Juice recipes

The juice from the rhubarb
0.9k - 5м -
We are now adding to salad dressings, lemon juice, and the Soviet times, fruit was tight. That's why she did the juice from the rhubarb, and using it for dressings instead of vinegar and lemon. Only the process was time-consuming twist through a meat grinder and push-UPS in gauze. With the advent of juicers, the process is considerably accelerated. If you have not decided what to do with rhubarb, this recipe might come in handy.
Orange-carrot juice with black sesame seeds
440 - 10м 1
The recipe is healthy and tasty juice with black sesame seed strengthens the immune system and imparts vitality and strength. The recipe is from the website of Oriental medicine.
Pumpkin drink with sea buckthorn
390 - 60м 21
The recipe is not complicated, and the result is delicious, bright and healthy drink that you can fully trust, because it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin C. This amazing orange miracle with wonderful pumpkin flavor, aroma of sea buckthorn and honey should please you and your family.
Watermelon ginger crush
380 - 10м 4
A breath of icy bliss! Not only refreshing, but also invigorating! For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Orange Sweetness Eat And Drink-Chew
373 - 10м 1
Delicious orange juice with slices of pear
Birch SAP
358 4 - -
Now is the season for birch juice and it's a shame that it ends quickly. I want to offer two recipes, how to store it until summer. Maybe can be useful to someone!
Tomato juice
353 - 60м 5
You can say a lot about the benefits of tomato juice thanks to its rich composition. Really do not forget that a beneficial effect on the body have mostly fresh vegetables. But is it the most important? After all, the season of delicious fresh tomatoes is so short, and a glass of delicious tomato juice, hardly anyone will refuse despite the time of year. So prepare tomato juice: and now a fresh one to please, and to prepare for the future.
Grape juice-Apple
349 3 30м 2
Delicious juice, sour.
Orange drink
345 - 90м 40
In early March I the second time became a mother. And in addition to the beloved "Cook" I checked several "manskikh" sites. Culinary column, I, of course, are there. The recipe for this drink is originally from "the mom", the author nikisha. Drink recipes from the orange, of course, is on the site. But... this is much easier prepared and no chemicals (except citric acid) and heat treatment! I don't like store-bought orange juice, but this drink is drink it with pleasure. 4 oranges get 9 liters. And a bonus orange marmalade!
Fresh "Tomatoes and carrot"
340 - - -
Delicious and healthy freshly squeezed vegetable juice with pulp, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Try it ;)
Apple juice
338 - 1500м 20
This year was an excellent crop of apples. What they do now? Your attention is invited to a simple way of getting Apple juice without using a juicer.
Pumpkin-Apple drink
325 5 10м 2
Drink that improves digestion. Contains a lot of vitamins.
Orange Mix
321 - 20м 4
Delicious! Useful! And most importantly - FRESH!!!! - for the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Pumpkin juice "vitamins"
319 - 30м -
Delicious juice from the pumpkin couldn't refuse even children.
Hot orange juice
315 3.5 20м 2
Air Jeruk - Indonesian Medicinal drink.
Fruit and vegetable juice "Cup of health"
308 - - -
Very healthy, delicious juice from apples, carrots, celery, tomato and zucchini. For the contest "Burnt by the sun".
Juice positive
304 - - -
Bright, vitamin-rich and delicious juice.
Juice strawberry-peach with pears
303 - 20м 4
Delicious, sweet, healthy and very fragrant thick juice.
The juice "vitamins"
302 4.3 - -
Juice is also very good during the spring beriberi!!! Today we have the juice on the website :) so here's me, looking at the freshly squeezed juice, appetite :) I went and prepared!!! Thanks for the reminder about the juicer :)
Citrus mix with ginger
296 - 25м 4
Citrus juice - mix with a hint of ginger and raspberry, flavored ice. Very tasty and healthy!
Strawberry juice
294 4 10м -
This "juice" when I first started in Tunisia 5 years ago. He served in large tall glasses with two straws, because it is very thick, and ice-ice!!! 50 -degree African heat! Came home, and now 5 years in the strawberry season they make so here is a tasty and healthy juice! Help yourself!