Chicken broth recipes

Chicken broth with croutons
322 3 - 9
Easy chicken soup. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
215 3.7 40м 4
Often make my Moscow friends bright and early... for evening and night was well very good.... ))
Chicken broth
206 5 - -
Love this broth... a little with my change...
Chicken broth with egg and rice
201 - 120м -
Sometimes you want to cook something simple and delicious. This dish, in my opinion, is chicken broth with various toppings. Today we will make chicken broth homemade chicken with egg and rice.
Chicken broth with some matzo ball
201 5 - 6
Today we will prepare a traditional Easter dish (Passover-Pesach).
Chikhirtma chicken
192 - 20м -
Very tasty! Unusual, easy to prepare.
Chicken soup with dumplings from drying
191 - 60м 10
A bit of history. I had two grandmothers. One very tasty cooked, and the second one was cooked rare, BUT the fact that she cooked was very tasty and original during my childhood. So, favorite soup from my childhood from my grandmother...
Broth with dumplings
187 5 60м -
A light and tasty soup.
Chicken broth with dumplings
186 4 - -
Saw this recipe on TV the transfer of Martha. I liked it. You can also try this.
Broth with rolls of green scrambled eggs
184 - - -
All very easy and simple. After the holidays it..
Soup "Tatarochka"
184 - 30м -
Continue to make your recipes. This soup to me is my grandmother nursed, and my son really likes it too.
Chicken soup with cottage cheese cubes
182 - - -
Diet soup, easy to prepare and with an unusual sweet taste.
Chicken soup with rolls
177 - 90м -
This soup was prepared by my grandmother when I was a kid, and now I cook it for my family. A combination of chicken, melted butter, garlic and fragrant pepper make this soup fabulous.
Soup "Mr Gnocchi"
159 - 60м 8
Chicken broth can vary a little Italian dumplings - nokami) Turned out yummy! try it!
Chicken broth with cheese bombs
159 - 40м 5
A few years ago I found a recipe in a local magazine... and since then, cook like everyone in the family unconditionally! The number of bombs depends on their size, I always say: more mold! Combined with chicken broth is really very delicious!
Broth with semolina dumplings
150 - - -
Hearty, rich broth with garlic croutons.
Chicken pasta
141 - 50м -
Alternative to bouillon cubes!!! Bouillon cube made from natural ingredients is the dream?? For me is already a reality. Happy as a child, this recipe. Brilliant, tasty, just great! Author A_L big bow and thank you!
Chicken broth with dumplings
135 - 90м 4
Say, why this recipe? The fact that the dumplings are unusual, interesting way of cooking!
Lavashnaya noodles
134 - - -
I planned to make homemade noodles. The broth is cooked, but before the noodle is not reached: laziness Almighty overpowered!)) And I came up with an alternative! As always, came to the aid of our eternal friend - pita!))
Chicken broth is an omelet with pancakes
123 - 30м 3
Adding an omelet crepes in chicken broth, get a quick, easy and delicious meal.
Basic chicken broth with quail eggs
117 - 90м -
Today we will cook chicken broth. It can be eaten as a separate dish, and to prepare various soups, sauces and other dishes. I will try, as usual, to reveal all the details. Here is presented one version of boiling clear broth, but I tell you another option. I hope useful :)