Puff pastry recipes

Chocolate puff pastry from Stelios Pallaresa
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Discovered this recipe recently. Make this dough just the second time. The first time it created a furor, because chocolate puff pastry we do not sell. Difficult to prepare nothing, the main role is performed by the refrigerator together with time. Make the chocolate dough for the future and I have no idea what's in my freezer it may not be. Sweet pastry made of him leaves everyone perplexed, because chocolate puff pastry - a rarity. And the name Stelios Pallaresa is a sign of quality.
The dough is flaky yeast
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Now I saw ju1 ietta recipe khachapuri. Want to give a good recipe for puff pastry dough. Not all can buy ready-made dough!
Easy puff pastry
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Recipe of puff pastry I've seen our chefs, but I give his own, with other ingredients. This dough should roll only once and that will be enough. The dough when baking the puff turns out, as the lemon juice takes its structure and cook without any problems ! Try it!
Puff pastry
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I want to offer you, dear cooks, recipe of yeast dough. The dough is versatile, can be used for sweet and savoury baking. Ideal for croissants. Also this dough you can prepare for the future. The dough kept well in the freezer.
Dough Pro stock
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A versatile pastry for any filling. Prepares in five minutes, can be stored in the freezer for a long time. If you have it in stock, no unexpected guests are not afraid. Get the bun dough, rolled out, put whatever toppings you want, though sweet, though salty, though, just pieces of sausage, cheese, meat... Bake until Golden brown-baked quickly.
Cheese puff pastry
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Fragrant puff pastry with added cheese. All lovers of cheese cakes highly recommend to try this dough. It can be used in both sweet and not sweet pastries.
Chocolate puff pastry
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The Pierre Herme's Recipe (Pierre Herme). Before this recipe I was hesitant to puff pastry. And not because cooking seems too time consuming, just do not know how long to do something one. As puff pastry requires time, whatever you say. But, having spent a total of one day, then a few times I indulged relatives pastries from this amazing test. You decide and if still not tasted the puff pastry cooked in good butter, not margarine low quality. PS. Actually, as the name suggests, the photo was supposed to show off a piece of puff pastry. ))) But I decided to spare your visual organs and quickly baked buns. When there are ready-made puff pastry - it is known to be a piece of cake!
Puff pastry
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Quick puff-yeast dough
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I urgently needed a recipe quick puff dough, and most importantly, simple. A quick search on your favorite Pillsbury did not help, had to find on the world wide web. I found this recipe, tested it and decided to share, suddenly someone come in handy. Well, if that happens, in advance author, "sorry".
Super-fast pseudo-puff pastry
294 - 10м 5
For me, this dough was a revelation. The result is stunningly unexpected. Crisp. Tender on the inside. A minimum of food and energy for cooking. And soft the next day. Can be frozen. Use for pies with apples, puffs with meat or cheese filling, for "Napoleon".
Beer batter
282 4.5 60м 7
Be used for: cakes, pizza, cookies, cake, pie
Cake with dried apricots outdoor
271 5 40м 10
Crispy and incredibly delicious pie. A great addition to a Cup of green tea... cooked very quickly and does not require heavy expenses. Recipe from the book "1000 dishes"
Quick pies
267 5 20м 4
Patties fast food beer. Tastes like pies of puff pastry. The filling is better to do not very fat.
Puff pastry
262 4 2м -
Want a tasty loecke?Which each layer crumbles in your mouth?This dough is not difficult to do, but it turns out it's a lot!Enough to feed and friends, and by nalopatsya, and maybe just freeze and then get and dream.... Preparation is not mine, from the Internet.
Cheesecake-vol-AU-vents with peaches
255 4 30м -
Very quick to prepare delicate dessert...
Phyllo dough "Crusts"
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Phylo — almost weightless dough, which is made with a negligible addition of water and fat, often without eggs. Layers before baking usually promazyvaetsya vegetable or animal oil, and a stack of sheets phyllo wrapped some stuffing — sweet, spicy, vegetable, meat, whatever. United together the leaves of this test give an effect similar to the effect of French puff pastry, but easier. Filo pastry production Kanaki and other brands sold in major supermarket chains.
Puff "Favorite"
252 5 40м 8
Another option for baking from ready-made puff pastry...
Puff croutons
248 4 25м 4
Sweet cinnamon toast puff pastry - good snack...
Apple pie for Lent
241 5 40м 6
So I wanted a sweet!!! In the Post, you can delight yourself with pastries!!!
Cake "Cheese and berry shake"
240 - 180м 8
Taste of puff pastry with natural cream and condensed milk shaded berry jelly from the juice of black currant, turning the game sour cream and cheese flavors, complemented by fresh berries blueberry and coconut notes. This cake used natural rustic cottage cheese and natural yogurt are homemade.
Puff pastry yeast and homemade products
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In this method, first do puff, I liked the store, softer and softer.