Pancakes recipes

Fishnet pancakes
1.7k - 30м 10
Twenty years ago, I went to Novosibirsk to son in the army on oath. Had dinner at some restaurant and there I had to try these pancakes. The filling was lettuce. Returned home with a new recipe and different fillings make. Like meat with rice and onions, and even broccoli with apples, grated into strips.
Thin pancakes on kefir
1.4k - - -
The recipe was reading in a cooking magazine and decided to share with you. even with these pancakes need to Tinker, but, in my opinion, they deserve it!
1.4k - 60м 6
For me it's pancakes, pancakes from my childhood. Dad always brought them a treat from the homeland – of the Ryazan region. He told me how to cook them, and stressed that it is not... pancakes!, and karawaci!
Pancake rosettes crepe
1.4k - 15м -
Pancake roses or as they call it, crepes ( crepes di rose) - a beautiful way of serving pancakes. The dough is thin and the rose crepe is small. Filling any.
Pancakes on culese grandma recipe
1.3k - - 12
And the pancakes my grandmother was notable: a smooth, yellow, aromatic, smooth surface and lots of holes... Everyone who tried it was delighted... And she shyly said: "Yeah, well it Kulesza"... for a Long time I was looking for grandma's recipe, finally found it... Cooking them in the evening, in the morning for Breakfast baking. I slightly adapted the technology of cooking, leaving the same ingredients. Try!!!
Pancakes for children's yogurt "mixture"
1.3k - - -
I have accumulated a lot of children's yogurt "mixture", which I get at the dairy kitchen. My son doesn't drink it much, but the pancakes baked from eating it just like that! So I suggest you apacite your kid pancakes on the yogurt. You will see how he would happily and hungrily eat them. And the mother joy and the baby fed. The pancakes turn out tender, soft and delicious. My family all love them.
Pancakes with tuna
1.1k - 40м 2
Pancakes and milk with a filling of tuna, cheese, chili and green onions.
Diet oatmeal pancakes
1.1k - - -
These pancakes are light and contain far fewer calories than usual. The filling can be anything low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, boiled chicken and mushrooms or something else to your taste.
Buckwheat pancakes with meat
1k - 90м 4
Buckwheat... To my shame, I've never tried buckwheat pancakes. But in vain! Invite you to taste this wonderful dish and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing taste of all our favorite pancakes, stuffed with meat with aromatic herbs, baked under a cheese crust. Please come to the table...
Pancakes on the water
1k - 45м -
Pancakes on the water - pretty simple dish. Pancakes are obtained thin, elastic, and can serve as a good "basis" for stuffing (filling for pancakes can be very diverse: meat, cheese, boiled condensed milk, etc.). Most interestingly, these pancakes (if you treat them right) are not inferior in taste to the pancakes on milk.
Pancakes "coke"
1k - 30м -
Once I came up with the idea to make pancakes for "Coca Cola". Tried it and was satisfied. The pancakes had a characteristic flavor and smell of the drink.
Pancakes with peas
1k - 100м 10
This dish make for a very long time. My love. When used to cook - they all ate, now daughter sad sighs when the table pancakes, and she's on the disco. Garlic after all... And you eat the whole family, then the smell will not interfere with anybody :-)
Thin pancakes on kefir
1k - - -
Milk always make thin pancakes, but yogurt often only pancakes. There is a little secret, pour in the batter boiling water!
Kataev Arabic pancakes with halva
0.9k - 50м -
Very tasty Arabic pancakes in the hole of Kataif that are very easy to prepare! Prepare these pancakes without eggs and oil, concurrent use of yeast and baking powder traditionally and justified for the Arab pancakes, so pancakes and are just porous and light.
Crepe flambe
0.9k - 60м 2
The Flambeau (FR. flamber to flame, fire) cooking — receipt of cooking where the dish is sprinkled with brandy, vodka or other strong alcoholic drinks and set fire to, and why food gets its unique taste and aroma. The Flambeau was always higher culinary chic.
Buckwheat pancakes with eggplant
0.9k - - -
Dear friends! Today we have pancakes on buckwheat flour with roasted eggplant. They are prepared quickly, out very flavorful and delicious.
Thin pancakes with milk
0.9k - 30м 6
This recipe is very tasty and thin pancakes with milk. The recipe is unusual and has a 100% success. You will forget what "the first pancake - lumpy". The uniqueness of this recipe is that you have to whip the whites separately before adding them to the dough, due to this the taste of pancakes is just gorgeous!!!
Cake "floor"
0.9k - - -
Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with all guns blazing. Delicious pancake cake with a layer of cottage cheese, poppy seeds, cream and white chocolate. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user lutsa called "Cake "floor" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Thin pancakes on serum
0.9k - - -
How to cook pancakes on the whey. Thin, very soft and tender pancakes will delight you with its taste and ease of preparation.
Oats, semolina pancakes without flour
0.9k - - -
Want to share a very simple recipe of pancakes. I'm sure anyone back home he will not leave you indifferent.
Fried pancakes with pork and shrimp
0.8k - - -
Fried pancakes (spring rolls) stuffed with pork shrimp and vegetables in Shanghai style. The preparation is quite long, but they are worth it. For those who for any reasons does not eat pork or shrimp - you can replace the pork fat and chicken, shrimp - on white fish.