Pancakes recipes

Thin pancakes on kefir
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The recipe was reading in a cooking magazine and decided to share with you. even with these pancakes need to Tinker, but, in my opinion, they deserve it!
Fishnet pancakes
0.9k - 30м 10
Twenty years ago, I went to Novosibirsk to son in the army on oath. Had dinner at some restaurant and there I had to try these pancakes. The filling was lettuce. Returned home with a new recipe and different fillings make. Like meat with rice and onions, and even broccoli with apples, grated into strips.
Pancakes for children's yogurt "mixture"
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I have accumulated a lot of children's yogurt "mixture", which I get at the dairy kitchen. My son doesn't drink it much, but the pancakes baked from eating it just like that! So I suggest you apacite your kid pancakes on the yogurt. You will see how he would happily and hungrily eat them. And the mother joy and the baby fed. The pancakes turn out tender, soft and delicious. My family all love them.
Pancakes on culese grandma recipe
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And the pancakes my grandmother was notable: a smooth, yellow, aromatic, smooth surface and lots of holes... Everyone who tried it was delighted... And she shyly said: "Yeah, well it Kulesza"... for a Long time I was looking for grandma's recipe, finally found it... Cooking them in the evening, in the morning for Breakfast baking. I slightly adapted the technology of cooking, leaving the same ingredients. Try!!!
Thin pancakes on kefir
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Milk always make thin pancakes, but yogurt often only pancakes. There is a little secret, pour in the batter boiling water!
Pancakes on the water
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Pancakes on the water - pretty simple dish. Pancakes are obtained thin, elastic, and can serve as a good "basis" for stuffing (filling for pancakes can be very diverse: meat, cheese, boiled condensed milk, etc.). Most interestingly, these pancakes (if you treat them right) are not inferior in taste to the pancakes on milk.
Diet oatmeal pancakes
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These pancakes are light and contain far fewer calories than usual. The filling can be anything low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, boiled chicken and mushrooms or something else to your taste.
Thin pancakes with milk
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This recipe is very tasty and thin pancakes with milk. The recipe is unusual and has a 100% success. You will forget what "the first pancake - lumpy". The uniqueness of this recipe is that you have to whip the whites separately before adding them to the dough, due to this the taste of pancakes is just gorgeous!!!
Pancakes on milk
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The recipe for a delicious thin pancakes with milk. To prepare pancakes easy, I have the most common traditional recipe for pancakes. Which baked by my beloved mother for our family, she loves to cook the pancake batter it in fresh milk. No more recipes she does not recognize. And in fact, these pancakes are, in my opinion, is the most popular. Because these pancakes can be eaten with jam or sour cream. Also they can be cooked with any stuffing. Kids love sweet toppings, cheese toppings, fruit. As well especially our men like meat and can do a variety of meat toppings.
Chocolate osamabin with a banana
494 - 15м 1
Today I will tell you how to cook chocolate osamabin with a banana. This is a very tasty, quick and healthy Breakfast of oatmeal. The taste of this oatmeal pancake can be changed every day, you can add berries and fruits. This oatmeal pancake, you can do sweet: remove cocoa and add cheese, ham or herbs.
Pancakes with tuna
489 - 40м 2
Pancakes and milk with a filling of tuna, cheese, chili and green onions.
479 - 60м 6
For me it's pancakes, pancakes from my childhood. Dad always brought them a treat from the homeland – of the Ryazan region. He told me how to cook them, and stressed that it is not... pancakes!, and karawaci!
Pancakes are ordinary, or "Mix the flour, eggs and milk... "
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And again 1816. The kitchen can be represented by films, especially French, because in those days it was the fashion in all French, spoke French, dressed in French, eat in French, even lordly manor was arranged in the style of French palaces. But in the midst of this supposedly external splendor, was preserved native Russian traditions, including the art of cooking. And one of the main traditions of Russian cuisine was CREPES. Pancake recipes - a great many, but they all came from the same basic recipe - the most SIMPLE PANCAKES. The ideology of food by William V. Pokhlebkin (Mikhailov)... cooking is a craft and art exclusively by hand and require compositional thinking. It is impossible to get back in the kitchen for 100 -200 years ago – the whole environment is different. But to remain faithful to the national cuisine is necessary if you want to keep the nationality. Important in the national cuisine not recipes, rules and methods of cooking. The fall of food culture, primarily due to laziness: striving to take the finished. Delicious and the right to live, consuming our daily bread, as if incidentally, will not work. For what is life if not a process of consumption of products.
Pancakes with amaranth flour
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Always wanted to buy amaranth flour, but all to it somehow did not reach. The point of my dreams put pancake week))) purchased Flour (do not consider for advertising) remained the only recipe for pancakes to find that not was easy, and the recipe for pancakes was honestly "stolen" chef "delikatesy". And then, almost with precision, played by me. Pancakes very much, so I decided to share with the cooks. Moreover, these pancakes don't have to cook on pancake day, they are ideal, for example, and just for dinner.
Pancakes with peas
448 - 100м 10
This dish make for a very long time. My love. When used to cook - they all ate, now daughter sad sighs when the table pancakes, and she's on the disco. Garlic after all... And you eat the whole family, then the smell will not interfere with anybody :-)
Pancakes in a bottle
421 - 30м 8
Pancakes in a bottle!... Usually I have a hard time setting yourself up for pancakes, but here's an interesting idea from the Internet (Quotations Company. Many thanks to the Author!) now firmly take root in my kitchen! Very practical, because having the dough in the bottle, you can put it in the fridge and pancakes as needed! *I clarify - on the advice of the cook, 5th grade - not necessarily to cook all the dough at once, put the bottle with the dough in the fridge and in the morning I prepare delicious hot pancakes!... some days the dough is, of course, not to keep...
Buckwheat pancakes with eggplant
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Dear friends! Today we have pancakes on buckwheat flour with roasted eggplant. They are prepared quickly, out very flavorful and delicious.
Pancakes "the little cherry"
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I congratulate all with the beginning of carnival, and like to treat you to pancakes!
Buckwheat pancakes with meat
382 - 90м 4
Buckwheat... To my shame, I've never tried buckwheat pancakes. But in vain! Invite you to taste this wonderful dish and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing taste of all our favorite pancakes, stuffed with meat with aromatic herbs, baked under a cheese crust. Please come to the table...
Pancakes on yeast
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Offer a recipe for great pancakes sourdough. Prepare very simple, it. Baking of sourdough, you have to refresh the starter. So for the rest of the leaven of the offer apply for the benefit. You will be able to make waffles out of this test. Of course, if there is a waffle iron. Pancakes are delicious, soft and very beautiful. Fry in a bare frying pan, without adding oil.
Pancakes "coke"
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Once I came up with the idea to make pancakes for "Coca Cola". Tried it and was satisfied. The pancakes had a characteristic flavor and smell of the drink.