Pancakes recipes for Easter

Pancakes with semolina
277 5 30м -
Delicious homemade cakes, served on the family table with sour cream, butter, honey, homemade jam, will satisfy your family and friends.
162 - 60м -
It turns out very tasty; always do brother, yum!!! You can make Apple, pumpkin or zucchini. My brother was making Apple fritters, but we didn't do it, burn, it means we missed something.
Poodle-Indian tomato fritters without eggs
152 4 30м 3
Do you like miracles? Me too! Especially if these miracles are happening in the kitchen. Having started to study Vedic cooking and Indian cuisine, I plunged into an incredible and magical world. Cooking for Ayur-Veda is true magic and I'm always happy to share with you my humble knowledge in this field. I present to you another absolutely stunning dish of Indian cuisine - tomato fritters "Poodle". After tasting this miracle, all remain in admiration, and I really want to share this enthusiasm with you.
139 - 20м 5
Very delicious and unusual pancakes! Try it!;)
Stuffed pancakes
127 - 60м 8
The taste is simply amazing dish! A rich, gentle they conquered all of my family. Especially pleased they husband.
Pancakes with cocoa
123 - 60м 12
The recipe I stumbled Vkontakte, but had to change it considerably. And now this is my favorite recipe of pancakes. They are delicious and very hearty!
Mini-pancakes with caviar
122 - - -
I have today, as in the song "And outside inclement weather..." And suddenly I wanted snow and New Year, and my daughter, a College girl, received the first scholarship.. In General, the soul sought holiday, so I invite you to a rehearsal of the New Year!
Yeast onion pancakes
119 - 60м 4
To all fans of Luke strongly recommend to cook these lovely pancakes!!! Very simple, but ocheeeen delicious! In the dough you can add all that enough imagination. Onion fritters is a real godsend for those who loves to experiment and wants to please the family tasty dish.
Spinach pancakes
107 - 30м 2
These pancakes will not only serve as Breakfast on pancake week. They can be served as sandwiches with caviar and red fish, garnished beautifully. They will serve as a great appetizer for the holiday table, if you put something tasty and you favorite. I was making pancakes for Breakfast and served them with cheese.
Mini pancakes in blueberry punch
104 - - -
Lush, springy, small pancakes in a rich spicy berry punch soaked with sweet juice and a wonderful aroma. Very unusual and delicious!
Cottage cheese pancakes
97 - - -
The girls offer a very simple recipe for cottage cheese pancakes with cherry flavor. It is very fast and simple. Pancakes turn out very soft, tender, with a pleasant cherry flavor. Kids and adults will be satisfied.
Tempura bananas from Multicare
96 - 60м -
Bananas in batter – this is an unusual, delicate and yet tasty dessert. The creamy texture of banana pulp in a delicate vanilla pastry - a very original combination. Preparation in multicare REDMOND doesn't require much time, and the result will please many.
Honey puffs with prunes
95 - 30м 6
Very gentle, lush, fragrant and delicious donuts! Simple ingredients, are quick (you can make dough in the evening!), and the result is just gorgeous! Morning tea or coffee is simply gorgeous Breakfast! Have to taste and children and adults. Come for tea and crumpets!
Vegetable fritters
92 3.5 30м -
Give fluffy pancakes. My children they gladly eat. Try it, I think that you will not regret.
Apple lazy cakes
84 - - -
Tasty and fast cooking of these pies. Most interestingly, these pies can be prepared with any filling. I tried tangerine, cherry - like vkusnoe.
Pancakes "the Taste of childhood."
82 - 30м 8
Many remember the pancakes that were served in the kindergarten and school together with jam or sour cream. I suggest to remember childhood and to cook a delicious yeast pancakes on the water. The pancakes turn out fluffy and soft on the inside, with a nice porous structure.
Pancakes-cakes for Breakfast
82 3 - -
Taste like cakes with green onions, but cook faster, because no need to mess with the test. Tender, flavorful, soft dough.
Pancakes with herring
78 - 60м -
These pancakes taught me to bake my aunt back when I lived in Lithuania. In the post, and at Easter she baked necessarily. Very juicy and hearty! You can eat them just like that, I like to eat. Try it, hope you like it.