189 - - -
This recipe is so simple that shoulder, even a novice cook. Tomatoes these Skorospelka, if they are cooking at evening, at morning we can eat. And it is stored for a long time.
Tomato hedgehogs for the winter
171 - - -
Autumn with its weather subtly hints-winter is coming... But to think about it once, it is necessary to replenish their coffers. Winter long, all discovery will be. Here came across an interesting recipe tomatoes. Decided to share with you. Suddenly, who have not yet decided what tomatoes roll? I have these tomatoes more underwater mines resemble... But the author "hedgehogs" so be it. The recipe from the newspaper "My family".
Tomatoes "tasteless"
152 - 120м -
The recipe for these tomatoes were my favorite mother-in-law. I just love them. They fully justify its name. It's a recipe, get delicious tomatoes. This is the first recipe that I put on "the Cook", I hope Slippers are not bombarded... hee-Hee-hee...
147 - - -
For my husband it is the most delicious recipe: the tomatoes and the brine is above all praise. Twist different ways (well, I get bored with one way, you want diversity), but these tomatoes under special control of the spouse. The recipe comes from old Newspapers "kitchen". Alas the author's name is not specified, only Seversk, Tomsk region. Thank you unknown author!!!
Tomatoes "Krasnodar"
140 - 40м 3
Very tasty, fragrant, super-vitamin tomatoes for the winter! Try it, you will love it!
Canned... fresh tomatoes
140 3 - -
Such billets I do when autumn ends, and with it the real tomatoes. And to prolong the pleasure (not from the greenhouse!), do such blanks. And tomatoes can also be done, prices are rising, and not always "cherry" - real, often the greenhouse, so they still have to search. Try it - it's not difficult, but the result will delight you and your guests!
Tomatoes with aspirin
138 4 - -
The most delicious canned tomatoes!!! The recipe for my father-in-law. In our city - is the most common variant of preservation of tomatoes. The rassolka in them stunned how delicious!
Marinated tomatoes in Georgian
136 - 30м 20
This recipe my husband brought home from work from the employee, he really liked these tomatoes. Then I estimated, maybe you will like it)
Green tomatoes "Flower"
136 - - -
Here are the delicious tomatoes I rolled today for the winter. Try it and You!!!
Tomatoes "Cheremushka fragrant"
131 - - -
Tomatoes turn out so fragrant and sweet that I couldn't not share! If not this year (because many have already made up" stock "for the winter), the next season, blanks must try!
Tomatoes in jelly
130 - - -
A simple dish, suitable for a snack.
Tomatoes slices in jelly
128 3 120м 4
Tomatoes so delicious that it is impossible to put down.
Canned tomatoes "quickie"
126 - - -
Good day, dear cooks! Please do not throw Slippers. I want to share with You his signature recipe, for 20 years already doing the tomatoes just so. Tomatoes make a very tasty, moderately sweet and sour-salty. I would be glad if someone will be useful to my recipe for.
"Drunk" tomatoes
121 4 30м 6
The best harvesting of tomatoes I've tasted! Recommend!
Tomato rings
119 5 40м 2
Amazing blank!
Pickled peppers
118 - 180м 3
For this recipe I close my peppers every year. It can be eaten for a snack, add to borscht, soups and other dishes. Pepper makes a delicious, moderately salty, tender.
Tomatoes in sweet and sour filling
118 4 - -
Very tasty tomatoes and pickle.
Tomatoes in own juice
116 5 - -
So I harvested tomatoes for pizzas and different sauces.
Canned tomatoes
116 5 - -
Tomatoes are tasty, aromatic brine, you can just drink. And it can make a very tasty lean dough.