Vegetable broth recipes

0.8k - 30м 5
The court-bouillon is used for boiling clams, shrimp, and fish. Well, very flavorful!
Broth with mushroom ears
210 5 90м 6
The mushroom lovers dedicated...
Vegetable broth from Gordon Ramsay
206 - 40м -
I again to You with the soup ))) this time — vegetable, which will then be used to prepare other meals.
Cheese soup with mushrooms
204 - 20м 6
Very tasty, rich, creamy, fragrant soup. Made it yesterday. Everyone really liked. If the recipe was already on the Boy, then...
Vegetable broth with dressing and nokami
156 - 40м -
Suggest you try a delicious full bodied vegetable broth with potato nokami baked chicken breast and garlic dressing.
The broth for all occasions
120 - 90м -
This French soup I always prepare for the future, it serves soups, sauces. Try it and you will not regret!
Vegetable broth
116 - 90м -
What a bouillon cube? Many recipes need vegetable broth, and as it turned out, cook it simple, and the taste is simply delicious. For this recipe I am grateful to Maria Savelyeva (madler - LJ nick), she also suggested to freeze the broth in bags or sudochki, so you will always have at hand a real and very tasty broth. Let's get started!