Pancakes recipes

Pancake batter from a bread machine
4.7k - - -
I love my bread machine! Makes everything so easy. Scored the products, she prepares bread, muffin or pastry. Here and try to adapt to her different baking recipes. Found on a pack of yeast the recipe Droitwich pancakes and has tested on HP. "first!" the recipe also will lead for those who have no HP. These is a pancake on the website is not found, so add your own. But it turned out they izumitelnyi and not much fat, because the composition of the test oil no. As the dough stretches like a pita. Go!
Fluffy pancakes with kefir
2.8k 5 - -
Pancakes on kefir for this recipe literally melt in your mouth. They are fluffy and very soft. For me it's the perfect proportion of dough for pancakes on kefir.
2.6k - - -
Hottok resembles pancakes, prepared with a filling of brown sugar, nuts and cinnamon. Is a popular and beloved Koreans have a kind of street food. Walking through the streets of Korea, it is difficult to resist the alluring spicy flavor of this pie. Hottok especially popular in the cold season, when you can not only eat, but also warm sweet and warm syrup.. mmm))
Fluffy pancakes with kefir
2.6k 4 20м 6
Fluffy pancakes with kefir. Produces fragrant, soft as cushions.
Cottage cheese pancakes with rice cereal and fruit
1.3k - 30м 4
A great combination of cheese, rice cereal, pears and plums in sweet pancakes that can be prepared for Breakfast.
Pancakes "4 cereals"
1.1k 4 - -
You may ask:-Why 4 cereal? It's simple... These pancakes are made with 4 grains: rye, wheat, oats, barley.
Berry pancakes on mineral water
1k - - -
Delicious, bright and beautiful pancakes with seasonal berries. To be tender and interesting, and the time for the dough takes no more than 5 minutes, so valuable in summer and warm days. Help yourself!
Tomato fritters "Puzata Hata"
0.9k - 40м 12
Why "Puzata Hata" You ask? Answer. The so-called variety of tomato, which inspired the notion of these fritters. And, the pancakes turned out wonderful - if they cook often, then everything in your house will be a pot-bellied!
Pancakes with semolina
0.9k 5 30м -
Delicious homemade cakes, served on the family table with sour cream, butter, honey, homemade jam, will satisfy your family and friends.
Pancakes out of baby cereal
0.9k - 15м -
You have grown up and refuse to eat porridge? Or bought cereal, and the taste did not like?.. Try these pancakes. Very tender and very tasty. Now we buy baby formula and cereal specifically for this dish. Favorite recipe for pancakes! You and your kiddies enjoy it!
Pancake on the ricotta
0.9k - 20м 12
I thought that the recipe for "the most pancakes" I have already found. But recently on an American blog I got the recipe here such pancakes on the ricotta... an Absolute delight! Get a tender, airy and delicious pancake! Especially fond of my children.
Poodle-Indian tomato fritters without eggs
0.9k 4 30м 3
Do you like miracles? Me too! Especially if these miracles are happening in the kitchen. Having started to study Vedic cooking and Indian cuisine, I plunged into an incredible and magical world. Cooking for Ayur-Veda is true magic and I'm always happy to share with you my humble knowledge in this field. I present to you another absolutely stunning dish of Indian cuisine - tomato fritters "Poodle". After tasting this miracle, all remain in admiration, and I really want to share this enthusiasm with you.
Pumpkin pancakes with Apple and pear
0.9k - 60м 8
Very simple, but no less delicious Breakfast. Due to the lack of sufficient time, have to get out. In the evening make the batter for pancakes, put it in the fridge in the morning got fried portion and two days for Breakfast, hot, with piping hot pumpkin pancakes with an Apple and a pear. All were satisfied: I - the minimum time spent on preparation, and the family - was fed a delicious hot Breakfast. Morning set out and all day a good mood. Help yourself!!!
Pancakes with mushrooms
0.9k 3 20м 5
Very delicate pancakes stuffed with mushrooms! Juicy, with sour cream... Delicious!!!
Pancakes from caviar carp
0.8k - - -
Easy and quick to prepare, and the pancakes come out very tasty and satisfying. I recommend to try! My family loves them! The caviar is also useful!
Yeast pancake
0.8k - 60м 4
I have tried many different pancakes and many recipes are brought to favorite, but I caught myself thinking that I never tried to bake pancakes on the yeast. I decided to try and was incredibly glad that I did. Very gentle and soft, just airy pancake, and bake them a pleasure! Come on in, help yourself!
Cottage cheese pancakes with banana
0.8k - 30м 3
Delicious cottage cheese pancakes with banana and rice flour. These are very good pancakes for Breakfast! PP recipe. Gluten-free.
0.8k 3 - -
These pancakes, to be exact - plump American hotcake I found in the magazine "Сosmopolitan". Hotcake served with maple syrup, though with our own jam, they are not worse. I don't know how this recipe differs from all others I have tasted, but it produced the most delicious and beautiful pancakes. Besides, it is designed for exactly 6 large Hodakov prepared in 10 minutes.
0.8k - - -
Very simple and very me favorite. Oh, how exciting Wikipedia says that pancake is just potato pancakes... I tried the first time with his grandmother in Lithuania... grandma's food is always the tastiest. )) and the name always amused.. where are the pancakes.. on what and where tear up... But tear) the name of the dish came from the word "tear", i.e., rubbing)) in fact, pancakes are considered a national dish of Belarusian cuisine. Without potatoes Belarusian cuisine imaginable really difficult. So that it is not clear what ate the Belarusians before the discovery of America... )) Prepared quickly, the ingredients are not of that kind overseas avocade, and the usual potatoes with an egg, which is almost always in every home.
Eateries mini pancakes
0.8k - 90м 10
Dear Cooks, offer to cook a snack. Air delicate pancakes with cottage cheese and salted or pickled fish your male half will not leave you indifferent. This appetizer will feel perfectly on a festive table. Help yourself!
0.8k 4.5 20м 4
We all know the delicious pancakes of grated potatoes. But this recipe I have not yet met. And this pancakes stuffed with minced meat, potatoes which remains white and does not darken. And so the dish turns out beautiful, but most importantly, delicious.