Pancakes recipes for Valentine's Day

Pancakes with toppings of dried apricots
154 - 90м 6
For the kids dessert wine you can substitute freshly squeezed orange juice. With carnival you!
Poodle-Indian tomato fritters without eggs
152 4 30м 3
Do you like miracles? Me too! Especially if these miracles are happening in the kitchen. Having started to study Vedic cooking and Indian cuisine, I plunged into an incredible and magical world. Cooking for Ayur-Veda is true magic and I'm always happy to share with you my humble knowledge in this field. I present to you another absolutely stunning dish of Indian cuisine - tomato fritters "Poodle". After tasting this miracle, all remain in admiration, and I really want to share this enthusiasm with you.
Millet pancakes "Fluff"
150 - 80м 8
It's too delicious, just beyond words, it would seem that this, regular pancakes, and no, taste at the expense of millet flakes just unique. Light, incredibly tender and flavorful, of course it's not the quickest Breakfast but for that you can get up early to palagonite yourself and family a wonderful muffin, welcome to the table dear cooks, by the way there is a choice of fried who and who baked!!!
139 - 20м 5
Very delicious and unusual pancakes! Try it!;)
Pancakes with cocoa
123 - 60м 12
The recipe I stumbled Vkontakte, but had to change it considerably. And now this is my favorite recipe of pancakes. They are delicious and very hearty!
Banana pancakes without eggs and flour
122 - 40м 3
Another option for a tasty and healthy Breakfast that was invented accidentally, because of the absence of eggs in the house. Well suited for vegetarians, and all who are watching their figure! 100 gr - QC 185
Mini-pancakes with caviar
122 - - -
I have today, as in the song "And outside inclement weather..." And suddenly I wanted snow and New Year, and my daughter, a College girl, received the first scholarship.. In General, the soul sought holiday, so I invite you to a rehearsal of the New Year!
Yeast onion pancakes
119 - 60м 4
To all fans of Luke strongly recommend to cook these lovely pancakes!!! Very simple, but ocheeeen delicious! In the dough you can add all that enough imagination. Onion fritters is a real godsend for those who loves to experiment and wants to please the family tasty dish.
Potato pancakes with meat, lazy pancakes
116 - 20м 4
Very simple and quick recipe of "lazy dumplings" with meat. Potato pancakes ("lazy" dumplings) with minced meat delicious and hearty. This dish can be served as a lunch or dinner. Cook with pleasure!
Oatmeal-Apple-carrot pancakes
115 - 30м 10
Simple, but with taste - these words are very suited to this recipe. Not the usual pancakes from oat flour, but the taste is very delicate, Apple and carrots is not felt, but give the exquisite flavor and aroma of vanilla and cinnamon is fascinating!
Making pancakes on kefir
111 - 20м 10
Pancakes - Pancake and American pancakes is one of the most common dishes of the United States and Canada. Small round pancakes, abundantly watered favorite syrup, are part of almost any Breakfast. Get some Breakfast in us and we, but with a few changes to the recipe in Russian!!!
Strawberry pancakes
110 - 20м 6
Friends, I all so love pancakes! To try this recipe offer! Breakfast bake for your favorite family! Fluffy they are!
Pancakes for your favorite
108 3 - -
Was looking for a recipe for pancakes, I opted for the pancakes Katyusha SHELL, and now always use it! It seems the reason is to prepare and Carnival and St. Valentine is coming. Simple and delicious.
Spinach pancakes
107 - 30м 2
These pancakes will not only serve as Breakfast on pancake week. They can be served as sandwiches with caviar and red fish, garnished beautifully. They will serve as a great appetizer for the holiday table, if you put something tasty and you favorite. I was making pancakes for Breakfast and served them with cheese.
Browns-ring "Apple surprise"
107 - 20м 12
At first glance, the usual Browns and only bite, open "Apple surprise" - a wonderful combination of flavors: Apple, oatmeal, honey, and the incredible flavor you just bring to mind. Help yourselves, piping hot for you!!!
Dietary fiber muffin and cheese
107 - 15м 3
Began on the day of, and you on a diet?. These fritters for those who are sitting on it or on nutrition. And besides, they are very healthy and tasty.
Pancakes with raspberry jam "a visit To the Moomin Troll"
104 - 30м 6
Everything is extremely simple, but nevertheless very tasty! It musicalsky yummy: tender pancakes with lemon sour poured sweet raspberry jam.
104 - - -
So called this dish my husband=))) something between pancakes and cutlets. Can be served as a standalone, but you can with a side dish.
Mini pancakes in blueberry punch
104 - - -
Lush, springy, small pancakes in a rich spicy berry punch soaked with sweet juice and a wonderful aroma. Very unusual and delicious!
Lemon pancakes for the condensed milk
103 - 25м 3
My other half loves pancakes, pancakes etc for Breakfast on Valentine's Day, I will pamper him this wonderful pastry made in the shape of a heart! Delicious and romantic!
Chocolate pancakes with caramel and banana
102 - 40м 4
Incredible chocolate pancakes, very flavorful, complemented by slices of bananas, caramel sauce and berries turn into a delicious treat!