Yeast dough recipes

Khrushchev dough
280 - 40м 6
Delicate pastries and cakes "Shoes" of the Khrushchev dough that is time tested!!!
Vienna pastry
210 5 - -
When a catastrophic shortage of time, if you want to pamper your loved ones with cakes, this recipe is a lifesaver.
Quick pizza dough
199 - 15м 1
The recipe on the cooking site. The dough is soft, delicate, subtle. Now I cook a pizza for this recipe. The cooking takes only 10 -15 minutes by adding into the dough of honey contains sugar, which contributes to the rapid "revival" of yeast. Honestly reviewed recipes category "pizza" and "dough", this recipe is not found. I hope someone will be useful this variant of the test.
The best pizza dough
173 - 45м 1
The delicious recipe of pizza crust (thin crust)
Yeast dough for pies
162 4 - -
Easy work at all
Sweet yeast dough
157 4 - -
The dough is "Rich"
144 - - -
I want to share with You the recipe of your favorite dough for wind pies, pies, pies. In the test, no water, no milk nor other liquids, but the dough is just gorgeous: soft, gentle, very malleable and pleasant to work! Come visit.
The dough for pizza and pies
139 - 40м 2
Delicious soft dough, similar to puff. Universal for any toppings ( mushrooms, sausage, olives, pineapple, chicken). Easy to prepare. Suitable for cooking pies.
The dough "Once, twice and ready"
137 - - -
I came across this info in the Internet that turmeric to yeast dough helps it to last longer not to get stale. So I decided to check it out. The recipe was born in the evening thinking about tomorrow))) Well and the dough, of course, night...
Cheese dough and glassware
136 3 - -
The dough is unusual! Easy to work with, after baking it airy and suitable for any filling.
Yeast Express-dough
136 - 30м 8
The dough for pies, cakes and donuts. Delicious and quick dough for pies and pies with various toppings, for baking and roasting in vegetable oil and yeast donuts that our family loves with honey and with condensed milk.
Yeast dough for pizza
134 - 60м 1
Each hostess has already chosen the best option of pizza dough. I want you to imagine your own version, with accurate calculation of flour, water and yeast. They say that the classic recipe uses only these ingredients and I totally agree with that. The dough is excellent, I hope that you will find useful. In the recipe listed the ingredients for 1 thin pizza in the video do a double.
The dough is "Theatrical"
132 - - -
The perfect dough for savoury pies, cakes and pizzas. The author of Kucerova A. thank you very much!
Pizza dough
131 - 120м 2
Italian recipe. The recipe for this test I have laid out complete with a recipe of the pizza. However, I would like to upload the recipe with step by step photos. Myself again I will add that this recipe pizza will always be! What recipes I tried, stopped still on it. I assure you that once you try it, you will make pizza more often.
Pizza "a Cheerful mood"
130 - - -
I don't know why exactly it was called, just as he prepared, once the mood has risen. The dough was very gentle. I advise you to try))
Ageless dough "Khrushchev"
130 4 - -
Perhaps you've heard of this test, the recipe is not new, but I wanted to share my impressions about it. Source: the book of Larissa Iarovoi "Meals-Skorospelka"
Family happiness, or favorite dough for my husband
128 - 15м 12
The dough for the meat pies, a classic recipe test, which is hereditary in our family. Is done quickly. Updatesa pastries with pleasure. Easy, hearty. A DELIGHT!
Yeast dough "incredible"
128 4 - -
... for cakes, rolls, buns and pies. This dough is not quite the usual way, allowing the products for a long time not to get stale, the cakes are, and not "heavy"! The recipe of Faith with Djazzed Coock, for which her thank you from our family. I will say in secret, at first I thought to put the recipe (or rather first thought, but then changed his mind, due to catastrophic lack of time :), but when my mother (a woman with 30 years of experience baking pies and cakes), I love the twist of this test, asked for the recipe... I decided that I need to show you. I'm sure many it will come in handy!!!
The dough for the pie with any filling
126 5 30м 10
This dough is very simple and fast. Filling for pies from this dough you can take any. Our family is very fond of cabbage pie. To prepare the dough with pressed yeasts and dry. Milk can also be replaced on acid.
Pizza dough "Perfect"
126 - 80м 8
Very fast and affordable dough recipe. Made the dough, kneading and rolling, stuffing and in the oven. The dough is gorgeous, you can do like thin, slightly crispy (I like it better), and thick - as someone who loves. Eaten immediately. In the second photo of the pizza before baking - you can see how perfect the dough is a double batch))
125 3 - -
The dough is prepared quickly, and eaten pies.