Cured meats recipes

Salted brisket
238 5 - -
Tried different salt, but this recipe is very good. So in the village with my friend's salted fat.
Duck confit
207 - - -
Confit de canard - a classic French dessert. Basically, confit is the oldest method of preserving meat products. Thanks to fat, these dishes can be stored for months. But not in the merit of this dish. To his credit on the palate and its versatility. If you love duck, and if you ever tried this rustic stew - you will understand me. So, confit is a real stew. French grandmother making this dish from generation to generation, and to this day duck confit - this is a real "brand" of France, the delicacy and the love of millions of people around the world.
187 - 16м 16
Well, my little lovers of sweets.. let me introduce.. my first time, so if you have criticism to voice.
Stew of birds
179 3 240м -
Came to my friend with a modest proposal to prepare a few jars of stew. I insisted that it is better to buy at the store! On what received the answer: "No. Now the stew is prepared mainly from the veins, soybeans, and flavor enhancers... " And then I remembered that one time, at the village courtyard, my grandmother, was a flock of ducks, which to my feed and turned into a beautiful tostock. It remained only to find the prescription in their records...
173 3 10м 10
The original recipe Alena begemotik64 (LJ)
Fat false-smoked
162 4 50м -
A very suitable recipe for those who have no smokehouse.
Canned "Rice porridge with pork"
155 - - -
Very tasty, hearty cereal. Recipe for autoclave, placing products in 0.5 l jar.
151 5 - -
It is known that in Ukraine since time immemorial like bacon, even in jest called vitamin C. Yes, in Russia it has always enjoyed great popularity. Today it is scientifically confirmed that fat is a useful product, it nourishes, it heals. Know a dozen ways of salting fat, are more likely to use the proposed simple and reliable.
The fat in the Bank
137 - - -
Recipe for those who have a small farm, or father in the village boar had stopped, and the Goodies you gave. And you can purchase on the market and don't know what bacon is doing :-))))))))
Salty bacon at home
133 - - -
Salt fat at home.
Harvesting of meat "Eurma"
133 5 60м -
The Arabs do not canned meat, and prepare the minced meat or small pieces of meat, filling them with fat. Very tasty. With this stuffing very tasty scrambled eggs and beans, and other vegetables. The samosas are also very tasty from army.
Canned goose meat
133 5 - -
Preparation for the winter.
The stuffing in the autoclave
130 - 120м -
This version of beef was prompted by the mother-in-law of my sister. The stuffing is ready to use. I use it in pasta, yeast cakes, kruglanski (my recipe on site)
Salty bacon
128 - 10м -
My husband baldeet from salty salsa!
Pudding in a jar
126 - - -
By happy coincidence, I became the owner of 2 l of blood of swine. Large intestine was not, and slim for such sausage is not good, torn. So I decided to roll up in banks. Yet, you see, before winter you will live. If it was just a sausage, it would have been dead by the evening... with my Gypsies! Invited to the tasting! Suddenly someone lucky like me...
Basturma of beef
126 5 - -
My husband and I really love the pastrami, it and with beer at us is good, and coffee, and so easy to chew... Well, it was too expensive pleasure, if you buy in the supermarket. Without thinking, digging in the Internet, looking at recipes on our website (by the way, very decent recipes), my husband and I decided to pickle the meat. And I want to say that it turned out very nice. Treated their friends: so they don't immediately believe that it is a domestic jerked meat. And the fact that it is organic and without preservatives, there's nothing to say. In General, try and you will never regret.
Snack of beans and pork head canned
125 - - -
Cheap, tasty, filling and helps with the arrival of unexpected guests.
Stew of pork with barberry
124 - - -
Fragrant, tender and delicious stew is perfect for any garnish and will help you out if suddenly came to the unexpected guests. Help yourself, my dear!
Homemade stew in the sleeve
122 - 190м 8
I suggest you try my version of a homemade stew - in the sleeve for baking. Nothing to cook with, your participation in the preparation is 5 minutes. And then it will do everything for you oven. Kept this stew for up to 4 days in the refrigerator. Want to conserve - please. It really goes well with pasta, boiled potatoes. Try it!)
Stew meat "should."
120 4 - -
Stew this doing since Soviet times (tady know how it was? get, seize more "Pro stock" and how to store? Uh-uh, no, frozen foods were not, and there was a tiny freezer in the refrigerator, which included 1 chicken... am I already so old, ugh!). So we were forced to come up with any kind of "necessity is the mother of invention!" Broke banks only 1 time - the chicken from the bones are not separated, but it is combustible tears flowed... And good luck
Stew of duck
119 - - -
Yummy... try it!!!