Pasties recipes

Summer pasties with djusai
5k 5 40м 10
Jusei - herbaceous plant, having properties of onions and garlic, is very useful, contains vitamin C. the season jusa and we love to cook different dishes from this remarkable plant. One of these dishes-pasties from djusai. I offer my version of cooking.
Pasties with cheese and spinach
1.6k - 60м 10
Very tasty and juicy chebureks of choux pastry with cream cheese and baby spinach. The perfect dough recipe and delicious bubbles on the pasties you will find in this recipe!
Pasties with djusai and garlic
1.2k 3 - -
In fact, I hesitated to post this recipe, because the topic of pasties quite jaded on our website. But continuing communication with the "Cook" for quite some time, I have never seen such pasties, even though this recipe will not change for many years, our family has regarded these pasties. Guess that's Dungan kitchen because gusai also called "Dungan garlic", and it is very common in Dungan cuisine. Now, when just a season jusa and young garlic, I suggest to try the pasties with them. I'm sure my version will appeal to all lovers of pasties.
Pasties crispy "effortless"
1.1k - 50м 4
Crispy and juicy pasties, which will not leave you indifferent! The main interest of this recipe is that the dough is made with a fork! Which greatly simplifies the process of cooking! Your pens will visit quite a bit in the flour just at the time of rolling. For this recipe the pasties are prepared very easy and crunchy on the outside and very juicy on the inside! And when roasting immediately after blinded (before freeze) - pasties prepared very quickly! From this quantity of ingredients makes 16 pasties.
Pasties with jam
1.1k 4 30м 5
Gentle dough and a sweet filling.
Pasties "USSR"
1k - - -
Want to share your recipe for the pasties, or rather not his, but Gostowski, in my performance. I long to it went. And with the test and experimented with the proportions of the toppings were played, came out tasty, but not that. It was like "the", Soviet. Because they taste the best, for me at least. They are always filling balanced, be sure to present a delicious broth and the dough is of the right taste and the right "resinously". According to this I have long stopped searching and stopped on rostovskom the recipe, it's perfect for me. This recipe is very simple, even primitive, it turns out always at all the first time, has an excellent taste. Even if you have never made pasties, this recipe they have you 100% will succeed.
1k - - -
Afar with cheese and green onions.
"The sun"
1k - 40м 6
Left the dough on pasties? You can just fry the cakes or make such here "the sun". Invented a new way of zasypki test, and maybe it already exists but I have not seen. )))
Crimean pasties
0.9k - - 21
Crispy, browned, succulent pasties with minced meat, vegetables, cheese and another exclusive filling from Karim chef Crimean cheburek
0.9k 3.5 - -
Crispy bubbly batter and juicy flavorful meat - what else is needed for lovers of pasties!
0.9k 5 - 60
Crisp, juicy, awesome.
0.9k 4.5 - -
Great alternative to pasties! One of my favorite recipes from the past 10 years.
Homemade pasties
0.9k 4 40м 10
Delicious pasties at home
Pasties on the yogurt or kefir
0.8k - - -
Hi everyone, I want to share with you the recipe "Pasties on the yogurt or kefir"! The recipe I learned from my grandma! She always told me: if you want juicy and not solid beef or mutton, add in pasties yogurt or kefir! Pasties will be juicy, the meat is soft, and the dough the next day, not getting wood! I add yogurt and meat and dough! Pasties on the website very much (but not found), maybe my version will be useful to someone! Try it, you will not regret!
Pasties with minced meat and djusai
0.8k - - -
Offer to try to cook pasties with minced meat, which added Gusi. The dough is mineral water with gas, without eggs. Very stretchy and pleasant to work with, delicious after baking.
Pasties from curd test
0.8k - - -
I want to share with You, dear cooks, his signature recipe of pasties. Please do not throw the sneakers. Recipes for pasties much, but have not found. I would be glad if someone this recipe will enjoy it and will become the most-favorite. Pasties turn out tender, soft, layered. Help yourself!
Crimean pasties
0.8k - - -
Delicious, delicious pasties. The dough turns out very tender and crispy.
0.8k 4 - -
Rather than buying a Taco, you can make them very much)))
0.8k - 60м -
Very tasty pasties! Found a lot of recipes, but I still want to share my. Cook them easily, quickly, and the taste is wonderful! I represent to your attention its signature pasties!!!
0.7k 4 30м 6
prepared quickly
Pasties round waffles
0.7k - 20м -
This is my first recipe on the "Cook". For sure this recipe is not found, I hope, will not happen again. All very quick, easy and delicious.